How to Choose an Inspiring Keynote Speaker for Schools?

Keynote speakers for schools can contribute profoundly to students’ school and professional success, becoming a bridge link between the educational realm and the practical world.

  • Release Date: 08 December 2022
  • Update Date: 21 May 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
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Any educational set up should strive to do more than simply give Gen Z or Generation Alpha the tools they need to make it in “the real world.” It should also inspire, motivate, and push students to think outside of the proverbial box and live their best life. 

There are a number of approaches readily employed by schools. Teachers play the biggest role followed by the extracurricular and volunteering activities that some schools offer. Social media influencers and their school peers also play a part  in getting young people to consider their career choices. 

Sometimes, an outside perspective is what is required to bridge the gap. You’ll have seen inspirational speakers delighting crowds during TedTalks and similar events, but did you know that you can also hire motivational speakers for high schools or youth motivational events? 

Work with a company that provides a great speaker for school experience, and you’ll be giving your students access to thoughts, insights, experiences that they may otherwise not come across. 

In this blog, we’ll run through the various types of topics that inspirational speakers for schools discuss in their talks and also run through the benefits of hiring a speaker. 

Inspiring the Next Generation of Professionals

Inspiration is akin to lighting kindling; it takes a tiny spark to light a fire. An inspirational speaker can provide students with the inspiration they need to work towards the career they’ve always dreamed of. 

It’s not always easy for students to envision what their professional career will look like; or to draw a link between how their education might translate into their future profession. The best speakers for educational settings can prompt pupils to really consider different university courses and career options.

Following Dreams

The educational system is primarily concerned with the educational pursuits and performance of the students. However, it’s worth remembering that there is more to life than school and academic success. 

By hiring motivational speakers for schools in the UK, your students will know that there is more than one trajectory toward success and some people’s career journeys can be linear, others vertical and even diagonal.

Overcoming Difficulties

It’s not the presence of problems that matters but our attitude towards them that make the difference.respond to them. 

Neurodiveristy, physical or hidden disabilities, gender and identity are part of a student’s life, forming their identity and sometimes their obstacles. Speakers with relevant experience, role models whom the pupils can relate to have the power to transform a pupil’s life. 

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Mental Wellbeing

There is, unfortunately, a growing need for mental health speakers for schools in the UK. The percentage of mental health problems among students has been rising steadily over the years, and in the majority of cases, schools just aren’t equipped to provide the level of pastoral or expert support and guidance. 

That’s where mental health speakers for schools in the UK come in. These speakers can talk to students about what mental health is, why it’s important, and things that students can do to care for themselves as a whole person, physically, emotionally and mentally.  

Global Challenges

There are environmental speakers for schools who can talk to students about the challenges that the planet faces due to human activity on earth directly impacting the climate.

For instance, students that attend a talk on climate might adopt earth-friendly practices in their own lives, and second, may pursue a career path that helps to alleviate the problems of climate change.


There’s a lot of value in pursuing extracurricular activities. The educational system is about much more than STEM subjects — it’s also a place where students can challenge themselves to be the best that they can be, in a variety of disciplines. 

Many students enjoy participating in sports activities, both inside and outside of school. For those people, hearing a talk from a successful sports athlete can be highly motivating, not to mention engaging. There are sports speakers for schools available to give talks. 

While the main topic will be sports, there are also broader lessons to be learned through sports speakers, too — including working hard, accepting defeat, teamwork, and so on. 

Virtual work experiences, assisting in resume writing skills, experimenting with different resume formats that help students navigate through the work experience section of organisations.

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Doing Good

Speakers who are entrepreneurs, sports people, music professionals, disability activists, LGBTQI+ allies also are role models. Representing different facets of society, they exemplify the healing impact of giving back.

Anti-bullying school speakers can have a tremendous impact on the overall atmosphere of an educational institution. A school doesn’t need to have a “problem” with bullying to invite an expert to share their point of view.The message that they convey is relevant to all areas of life, both inside and outside school. 

In-Person or Online

It’s often possible to deliver the talk online via video. This is handy for both speakers and the school, since it offers a degree of flexibility as to how and when the talk will be delivered, whilst lowering the financial cost of engaging a guest speaker.

How Guest Speakers for Schools Benefit Students?

Guest speakers are becoming an increasingly common presence in UK schools, and there are plenty of reasons why that is the case. We have outlined the ROI if inviting a guest speaker below.. 

Open Eyes to New Possibilities

Being aware of public and private sector opportunities  are a crucial precursor to choosing a career. HR professionals can shine a spotlight on the onboarding processes of their organisations,  help with resume templates, advise  using resume building techniques and  apps. Obtaining financial security is a means to an end. 

World of work is transforming at a dizzying pace as technology driven changes such as automation and AI make some job titles obsolete whilst creating new ones. One way to circumnavigate this is to foster a constant link between the business world and the schools.

Guest speakers are fantastic for schools because they can open the student's eyes to new possibilities, changing the landscape of work, smashing stereotypes, new job titles, further educational courses that may be beneficial to their career trajectories. 

Technology, whether it is coding, analysts or data scientists, offers abundantly diverse roles for the next generation to aim at. IT and software companies are among the biggest employers.

Practical Advice

Guest speakers in schools don’t just inspire students. They also offer practical help like resume builder tools, on how they can make their dreams come true. It’s one thing to be hit by a wave of inspiration — but it’s even better if there’s advice that goes along with that motivation. 

Busting myths about some job titles like customer service, firefighter, pilots, disrupting the  stereotypes might also serve as a thoughtful reminder that career progression isn’t alway linear or vertical it can be diagonal.

It’s a Motivating Tool

 Motivation can be in quite short supply for some students, especially during their adolescent years whilst they navigate through personal, physical and mental and societal shifts. 

A good school speaker, an ex alumni, can light a spark and act as a motivation boost for some pupils. Indeed, one study found a majority of students are motivated to work harder following a talk by a guest speaker. 

Creating a Link Between School and Life 

It can be hard for students to visualise a link between their school performance and their post-school success (or lack of). A guest speaker will often outline their journey towards success in detail, which in turn allows students to make the connection between their own academic performance and their adult lives. Just understanding that link can often make the difference between putting in the performance at school.


It’s clear to see why there’s been a big rise in schools seeking guest speakers in recent years. Speakers can inspire and motivate students to aim for better, and that’s an objective that lies at the cornerstone of every educational institution. 

Another pivotal point is that, guest speakers give schools access to resources and knowledge that would otherwise not be available to them. If you’re looking to give your students a dose of inspiration, motivation, and hope, then look at booking a school speaker — you will likely see a fabulous return in investment.

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