The Best Speaking Videos About AI and the Future of Technology

AI's rapid evolution spawns innovations like chatbots and Gen AI, igniting anticipation for the future. Global interest in tech solutions surges as humanity awaits what's next.

  • Release Date: 25 June 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
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The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) has continued to shape the future of humanity in almost every field of life. Its rapid transformation has resulted in a plethora of modern innovations such as chatbots, Gen AI, robotics, and so on, which have raised a lot of expectations about the future. Even in the meantime, many people's curiosity about what comes next has prompted a global search for solutions from tech experts.

However, to shed more light on the AI future of technology, many media organizations including TED Talk, Bloomberg, and YouTube have provided videos from worldwide tech and AI specialists. Therefore, in this article, we would like to share some of these top-notch speaking videos from experts about future AI tech. Stay tuned!

1. “Talk AI, Tech and the Future” by Elon Musk

Elon Musk, a well-known tech activist, billionaire, and CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, discussed in a TED talk about the future of AI. During his conversation, he stated that an artificial intelligence smarter than anyone on the planet would soon be developed. Besides, he also predicted that in five years’ time, AI will most likely surpass human collective intelligence.

Additionally, this X.AI Corp owner explained further in his speech that “eventually the percentage of intelligence that is biological will be less than 1% due to advances in AI''. Meaning, that AI will soon replace humans as the world's brainbox, with its models performing the majority of creative tasks. As a matter of fact, he discussed his Neuralink mission (a neurotech project where a microchip will be implan

2. “Shaping the Future of AI” by Fei-Fei Li

A Chinese-born American computer scientist who is also a co-director of Stanford’s AI Institute in person of Fei-Fei Lei also gave her verdict about future technology AI. In her live presentation with Emili on one of Bloomberg's tech videos, she said artificial intelligence is a technology that is bringing civilization and accelerating scientific discovery. She further explained that AI is loaded with a lot of potential that can enhance human ability to solve global issues.

Furthermore, Li – the godmother of AI – said she is working on a project called “spatial intelligence”. She described this project as one that aims to activate AI's see-and-do action by showing a cat pushing a glass toward the edge of a table. While explaining, she made it clear that soon, algorithms that would predict expression and take appropriate actions on how text and images would appear in 3D spaces will be developed.

3. Max Tegmark: “How to Get Empowered Not Overpowered, By AI”

Future Technology Ai

According to a renowned scientist and author – Max Tegmark – during a special Tuesday audience with TED talk, he said: “AI has the power to change life for the better”. His view about artificial intelligence and the future of technology was amazing as he examined the realities and fiction around AI while dispelling its myths.

Also, while Tegmark was about to round up his speech, he explained that one day AI may become as good as humans at all intellectual tasks. He even left a message for the audience that in order to prevent AI from turning out to be the worst thing that has ever happened to humanity, we as a society need to take action.

4. “AI Is the New Electricity” by Andrew Ng

Another speaking video that talks about the future of AI is Dr. Andrew Yan-Tak Ng's program with the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) tagged “AI is the new electricity”. In the course of his presentation, he made a statement that caught the attention of many saying, “Just as electricity transformed almost everything 100 years ago, today he doesn't think an industry that won't be transformed in the next several years will exist”. In other words, he says AI is posed to have a transformative impact on how the world operates.

The British-American computer scientist who also found DeepLearning AI cited the advantages of artificial intelligence and the key roles it plays in our day-to-day activities. Furthermore, Ng provided a brief overview of recent advances made possible by AI and also concluded by stating that shortly many industries will be transformed by AI models.

5. DeepMind’s Demis Hassabis on “The Future of AI”

Going through the list of renowned individuals who are born with a brilliant mind for tech and innovative inventions, we can't do without mentioning the man himself - Demis Hassabis. This former chess champion who is now a researcher and the founder of the well-known AI company DeepMind informed the public about one of his next moves.

During Dermis' informative speech in a TED talk, he stated that he is considering some of the most innovative, if not controversial, applications of AI. Apart from that, he discussed how intelligence, creativity, and gameplay influence his approach to technology and suggested the future of AI may go in this direction.

6. “Don't Fear Intelligent Machines” by Garry Kasparov

Artificial Intelligence The Future

Is like most tech experts are chess players, because here is another top-notch speech about artificial intelligence and the future from a global chess master called Garry Kasparov. Dated far back to 2017 before the massive outbreak of AI, Garry gave a TED talk that humans should not be afraid of AI models but rather work with them. He made this statement following a chess game defeat against Deep Blue supercomputer. In addition, he encourages people to collaborate with AI, as it will maximize their creativity and inventiveness in the near future.

7. “Our Amazing Technology Future” by Vivek Wadhwa

When it comes to prominent tech entrepreneurs who also express their views on future technology AI, no one comes close to Vivek Wadhwa – a Carnegie Mellon school professor and speaker. This keynote speaker warned that an emerging technology known as quantum computing is yet to come and will cause significant changes in the future. Vivek further narrated during his YouTube video the gradual transformation in technology starting from electromechanicals to the present generation of integrated circuits. Due to this rapid development, he predicted that in the next decades, we should expect incredible AI technology better than the one we have now.


With the various information provided by the above-mentioned dignitaries, we can see that the AI future of technology is rapidly improving and more innovations are yet to come. Additionally, these seven best-speaking videos about future AI tech encourage people to make good use of the advancing technology as it is a powerful tool that can maximize their outcome. Therefore, it's high time we stop seeing artificial intelligence as a threat but as an assistant to scale through the future!

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