What is Mindfulness?

Reducing stress with mindfulness has already been a way to cope with pressure. Depression patients, adolescents who need mental support or patients with prolonged problems due to the nature of their illnesses use the mindfulness technique. Stress can be a part of work life for most of us however, it’s possible to cope with stress through mindfulness exercises.

21 March 2022 ・ Author: Speaker Agency

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the utter awareness of being in the moment that we are. It’s basically paying close attention to what is happening where you are, watching the flow or the people with close attention and not making any judgements whatsoever. You can do the related exercises by yourself; actually why not give it a go right now:

While reading this article, pause for a minute and turn your eyes to another direction. Pick an object around you and try and focus on that item. It’s completely up to you what this object can be. Let’s imagine you decided to focus your entire attention to a potted plant in the room. Examine this plant as you haven’t seen it before. The colour, shape and the frame of the leaves, what are they like? Are the leaves wide or narrow? Is it blooming or is it green leaves all over? Try and see more details. Then approach and smell it. Does it have fragnance? If so, is it weak or strong?

There can be many other questions you ask to yourself about the plant. None of the questions make you pass ajudgement or critique the plant. You are only in the moment and you’re observing a situation -a plant in this case- with no bias.

Mindfulness can be a tool to reduce and eliminate stress at work

To cope with stress at work, you have to know what causes it, where the source is. Working over-time, conflict with colleagues and/or other problems, deadlines and work load or being underpaid are the familiar reasons that you can think of when it comes to work related stress.

How do we cope with all this? You might be wondering how an exercise like the one we mentioned above could be any help for you at work. But think of this way, an exercise like that is the first step of approaching thoughts, ideas, situations and habits with a non-judgemental attitude. To get rid of judgemental thinking allows you to stop judging your own self and star building self caring.

Stress actually roots from not to be in the moment. It’s either about the past or the future. Stress related with past makes it difficult for you to resolve a problem at that moment because of a past experience you had. Likewise, stress related with future makes you miss the moment because you worry for something that might be coming your way. Some of mindfulness exercises use breathing techniques to cope with this kind of anxiety. It’s primarily about focusing on your breathing.

Mindfulness allows you get rid of judgemental thinking and teach you to stay in the moment. Once you master these things, you’ll see your stress levels decrease at work. While it’s perfectly possible for yourself to achieve it, you might find it easier to get involved cognitive therapy and attain mindfulness through therapy sessions.

Mindfulness and Awareness

Mindfulness and awereness seem to be quite similar to each other conceptionally but there is a difference between the two. Just as mindfulness, awareness requires you to be aware of the situation surrounding you. Mindfulness is about observing that situation without passing a judgement. Hence the positive state of mind following the objective observation.

Mindfulness, truth vs false

  • Mindfulness does not work by ignoring the negative and not thinking anything at all. This is incorrect about mindfulness. It’s about focusing on the moment you are in and seeing everything as they are. In other words, it is not wishful thinking.
  • Mindfulness is not a religion, neither relates to any religion nor to any culture. It’s a global understanding of looking at life in a certain way.
  • Mindfulness exercises work in a way that make the person feel good. However, the objective is not to relax, it is to stay in the moment.

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