What is Minimalism?

You might find yourself asking the question ‘what is minimalism?’ if you are not familiar with the concept or if you are beginning to get interested in minimalist living.

23 June 2022 ・ Author: Speaker Agency

In a nutshell, minimalism is owning fewer things, having less and living with bare necessities.

Understandably, you are asking for more details at this point. Maybe we can start with explaining a few topics about minimalism and then we can try to understand what to do if you would like to adopt minimalist living in what aspects of your life.


Today’s understanding of a good life is associated with owning many things and accumulating even more. Endless advertisements on television and almost all digital platforms along with so many other stimulants keep reminding us that we need more objects, more items, more things, more belongings even if we don’t need them.

We are led to believe that having more is better living and we try to buy happiness in shops or through our computers. Having a lot of things sadly makes us focus on irrelevant matters rather than those which are actually important.

Adopting minimalism frees us from the passion of consumption and allows our minds to search for happiness in other places. It gives a chance to appreciate our relationships and our experiences while reminding us we should’t take any of that for granted. Gratitude puts our minds and souls in peace which makes it possible to see there is more to life and bountiful living is possible when you have peace and gratitude in our minds.

Daily Life

Trying to run errands, doing what’s asked and expected of us and getting some sort of result are the realities of life which make it feel like a rat race. This tempo feeds the stress we already have. We work long hours to pay our bills and we still end up in more debt. We chase one activity after another yet we hear ourselves say “It feels like I’m not doing anything!”. It becomes so frustrating to try and do many things but not being able to do anything properly.

Minimalist living makes us slow down and it frees us from modern age hysteria. It allows us to replace the meaningless with things that are worth protecting. It actually is a great way to appreciate what we have.


Ever since the mobile phones entered ous lives in mid 90s, relationships started to experince its impact. Methods and ways of communication have changed and today, the fact that social media is in every aspect of our lives, we are busier than ever.

We are almost constantly in touch with our collegues or friends and while doing this we might be missing out on connections which could give us a valuable perspective in life. Thanks to our mobile phones, we are always available but are we able to give our time to people who can make a difference for us? We seem to either have little time for meaningful relationships or miss out on them completely.

Being in so many social circles forces us to have different images. Being with family, collegues, friends or neighbours are all different interactions and we find ourselves putting on a different image for each of these interactions. This effort alone can be very taxing.

Minimalist appoach in our lives allows us to be simple and consistent. Spending time in places where you can only be yourself and feel good will take the load off your shoulders.

Being Open to Transformation

Self improvement and maintaining your wellbeing are the paths to follow for your personal satisfaction. Learning more about certain concepts will give you an understanding to pursue your own happiness. For more information you can visit Speaker Agency’s website to find out more about personal transformation and meet the experts Robert Waldinger, Ronan Harrington, Pandit Dasa with the experience to guide you.

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