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Jonas Ridderstråle | Keynote Speaker

Leading Business Thinker & Speaker

Jonas Ridderstråle


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Jonas Ridderstråle I Keynote Speaker

Dr. Jonas Ridderstråle is one of the world’s most influential business thinkers and speakers. Since bursting onto the international scene with the bestseller Funky Business in 2000, Jonas has remained at the forefront of the new generation of management gurus. Recently, the Global Top 30 Management Gurus ranking put him at number 23 worldwide and among the top 5 in Europe.

Jonas’ diverse client list includes Fortune 500 companies, major government bodies and sports teams. He is currently a visiting professor at Ashridge in the UK.

A Speaker With a Difference Who Makes a Difference
In his speaking engagements Dr. Ridderstråle works with a modular “Lego-style” approach. This design enables him to be flexible in adapting both content and length of his presentations to the context and specific needs of the client. In keynotes, workshops and after-dinner speeches, Jonas shares his insights into what’s changing in the new world of business. Depending on the client, the impact of these trends is then linked to implications for issues such as business strategy innovation, talent management, new organizational solutions, leadership challenges, etc. Examples used are aligned to the industrial and cultural setting.

Author of Bestselling Books
Funky Business (co-author Kjell A. Nordström) quickly became an international phenomenon, selling in excess of 300,000 copies. The book was recently ranked at number 16 in a Bloomsbury survey of the best business books of all time. The sequel, Karaoke Capitalism, came out in 2004. His latest manifesto for how to make in the new world of business is called Re-energizing the Corporation (co-authored with Mark Wilcox). Jonas is currently working on a new book, provisionally titled Agile. So far, his books have been translated into 30+ languages and published in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Jonas Ridderstråle - Essence Statement

Jonas Ridderstrale

Dr. Jonas Ridderstrale is a best-selling author, thinker and business guru. An expert in business mega trends and putting them in context for his clients which include blue-chip corporations, government bodies and sports organisations.
Jonas is a brilliant thinker and a sought-after speaker. During his carefully curated talks, Jonas delivers cutting edge business trend briefs, touching on management paradigms, innovation, efficiency, sustainability, talent management and many more of today’s paramount topics.