Uncover Your Core: Exploring 20 Personal Values Examples to Define Your Path

Unlock the power of personal values for self-improvement. Discover how they shape decisions and define your essence as a human being.

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  • Release Date: 06 May 2024
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What would you say if anyone asks you what your values are?

Would you term them your life principles, habits, beliefs, or character?

You got the reply right by answering that. But wait, there’s more!

A simple answer to what are personal values is that they are what you care most about. These values guide your decisions, defining what is right and what is wrong. Your personal values are your life’s internal compass, shaping your essence as a human being.

The big question:

How do you break the glass ceiling to elevate personal values for self-improvement?

The answer:

Through real-life examples to motivate you.

Lucky for you, here we’ll highlight 20 personal value examples to get you started.

What is the Importance of Having Personal Values?

Imagine how convenient it would be for an adventurous excursion with a map!

You can see which paths to take and those to avoid on the map. The map does not mean you will not encounter rough terrain or bad weather, but it surely helps you reach your destination: rain or sunshine!

Personal values act like a map, guiding you towards a fulfilling life. Having a personal values list exposes you to the following benefits:

  • Proper goal-setting.
  • Authentic relationships.
  • Unwavering decision-making power
  • A longer, more fulfilling life.

Exploring Personal Values Examples

Now that we’ve established the importance of personal values, let’s dive into the exciting world of exploring them! This section will be your treasure chest, filled with 20 examples of personal values.

We’ll briefly unpack each value, understand its meaning, and see how it plays out in real-life scenarios.


Having achievement as one of the many examples of personal values reshapes your perspective on success. In the real world, achievement looks like celebrating small wins and milestones.

It also entails setting meaningful goals that align with your passions while embracing the learning journey toward your ideal life.


Without the great explorers of nature like Christopher Colombus or Vasco Da Gama, we’d probably never know of the wonders of this world!

As a personal value, adventure exposes you to unknown territories, helping you build resilience and ingenuity.

You do not have to be into waterfall chasing, but aim to introduce new experiences into your routine. Go for hikes, take that public speaking course, or learn that new digital skill. Adventure is infinite; pick one and go for it!

3-Authenticity and Integrity

We’ve all been there:

Placing your trust in someone, only to be lied to and left in the cold.

That did not feel pleasant, and you should never put any other person through the same anguish. Authenticity and integrity encompass matching your truthful words to your actions. Make an effort to share your viewpoint and surround yourself with like-minded individuals who value your authentic self. Stay away from unfaithful people because bad character corrupts good morals.

4-Balance and Harmony

Our reality is riddled with fast-moving events, and you need to take the time to balance it out. Having balance and harmony as examples of personal values helps you prioritize nourishing your mind, body, and spirit. You'll be more successful if you take time off to unwind, reset, and regain equilibrium.

5-Compassion and Empathy

Everyone experiences the same trauma, event, and situation differently. Being empathetic and compassionate helps you see people’s reactions and behaviors from these varied perspectives. Some ways to practice compassion and empathy are actively listening, offering support, and being kind.


Creativity is intelligence having fun! Simply put, creativity as a personal value entails exploring different ways of expressing yourself. This may be drawing, dancing, painting, problem-solving, or adopting a fun approach to life.

What Are Personal Values


Long-term personal and professional relationships rely on dependability. This example of personal values entails following through on commitments and being someone others can rely on. You can reinforce dependability by maintaining clear and honest communication no matter the circumstance.


Your family is your roots, and strong family bonds are your anchor. You can strengthen family ties by spending meaningful time together. Be the first to thank them and provide your support however you can intentionally.


Optimism is having a positive outlook on life. It is the belief that things will generally turn out well, further fuelling your life’s journey. Becoming an optimist helps you bounce back faster from difficulties and also extends to all your life’s areas, like friendships, relationships, and work.


Unfortunately, life forces us to be flexible. Flexibility allows you to stay open to adapting to changes, embracing new information, and adjusting your approach when needed. You can seek help and counsel if the burden gets too heavy for you to carry alone.


No matter your predicament, having gratitude is one way to get yourself out of the darkness. This example of personal value takes you on a more profound journey where you reflect on the positive aspects of your life. Gratitude props up your appreciation for others and helps you fully enjoy the good moments.

Personal Values Examples

12-Growth Mindset

A static mindset will have you cycle the same negative situations, expecting different results. A growth mentality, on the other hand, enables you to see obstacles as chances to improve and learn. When you embrace the effort and celebrate the progress, you elevate to higher levels, no matter how small.

13-Health & Wellness

Keeping a positive outlook on life is almost impossible without a healthy body. However, your story does not have to take that trajectory. Health and wellness are examples of personal values that help you prioritize activities that nourish the body and mind. All it takes to grow this personal value is to eat nourishing foods, get enough sleep, and regularly exercise.


Independence is the ability to do things without fear and doubt. This personal value nurtures a culture of developing skills to make informed decisions to navigate life without autonomy.


All relationships are built on loyalty. To strengthen your loyalty, be true to your words through your actions. When you offer unwavering support to the people you interact with, you encourage them to do the same.


Rigidity causes friction between connections and hinders progress in projects. However, being open-minded and receptive to new ideas and perspectives has the opposite effect. To boost open-mindedness as a personal value, seek out diverse viewpoints and engage objectively in respectful dialogue, even if you disagree.


Take responsibility for your choices and actions to strengthen relationships with others. Following through on your commitments and striving to stay accountable with every turn of events shows that you uphold responsibility as a personal value.


Fitness, finances, self-development, and everything relies on one factor: self-discipline!

Self-discipline is developing healthy habits and routines and sticking to them. It is also managing your time, money, and habits to focus on achieving your goals.

19-Service to Others

No individual is an island; to survive, we must all coexist.

One of the most important examples of personal values is service to others. You can offer your time or skills to assist those in need without demanding anything in exchange. You can also contribute to causes that positively impact the world.


The last of the 20 examples of personal values is sustainability.

Sustainability is being mindful of how your actions affect the world around you. You can align your sustainability personal value by making conscious decisions to contribute to a healthy planet for tomorrow’s generations.

Examples of sustainability practices are proper garbage disposal, recycling, or gardening!

Uncover and Live Your Own Core Values

Now that we’ve explored a treasure trove of 20 examples of personal values, it’s time to unearth your own!

You may start reflecting on moments in which you have felt fulfilled. What qualities do those situations embody? Were you driven by a desire for achievement, a sense of connection with others, or perhaps the thrill of exploration?

Similar to the past, consider your current priorities and future goals. Also, identifying conflicting values or external pressures is normal. Recognize the challenges, but don't let them dissuade you.

Remember, your personal values are a compass, not a rigid map. You can change and apply them over time. Starting the path of self-discovery is the key point. As you refine your core values, you’ll be able to gain clarity, purpose, and direction over the challenges of life’s beautiful complexities.

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