Exploring the Top History Podcasts for a Fascinating Journey into the Past

Dive into the world of history podcasts with our curated list of top picks, perfect for history enthusiasts and knowledge seekers alike!

  • Release Date: 10 May 2024
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History Podcasts

In today's era in which information is literally at your fingertips, podcasts have become an invaluable medium for knowledge seekers and history lovers alike. Whether you're taking public transport to your workplace, going for a run, or just relaxing at home, history podcasts provide you with an interactive experience that takes you to another place and time. From remarkable stories on ancient societies to in-depth studies of the turning points in history, there's a podcast for every curious historical mind. In this article, we will take a deep dive into the world of history podcasts, introducing some of the top history podcasts available for history enthusiasts and those seeking to enrich their knowledge.

1_ History Extra Podcast

Hosted by the squad behind BBC History Magazine, the History Extra is one of the best history podcasts UK has. This podcast brings in eminent historians for interviews and features discussions on diverse subjects such as politics, society, and war. Listening to this podcast gives us a well-rounded picture of the history of the world. The combination of the engaging tales and the expert commentaries makes History Extra a fascinating trip through time.

2_The British History Podcast

You should take note of the British History Podcast if you are among those people who want to know more about British history. Presented by the historian Jamie Jeffers, this podcast follows the amazing history of Great Britain where events shaped its past from ancient times until the present. With her emphasis on storytelling and detailed research, she brings history to life, telling the tales of kings, queens, as well as of commoners. The episodes, starting from the Roman conquest to the Tudor dynasty, have succeeded in offering an enticing glimpse into the history of Britain.

Best History Podcasts

3_Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

Renowned for its extensive research on historical events, Dan Carlin's Hardcore History will fascinate every history enthusiast. Through sequels that are longer than usual, Carlin goes into much more depth regarding the noteworthy historical events section. This show tracks the rise and fall of civilizations starting from imperial times and even going all the way to the Second World War. Furthermore, it offers an immersive reflection on human history and experience. Whereas the podcast's episodes have a rather extensive duration which will possibly need some time investment, the information it offers makes this an attractive investment.

4_The History of England Podcast

Through the exploration of English history, The History of England Podcast focuses on the development of the country. Narrated by David Crowther, this podcast takes us on a trip from the Anglo-Saxon era to the present day, examining historical events and their relevance in modern societies. Through the portrayal of main characters, memorable anecdotes, and particulars of societies' development, this author presents a colorful view of the way English society came into being. Whether you are a fervent historian or just a casual listener, The History of England Podcast has something for every one of us.

5_The British Museum Podcast

For those who are interested in archaeology and ancient civilizations, The British Museum Podcast is the best option. This podcast is created by one of the leading museums of the world, and it explores its extensive collections and the stories of the artifacts. From Egyptian mummies to Greek sculptures, the whole series investigates the secrets of the past. The commentary, interviews with experts, exhibitions and in-depth narratives make The British Museum Podcast an engaging investigation of history and culture.

6_The History of Rome Podcast

The History of Rome Podcast is a must-watch for those who are enthused by ancient history. This podcast is produced, and hosted by Mike Duncan, who explains how one of the greatest empires in history emerged and vanished. From the legendary story of the foundation of Rome to the dramatic days of Julius Caesar and beyond, the manner of telling created by Duncan makes the ancient world come back to life. Through its 200 episodes which are spread over 1,000 years of history, Rome’s everlasting legacy is covered by The History of Rome Podcast.

The British Museum Podcast

7_History Hit Podcast

Presented by well-known historian Dan Snow, the History Hit Podcast offers a plethora of historical matters ranging from primitive times to the present geopolitics. The podcast is an interview series that features the top historians, writers and thought leaders. The show puts a novelty spin on conventional concepts. Whether you are into the pyramid mystery or the intriguing medieval timeline, the fact that the History Hit gives a championing and educational platform for the history buffs, of whatever age, is undebatable.


The voice of Mike Duncan, host of Revolutions, takes us through the different revolutions that have happened throughout history, like the English Civil War and the Haitian Revolution. Duncan approaches his topic thoroughly through his research and excellent story-telling style providing comprehensive input into how and why revolution occurs, elucidating on the events that cause the revolution and how it is affecting society and politics.

9_The History of Byzantium

The History of Byzantium Podcast takes the story where the History of Rome Podcast left off, that is the history of the Eastern Roman Empire. With Robin Pierson as the host, this podcast examines the history of the Byzantine Empire from its origins to its contemporary times, starting with the fall of Rome and ending with the capture of Constantinople by the Ottomans, shedding light on important leaders, key events and cultural peculiarities as it unfolds.

10_Stuff You Missed in History Class

Co-hosted by Holly Frey and Tracy V. Wilson, Stuff You Missed in History Class is a podcast that aims to bring more light on less-remembered topics of history. From historical figures that had been neglected to concealed events, every episode offers a distinctive view of the ignored perspectives of the past, thus, creating enthusiasm for history for anyone.

Best History Podcasts Uk

11_The History of China Podcast

The History of China Podcast presented by Chris Stewart, manages to weave together the depth of China’s history through all the ages, past to the present. Stewart examines the dynasties, conflicts and the evolution of culture, providing a forum for one of the world's oldest civilizations.

12_The Dollop with Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds

Combining history with comedy, The Dollop is a podcast presented by Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds, two comedians. Every episode takes a peculiar or fairly unexplored segment of history out of context with Anthony performing all the research and Reynolds providing the humorous comments.


Podcasts for history provide a captivating and immersive journey into the past, giving you a chance to investigate different civilizations, cultures and eras from your personal space. Whether you are a lover of ancient Rome, medieval England, or current geopolitics, there is a podcast that can match your historical desire. Thanks to the podcasts you can learn more about the world’s past and at the same time take part in your daily activities. So, grab your headphones, tune in, and dive into a captivating journey throughout the passages of history.

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