DR GIFFORD RHAMIE Executive Director of Rockstone Consultancy with responsibilities for Organisation Development and Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Belonging


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DR GIFFORD RHAMIE 2024 Speech Titles DR GIFFORD RHAMIE 2024 Speech Titles

  • The Great Resignation – sharing stories and data of the present phenomenon of the mass exodus of Generation Z and Millennials from typical 9–5 jobs in favour of a more holistic life/work balance. The focus is on our response.
  • Leadership & Management – sharing stories and experiences of strategies for effective, inclusive leadership, team management and organisation growth.
  • The Exit Velocity Paradigm – sharing stories and experiences of how and why companies could provide wellbeing development support for the upward mobility of their staff so that they leave better than when they started. Then the ex-employee becomes a champion advert for company.
  • Employee Engagement and Motivation – techniques for fostering a positive work environment, enhancing employee productivity, and driving employee engagement.
  • Customer Experience as Belonging – creating exceptional customer experiences, building strong customer relationships, and delivering value, all in the name of belonging.
  • Intersectionality, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging – these are more than characteristics that we put on or take off; they are human values. Then the promotion of DEIB in the workplace fosters inclusive cultures, and produces collective (and individual) benefits.
  • Change Management – “People. Value. Change.” – strategies for effectively managing change, overcoming resistance, and driving successful transformations.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility – addressing sustainability, ethical practices, and corporate citizenship.
  • Communication and Collaboration – enhancing interpersonal skills, effective communication, and fostering collaboration within teams.
  • Personal Development and Growth – motivational speeches on self- improvement, goal-setting, and achieving personal and professional success.
  • Future Trends and Predictions – exploring future trends, industry disruptions, and forecasting the business landscape.

Dr Gifford Rhamie

Dr Gifford Rhamie is an expert in inclusive leadership & management with a passion for transformative learning & development and changing lives. As an international speaker – he has spoken in over 15 countries – with a captivating flair for motivating and mobilising people to achieve, Dr Rhamie leverages his education to create safe spaces for difficult conversations. An inspirational storyteller, his talks engage stakeholders across all levels of the organisation for mindset and cultural change. He challenges audiences to move the stories of marginal, diverse communities to the centre of their company culture. And he has done this at tech and corporate organisations; premier universities; public institutions; and voluntary, not-for-profit organisations. This is why Dr Rhamie’s mantra of 'People. Value. Change.' positions him as a critical friend in transformation spaces.


  1. "Inclusion Revolution: Building Stronger Communities through Diversity"
  2. "Beyond Tolerance: Fostering an Inclusive Society"
  3. “He said “It’s a Threat to Tradition”: Exploring the Paradoxes of Inclusion"
  4. "Creating a Tapestry of Voices: Embracing Diversity in the Arts"
  5. "Finding Your Tribe: Nurturing a Sense of Belonging in a Digital Age"
  6. "Belonging Amplified: Empowering Voices, Inspiring Change"
  7. "Who Defines Belonging? Unravelling the Notion of 'In' and 'Out'"
  8. "The Illusion of Belonging: Are We Chasing a Mirage of Acceptance?"
  9. "Belonging and Power: Who Holds the Key to Inclusion?"
  10. "Leading with Empathy: The Key to Inclusive Leadership"
  11. "Breaking the Mould: Trailblazing the Path to Inclusive Leadership"
  12. "The Inclusive Mindset: Transforming Leaders, Transforming Organisations"
  13. "Mirror, Mirror: Does Your Leadership Reflect the Diversity of Tomorrow?"
  14. "Leading from the Margins: Can Inclusive Leadership Challenge the Centre?"
  15. "Beyond the C-Suite: Can Inclusive Leadership Reshape Hierarchies?"
  16. "The X-Factor of Leadership: Do You Possess the Inclusion Gene?"
  17. "Inclusive Leadership: Red Pill or Blue Pill for Organisational Success?"
  18. "Mind the Gap: Is Your Leadership Bridge Built for Inclusion?"
  19. "Collaboration Chronicles: Can Transparency Fuel Meaningful Connections?" 20. "Collaboration in the Shadows: Is Transparency the Light We Need?"
  20. "Strangers in Collaboration: Can Thoughtfulness Bridge the Gap?"
  21. "Collaboration Reloaded: Does Transparency Reshape the Power Dynamics?"



The focus of the workshops is the ‘language’ – ways of being – of belonging. Antiracism is one antidote for separation and exclusion in the workforce and as rock stones it proactively stems the tide of racism – a racism that exists only to divide and destroy relationships and thereby people, organisations and productivity.

  1. MAPP – Can you hear me? The art of listening, a place for everyone.
    • In this session, we use the art of listening to the experience of being ‘othered’. How do we step into the shoes of others and see the world from their perspective of ‘othering’?
    • When were you othered? How did you feel, what did you do about it? How have you carried that experience? What have you transferred into, e.g., hiring practices, delegation preferences? Who plays the host and the guest – power dynamics?
    • TAKEAWAY: Leaders gain an insight into the experience of otherness, insider and outsider dynamics, and design practical strategies for inclusion.


  1. MAPP – Eat, sleep, include, repeat: Embodying inclusivity and being the change we want to see.
    • In this session, we will exchange life stories that demonstrate a commitment to being included and having ownership.
    • How do you include others without being condescending or taking over their space? What does it mean to be British? Who is included and who isn’t? Where are the colour-blind spots? Who’s in your team?
    • TAKEAWAY: Leaders distinguish between nationality and ethnicity as a stratagem for decentring whiteness.


  1. 3   MAPP – Mind the gap! A culture of belonging for everyone.
    • In this session, we will exchange stories that sow the seed of a desire for (racial) belonging.
  • When employees feel like they don't belong at work, their performance and their personal lives suffer. The average worker will spend a significant amount of their premier years working for MAPP, yet do you know what gives them a sense of belonging at work?
  • TAKEAWAY: Leaders will learn to reconfigure (physical, social, professional) spaces and environs for greater belonging.

3. 4   MAPP – Feel the fear and do it anyway!

    • In this session, we will explore stories of silencing – when colleagues don’t speak up for the other’s rights and dignity.
  • What does it mean to stand up and speak up for others as a manager? What does it mean to be an ally as a human? Does the normative of whiteness as an ideology help or hinder allyship?
  • TAKEAWAY: Leaders will be equipped with a toolkit for enhanced allyship.
  1. 5  MAPP – Stand on the right side of history! What have we learnt?
    • In this session, we will explore current news media and events to see how

MAPP’s story of inclusion and belonging challenges the status quo.

  • How do we deal with social and environmental changes that come to us as an organisation, not necessarily from us? What will we do in response?
  • TAKEAWAY: Leaders will have a toolkit that covers the four cornerstones of customer relations: engagement, enablement, empowerment and excellence.

DR GIFFORD RHAMIE is ready to inspire your teams!
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