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Dr.Kjell A. Nordström Economist, Writer and Public Speaker


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Dr.Kjell A. Nordström  2024 Speech Titles Dr.Kjell A. Nordström 2024 Speech Titles

  • The Ultramodern Multinational: Strategies, Structures and Leadership in an International Firm
  • Creating and Defending Competitive Advantages
  • The Role of the Leader When We are Free to Know, Go, Do, and Be.
  • How to Earn $$: The Principles for Earning Money in a Well Functioning Market Economy
  • Articulate and Tacit Knowledge: The Foundation for the Fourth Generation of Competitive Advantages.
  • Multinational Corporations, Recipes and Global Tribes
  • Talent Makes Capital Dance: How to Thrive in The New World
  • The Global Village: An Overview of Life Styles and Their Business Implications

Dr. Kjell Nordström's Biography

Dr. Kjell Anders Nordström is a Swedish economist, writer and public speaker with 20 + years of experience of working with multinational companies and has served as an advisor/consultant to several large multinationals throughout the world. The 2011 Thinkers 50, the biennial ranking of management thinkers, ranked him at number 5 in Europe and among the top 50 in the world and he is one of the few who has been ranked among the 50 for 11 consecutive years.

Kjell Nordström has published three books and numerous articles on the internationalization process of firms. The book Funky Business - Talent makes capital dance (co-authored with Jonas Ridderstråle) is a manifesto of what our time requires from business firms and their leaders. Nordströms second book Karaoke Capitalism: Management for Mankind (co-authored with Jonas Ridderstråle) is a new manifesto for how to make it in the world of Karaoke Capitalism.

Nordström and Ridderstråle are rebels with a cause. With their unorthodox combination of academic rigor, forceful logic and funky freethinking they once again re-write the rules for revolutionaries. This is a true work-out for the wits. In March 2004 the authors appeared on CNN's program "Global Office" for a long interview, recorded in Stockholm, on the ideas behind Karaoke Capitalism.

Presenting a manifesto of what is required from organisations and their leaders, he delivers powerful and sharp messages to test your views of business. He challenges the validity of conventional approaches in today's world, yet submits real and alternative strategies for sustainability. His style mirrors his message, unconventional yet valid, dynamic yet noteworthy. He is not your typical business guru; his revolutionary message is delivered in a revolutionary way.

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