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Nina Schick 2024 Speech Titles Nina Schick 2024 Speech Titles

  • Generative AI: From Concept to Reality
  • ChatGPT: Friend or Foe?
  • The Future of Work in a Generative AI World
  • The Ethics of Generative AI: What You Need to Know
  • AI and Geopolitics: Navigating the Impact of Generative AI
  • The Impact of Generative AI on the Entertainment Industry
  • Generative AI and the Future of Content Creation
  • Open-Source Generative AI: Challenges and Opportunities
  • The Role of Generative AI in the Tech Giants' Future
  • Investing in the Future: The AI Investment Ecosystem
  • Generative AI and Digital Trust: Building Transparency and Authenticity

Nina Schick's Biography

Nina Schick is a globally recognized author, entrepreneur, and advisor specializing in Generative AI. She has made it her mission to democratize AI and make it accessible to everyone, authoring the first book on AI-generated content in 2020. As one of the earliest GenAI experts, Nina analyzes how this nascent field of artificial intelligence will change humanity.

Nina is the founder of Tamang Ventures, an advisory firm focused on Generative AI, and the creator of 'The Era of Generative AI' - a 100K+ strong GenAI community featuring the weekly EGAI newsletter, exclusive content, and interviews with the pioneers of this space.

Nina has advised global leaders, including Joe Biden, the President of the United States, and Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the former Secretary General of NATO. She is also a trusted advisor to AI and technology companies, including Truepic, the first to build media authentication technology, and Synthesia, the world's first AI-to-video generation platform. 

Nina is a renowned public speaker and has appeared on stages at prestigious events such as CES, TEDx, CogX, and WebSummit, delivering keynote speeches for businesses and organizations, including Microsoft, Adobe, DARPA, and the UN. Her engaging and informative talks cover a wide range of topics, including Generative AI, AI and the future of work, AI and geopolitics, AI ethics, and digital trust and transparency.

Nina's debut book, 'DEEPFAKES,' was released in 2020 and has been translated into five languages. Before specializing in Generative AI, Nina worked on geopolitical crises, including Brexit, the Russia-Ukraine war, and state-sponsored disinformation.

A multilingual media commentator, Nina appears regularly on BBC, Sky, Bloomberg, and CNBC. She has also been published by Wired, MIT Tech Review, and Time. Her insights and expertise are changing how we understand and interact with artificial intelligence.

Nina speaks seven languages and calls London, Berlin and Kathmandu home.

Speaker Topics:

  • What is Generative AI?
  • How will Generative AI change your business in 2023?
  • Generative AI and the Future of work
  • Geopolitics in the age of AI: challenges and opportunities.
  • The impact of generative AI on national security.
  • AI and the future of content
  • AI and the future of Entertainment 
  • Generative AI strategy for businesses
  • AI and geopolitics
  • The AI investment ecosystem
  • ChatGPT: Friend or Foe? 
  • Open Source AI development
  • AI and the tech giants: Microsoft, Google, Apple
  • AI Ethics
  • Digital trust, transparency and authenticity 


Talks Nina has given include:

  1. "Beyond Words: How AI-Generated Content is Redefining Journalism"
  2. "From GPT-3 to Deepfakes: Navigating the Ethics of AI-Generated Content"
  3. "The Future of Content Marketing: Leveraging AI for Better Results"
  4. "Fake News 2.0: The Challenges of Verifying AI-Generated News"
  5. "The Geopolitics of AI: Understanding the Global Impact of Generative Technology"
  6. "AI and Foreign Policy: The Benefits and Risks of Automated Decision-Making"
  7. "The Art of Diplomacy in the Age of AI-Generated Language"
  8. "From Cyberwarfare to Deepfakes: Navigating the National Security Risks of Generative AI"
  9. "AI and Propaganda: Is Democracy at Risk?"
  10. "How AI-Generated Speech Will Change the Game in Political Campaigning"
  11. "From Script to Screen: How AI is Revolutionizing the Entertainment Industry"
  12. "The Impact of AI-Generated Content on Creative Industries: A Double-Edged Sword?"
  13. "AI-Generated Literature: A New Era in the History of Writing"
  14. "The Ethics of AI-Generated Content: Is Creativity at Risk?"
  15. "AI-Generated Content and Copyright Law: A Legal and Moral Quagmire?"
  16. "Human vs. Machine: The Battle for the Future of Content Creation"
  17. "AI-Generated Content and the Future of Education: Opportunities and Challenges"
  18. "The Intersection of Geopolitics and Technology: Implications for Global Security"
  19. "The AI Arms Race: Who Will Win the Race for Supremacy?"
  20. "From the Gig Economy to AI Automation: The Future of Work in an AI-Driven World"

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