Women in Tech Speakers

Women in Tech Speakers

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Adelina Chalmers New
Adelina Chalmers The Geek Whisperer Founder, CTO Advisor
  • "I'm not a jerk" ... And Other Reasons Why Engineering Leaders Worry About Doing Performance Management
  • The Thinking Chasm Between CTOs and CEOs
  • The Top 5 Mistakes CTOs Make
Adrienne A. Harris New
Adrienne A. Harris Superintendent NYS Department of Financial Services | Former Special Assistant to President Obama for Economic Policy
Alicia Asín New
Alicia Asín CEO and co-founder of Libelium. Expert keynote speaker in Internet of Things, AI and Smart Cities
  • Reflections on the loT on its way to 2030: Risks and opportunities of the IoT towards a legacy of greater transparency and democracy
  • IoT to promote democracy and transparency
  • Main cities' challenges to be smart and sustainable
Bianca Lopes New
Bianca Lopes Identity Expert & Speaker | ReFi | Access Tech Investor | UNESCO Business Impact Council Member | AI for SDGs | Privacy & Ethics
  • Identity
  • Beyond Labs: Growing Innovation Culture
  • Innovation ROI: Maximizing Learning, Experimentation, Growth & Failure
Cassie Kozyrkov New
Cassie Kozyrkov Chief Decision Scientist, Google
  • AI and Innovation: Less Hype, More Reality
  • Artificial Intelligence: Software 2.0
  • Automating Beyond Human Expression
Catherine Knibbs New
Catherine Knibbs Human Behaviour Technologist
  • Why we do what we do online (needs and e-ttachment), healthy development in a world of technology
  • Cybersecurity and the human who ‘humans’ (why mistakes are really made), addiction is not the answer, tech is not the cure
  • Porn viewing in children and young people: why it’s not use or consumption
Daphne Costa Lopes
Daphne Costa Lopes Head of Customer Success, UKI at Hubspot
  • Building a Second Growth Engine: Why You Should Invest in CS
  • Why Customer Success is the Key To Durable and Sustainable Growth
  • Breaking Linear Growth with CX
Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon New
Dr Anne-Marie Imafidon Keynote Speaker, Author, Social Entrepreneur and Podcast Host
  • The Tech Landscape and Why Tech Needs Diversity
  • Using Social Media to Your Advantage
  • A.I. & The Future of Work
Dr Jessica Barker New
Dr Jessica Barker Cyber Security Expert| Best Selling Author of “Confident Cyber Security” | Keynote Speaker |Media Commentator
  • How a Hack Works
  • Demonstrating a Phishing Attack
  • Why Culture is Key to Cyber Security
Dr Reena Kotecha New
Dr Reena Kotecha Organisational Wellbeing Consultant, TEDx/International Public Speaker, International Advisory Board Member for Headspace Health, Mindfulness Research Advisor, University of Cambridge
  • Mindfulness Meditation; A Core Resilience Skill for Stress Management
  • Mindfulness Meditation for Personal Wellbeing & Professional Productivity and performance
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
Dr. Ayesha Khanna
Dr. Ayesha Khanna Futurist, AI Expert, Philanthropist Co-Founder & CEO ADDO AI, Chairman 21st Century Girls
  • Winning with AI: How Innovative Leaders Drive Growth?
  • The Future of Work: How to Amplify Human Potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Smart Cities 2.0: The Future of How We Will Work, Play and Live
Estella Struck New
Estella Struck Creator Economy and Climate Tech Founder
  • Gen Z in sustainability
  • Gen Z entrepreneurship
  • Social impact business
Ghislaine Boddington New
Ghislaine Boddington Creative Director / Presenter / Expert - Future Human - Future Selves, Virtual Physical Presence, Hybrid Identity | body>data>space | University of Greenwich | BBC | Stemettes
  • Future Human: The Body is the Interface
  • Women in Tech: Diversity & Inclusivity Enables Innovation
  • Experience Economy: How Technology Will Define Collaborations
Isabel Aguilera New
Isabel Aguilera Former CEO Google and GE, Spain and Portugal
  • Eucatastrophe: A wider Talent Collaboration to...
  • To innovate or to die
  • The future is already here: future trends
Kelly Vero New
Kelly Vero Futurist, Game Developer, and Architect of the Metaverse
  • Free-to-Play :Developing Creators in the Metaverse.
  • Betting on the Metaverse : Why the future of Casinos is Web3.
  • The Metaverse and you!: How the Metaverse is going to evolve and change the way we work.
Kim To New
Kim To Top 50 Influential Neurodivergent Women | Founder of Flair | Certified ADHD Coach | MHFA & Neurodiverse Advocate
  • My journey with ADHD and navigating workplaces
  • Celebrating neurodiversity, what it is and why workplaces need it
  • Neurodiversity and Entrepreneurship
Linda Liukas
Linda Liukas Author and Illustrator of Hello Ruby
  • Innovation & Design
  • Programming & AI
  • Education
Lindsay Herbert
Lindsay Herbert Author of Digital Transformation
  • 'Digital Transformation' and Other Dangerous Buzzwords
  • Digital Transformation Decoded
  • Post-Apocalyptic Digital Transformation
Mariam Naseem New
Mariam Naseem Polar & Planetary Researcher | Consultant | Tech Strategist | Business Development | Engineer | Space Advocate
  • Space Exploration
  • Planetary Science
  • Astrobiology
Monique Morrow New
Monique Morrow Venture Partner | WEF Contributor | Futurist | Emerging Technology Architecht
  • Advancing Women in Tech: A Look into How Far We’ve Come
  • Privacy Isn’t Dead
  • Cybersecurity: A Global Responsibility

Women In Tech Speakers and What Their Experience Tells Us

Gone are the days when the tech industry was mostly dominated by males. Today, more and more women, especially entrepreneur women are in the tech industry. Women in the tech industry are at the forefront of many innovations in artificial intelligence, blockchain, bitcoin, and other technologies.

Hearing the voices of these powerful female technologists would be insightful as well as encouraging. Tech enthusiasts who want to make a change in their own tech company would benefit from them. If you’re an event planner working for a tech corporation and want to plan an event for your tech audience, below are the top female tech speakers from the Speaker Agency. They may deal with different subject matters in the technology sector, but the two things common in all of them are: they are influential and inspirational.

Some of these names have been business owners, some have held leadership positions, some have been on the advisory boards of companies with billion dollar budgets and some are the female founders of  companies in the tech sector. 

Before learning about them, let’s understand how speakers can add value to an event.

How A Speaker Can Add Value To An Event?

An inspirational speaker is an expert who can talk extensively about a topic in their respective field. They can masterfully present information in their area of expertise uniquely, allowing the audience to view the subject from a different angle. Their aim is to ensure that the audience is left inspired and educated on the subject.

Great speakers at an event can take the audience on an intellectual journey using their presentation, as a result, the audience gets motivated to take action. However, people usually take action only when inspired by others and a speaker has the capability to do exactly that. Women tech speakers from the Speaker Agency have the answers to your questions.   

Top Inspirational Women In Tech Speakers

Adelina Chalmers

Top Speeches Given By The Speaker

  • Why Do Engineers Disrupt Leadership
  • Three Signs You Use Engineering Department As Software House
  • Boffin Fallacy

Adelina Chalmers Brief Background

Adelina Chalmers is an award-winning CTO advisor and female entrepreneur in the UK who has founded the Geek Whisperer company. She advises CEOs, CTOs, and science officers on leadership and strategic challenges. She works with managing directors of different companies and keeps inspiring women in business. Her portfolio includes working with global companies and hundreds of startup companies. Her main purpose is to give power to women like a modern-day Oprah Winfrey.

Cassie Kozyrkov

Top Speeches Given By The Speaker

  • Artificial Innovation And Innovation: Less Hype, More Reality
  • AI: Software 2
  • Automating Beyond Human Expression
  • Decision Intelligence - The Next Phase In AI
  • Journey To AI

Cassie Kozyrkov Brief Background

Cassie Kozykorv is a data scientist and works as a Chief Decision Scientist at Google, advising leadership teams on AI strategy, decision processes, and building data-driven organizations. She founded Decision Intelligence at Google, training over 22,000 Googlers on it. She holds degrees in Mathematical Statistics, Economics, Psychology, and Neuroscience. With her brilliant background, she’s the ultimate woman in tech. 

Daphne Costa Lopes

Top Speeches Given By The Speaker

  • AI, Automation, And The Future Of CX
  • Improve NRR By Focusing On Your Customer’s Outcomes
  • Building Second Growth Engine: Why You Should Invest In CS

Daphne Costa Lopes Brief Background

Daphne Costa Lopes is the Head Of Customer Success at Hubspot and the host of the popular podcast “This Is Growth”. She has extensive experience as CX and has worked with startups and Fortune 500 companies, scaling their businesses. She is fascinated with technology and since the early stages of her career her aim has been to combine science and technology to deliver amazing customer experiences. Daphne is also a writer and has written customer success articles like “Real Application Of Machine Learning in Customer Success”.

Dr. Anne Marie Imafidon

Top Speeches Given By The Speaker

  • The Tech Landscape And Why Tech Needs Diversity
  • AI And The Future Of Work
  • Using Social Media To Your Advantage
  • Social Entrepreneurship: Doing A lot With Little
  • Youth Entrepreneurship And STEM: The Leaders Of The Future

Dr. Anne Marie Imafidon Brief Background

Anne Marie Imafidon is a woman entrepreneur, keynote speaker, podcast host, and author. She holds a Master's Degree in Mathematics and Computer Science from Oxford University which she received at a very early age. She was just 20 years old when she received the degree. Anne is a very respected figure in the tech space.

She has worked with many reputed companies like Goldman Sachs and Hewlett-Packard. Her own company Stemettes is an award-winning company promoting next-generation women in STEM sectors. She has also spoken as a keynote speaker at many global conferences and at digital companies.

Dr. Ayesha Khanna

Top Speeches By The Speaker

  • Winning With AI: How Innovative Leaders Drive Growth?
  • Smart Cities 2: The Future Of How We Will Work, Play And Live
  • Top Trends That Will Affect Your Industry

Ayesha Khanna Brief Background

Ayesha Khanna is an AI expert, philanthropist, and one of the famous female entrepreneurs. She has co-founded Addo, a leading artificial intelligence company headquartered in California. Her company got featured in Forbes magazine as one of the four groundbreaking AI companies in Asia in 2017. She also advises on AI, smart cities, and metaverse to leading global companies and governments across the world.

Linda Liukas

Top Speeches By The Speaker

  • Programming And AI
  • Innovation And Design
  • Technology
  • Education
  • Societal Impact

Linda Liukas Brief Background

Linda Liukas dons many hats. She is an author, programmer, illustrator, and keynote speaker. She has authored Hello Ruby, a children’s picture book which discusses the world of technology. Apart from this, she is the founder of Rails Girls, a global non-profit organization dedicated to teaching young women programming.

Linda also has extensive experience in the Edutech sector. She also has conducted many talks on different technological topics. Her TED talk speech has garnered sizable views, making her an influential speaker.

Lindsay Herbert

Top Speeches By The Speaker

  • Digital Transformation Decoded
  • Digital Transformation And Other Dangerous Buzzwords
  • Post Apocalyptic Digital Transformation
  • Build Your Culture Of Innovation
  • AI, Automation, And The Future Of Work

Lindsay Herbert Brief Background

Lindsay Herbert is an author, IBM inventor, and sought-after speaker. Her book “Digital Transformation” has received several accolades from within the UK and other countries. It discusses how to drive major change through innovation at the enterprise scale.

She is also an IBM inventor who recently invented the IBM Instant Checkout which got international media coverage. Lindsay is the Chief Innovation Officer at IBM, advising leaders on innovation strategies. As mentioned earlier, she is an outstanding speaker. Her sessions involve inspiring stories from her own experiences and other companies that leave the audience inspired and encourage them to make a change in their own organizations.

Pinar Seyhan Demirdağ

Top Speeches By The Speaker

  • The Skillsets We Need To Remain Relevant In The Age Of AI
  • Looking To The Future - Creative AI Vs Profit AI
  • AI In Other Creative Fields
  • Generative AI And The Metaverse
  • Learning From The Past: Human Cost Of Technology Without Wisdom

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag Brief Background

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag is a Generative AI expert, founding partner at Seyhan Lee, multidisciplinary artist, and keynote speaker. She believes in the conscious use of technology. She had an illustrious career as an artist who left her career to form Seyhan Lee with a renowned advertising executive.

Her company was the first company that was involved in Generative AI. In a short time, their company won many accolades for their AI films. She has been part of many conferences like TEDx, Google I/O, and others, giving her expertise on the subject.

Sadie Clayton

Top Speeches By The Speaker

  • Metaverse Digital Art Digital Fashion
  • Culture And Diversity
  • Empowerment And Motivation
  • Pivoting Your Career Journey
  • Intersection Between Creative Practices

Sadie Clayton Brief Background

Sadie Clayton is a creator, innovator, and educator. She holds a degree in BA Honors Fashion Design from Kingston University. She is fascinated by art, design, and innovation, and this led her to work with holograms using AI and augmented reality. Sadie is also the first artist to work in collaboration with the first artist robot, "Ai-Da''.

Both together created arts of work at Tate Modern exploring the theme of technology and the human extension of self. Apart from this, she has been called to different platforms to speak about her area of expertise.

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