Future Trends Speakers

Future Trends Speakers

Speaker Agency Future of Trends Speakers, share their insights on the latest and most practical ways trends can help your business, empower your teams and help you make a difference to the future of the planet.

 Adolfo Fernández Sánchez New
Adolfo Fernández Sánchez Global Product Strategy & Operations @ TikTok | Monetization Product & Technology
  • Italians queuing for American coffee
  • I want it, and I want it now
  • People are not afraid of change
Andy Stalman New
Andy Stalman Co Founder & CEO TOTEM Branding. "Mr. Branding". Best-selling author: "BrandOffOn" "HumanOffOn" "TOTEM". Professor. Speaker. LinkedIn Top Voice 2023
  • For brands we are not in an era of change, but in a change of era.
  • A new generation of brands: TOTEMs. And how to transform customers into believers.
  • TOTEM. The new face of Branding. A humane, innovative, sustainable and shared future.
Anton Musgrave
Anton Musgrave Futurist and Business Strategist
  • The Future, Innovation, Strategy and Scenario Planning
  • Quantum Relationships
  • Lessons In Radical Innovation From 30 Years of Experience
Aric Dromi New
Aric Dromi Futurologist | Strategy & Innovation Advisor | Speaker
  • Automation & fast tracking Technology, process and human behaviours, how will automation and fast tracking impact business and society?
  • The smarter data dilemma The evolution of data driven Intelligent logistics, mobility, energy, communication.
  • Privacy, Surveillance & legislation How will technology and human behaviour impact our privacy? Can legislation actually protect our privacy, or is it there to legalize surveillance?
Azeem Azhar
Azeem Azhar Entrepreneur, Investor and Curator Exponential View
  • The Exponential Age is Leading to a Burst of Abundance
  • Generative AI & The Future of Work
  • The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology is Transforming Business, Politics and Society
Daniel Bobroff
Daniel Bobroff Founder of Coded Futures | Retail Tech Evangelist | Advisor
  • Time To Play – Gamifying Retail
  • Game Changer
  • Is Shopping Fun Anymore
Daphne Costa Lopes
Daphne Costa Lopes Head of Customer Success, UKI at Hubspot
  • Building a Second Growth Engine: Why You Should Invest in CS
  • Why Customer Success is the Key To Durable and Sustainable Growth
  • Breaking Linear Growth with CX
David Rowan
David Rowan Founding UK Editor-in-Chief, WIRED | Author of Amazon #1 business bestseller Non-Bullshit Innovation: Radical Ideas from the World’s Smartest Minds (Penguin)
  • Why this is AI's "Netscape moment" — and what that​ ​means for your business
  • What exponential technologies mean for the next five​ ​years in retail/real estate/finance/media/healthcare, etc
  • What a 20-country quest taught me about building an​ ​authentic culture of innovation
Dr Shelley James New
Dr Shelley James The Light Lady' | Author | TEDx speaker | WELL AP, Advisory & Faculty | Consultant | Collaborating Across Industries and Agencies to Improve Health, Well-being and Sustainability Through Effective Lighting
  • How the humble lightbulb can help your teams to rise and shine: Lessons from the space station to boost productivity, creativity and collaboration
  • Hiding in plain sight: The new ergonomics of lighting for the inclusive workplace
  • Light and Long-Covid : Lighting up the road to recovery
DR. BEHICE ECE ILHAN Director of Cultural Strategy, Ethos Deloitte Digital Strategist, Scholar, Sherpa, Storyteller
  • Covid-19 & Beyond: Resilience in Routines, Habits, and Rituals
  • Meshed Realities: Manifestations of 5G Across Categories
  • Iconic Brands: Brands as Social and Cultural Agents
Dr. Hannah Fry New
Dr. Hannah Fry Professor of Mathematics | Science Presenter | All Around Badass
  • AI
  • Technology
  • Big Data
Gerd Leonhard
Gerd Leonhard Top-rated European Futurist
  • 10 things you need to know about the future
  • The future of work, jobs and education
  • How To Get Future-Ready
Gianni Giacomelli New
Gianni Giacomelli Head of Design, MIT Collective Intelligence Lab. Founder,
Innovation Advisor, Genpact
  • AI Augmented Collective Intelligence
  • Tomorrow's solutions come from tomorrow's intelligence
  • Building Superminds
GUY KAWASAKI Chief Evangelist at Canva, Former Brand Ambassador for Mercedes-Benz, Former Chief Evangelist at Apple
  • The Art of Innovation
  • The Art of The Start
  • The Art of Enchantment
Isabel Aguilera New
Isabel Aguilera Former CEO Google and GE, Spain and Portugal
  • Eucatastrophe: A wider Talent Collaboration to...
  • To innovate or to die
  • The future is already here: future trends
Jim Carroll
Jim Carroll World’s Leading Global Futurist
  • AI Megatrends: Beyond ChatGPT How AI is Redefining Your Industry, Profession, Company and Career - And What You Need To Do About It!
  • ChatGPT, The Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence and the Arrival of the Personalized Knowledge Butler Promise and Peril in The Next Technological Transformation
  • The Jetsons Have Arrived 50 Years Early: What Are YOU Going to Do About It?
Joel Comm New
Joel Comm Web3 & Blockchain Keynote Speaker, Advisor and Content Creator
  • How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World of Business
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money
  • A Web3 World - NFTs, Metaverse and Play-and-Earn Games
Kelly Vero New
Kelly Vero Futurist, Game Developer, and Architect of the Metaverse
  • Free-to-Play :Developing Creators in the Metaverse.
  • Betting on the Metaverse : Why the future of Casinos is Web3.
  • The Metaverse and you!: How the Metaverse is going to evolve and change the way we work.
Leanne Elliott Young New
Leanne Elliott Young CEO & Co-Founder of Institute of Digital Fashion
Manuel Maqueda New
Manuel Maqueda Harvard University Special Programs Instructor. Founder @ SUPER® -Single-Use Plastic Elimination or Reduction- Expert in Circular Economy - Regenerative Economy - AI for Climate - Innovation - Impact Entrepreneurship
  • The Circular Economy Revolution: it's not what you think, but how you think
  • The future of sustainability: are you ready for the disruption?
  • Regenerative economics: the next frontier for sustainability

Future Trends Speakers Are The Ticket To Catch The Wave

As an event planner, you always look for the latest trends to keep your guests excited and engaged. You know that engaging speakers with insight into current happenings and cultural events can perfectly complement a successful event. 

Knowing what’s in fashion like the future of electric cars- or having informative conversations about future trends is something both audience members and speakers enjoy in an event. With this in mind, let’s look at how to source exciting trending topics from forward-looking experts. You should consider booking for your next event on future of retail.

Who are future trend speakers?

Future speakers are motivational figures who provide invaluable lessons and insight on how to conquer the ever-changing future. They are thought leaders and innovators with fresh ideas that can help propel society into a new era. 

Future trend speakers discuss topics like digital transformation, technological advancements, cutting-edge strategies, and the overall advancement of the human race. They offer inspiring commentary and knowledge, but their speeches often contain practical advice that makes it easier for audiences to apply their teachings in real-world situations. 

Their enthusiasm for the future of management is contagious and a refreshing reminder of our world's potential for growth.

List of Popular Future Trend Speakers You Should Know

Anton Musgrave

Anton Musgrave is a popular Future Trend Speaker who captures the imagination of senior executives. His passion lies in sparking robust debates around the many forces and technologies driving current and future business success, leaving his audiences with fresh insights that energize action. 

His methodology includes turning traditional strategies upside down and probing into long-term business successes while considering new business models to stay ahead of the market. With a career of success to draw upon, Anton is well-placed to provide insight into how organizations can remain competitive in this ever-changing corporate climate.

Daphne Costa Lopes

Daphne Costa Lopes is an incredibly popular speaker when discussing future trends. She is known for her passion for customer success and for breaking traditional organisational structures' boundaries with innovative products, marketing, sales, and services to create amazing customer experiences. 

Her expertise in CX is impressive, with a decade of experience with start-ups, scale-ups and Fortune 500 companies under her belt. She has helped numerous businesses transform their customer journey and increase value through her work. 

On top of this outstanding experience, she is also the host of the ‘This Is Growth!’ podcast and has been invited to speak at conferences such as The Customer Conference, Pulse, and Leap.

Gerd Leonhard

Gerd Leonhard is an acclaimed Future Trend Speaker, Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Film-Maker. He provides invaluable insights on the next 5-7 years of technology, business and commerce, society and culture. 

His portfolio of expertise covers a wide variety of industries such as 

  • Technology
  • Artificial Intelligence (across all industries)
  • Healthcare and Pharma
  • Banking and Insurance
  • Policy and Government
  • Work / Jobs
  • Learning and Education
  • Human Resources
  • Travel and Tourism
  • Transportation and Mobility

Hence, Gerd is an experienced speaker who presents foresight in a professional tone that his audiences appreciate.

David Rowan

Drawing on his vast experience in the tech industry, David Rowan is an experienced speaker on future trends. As the founding editor-in-chief of WIRED UK and an active venture capitalist, David has had first-hand insight into some of the world's most successful companies. He regularly shares this insight in talks that discuss how emerging technologies will impact businesses and what leaders can do to prepare for these changes. 

Furthermore, he also hosts a podcast titled Walks with Founders - which features conversations with tech founders about their journeys and lessons learned. With his expertise and background as an advisor to Lakestar, one of Europe’s largest venture capital funds, David Rowan provides invaluable knowledge on the future of the world speeches.

Azeem Azhar

Azeem Azhar is an insightful thought leader at the vanguard of technology and societal transformation. His popular platform, Exponential View, provides key insights into the digital economy and society, making his weekly newsletter and podcast essential reading for many top academics, journalists, investors and business leaders. 

On a professional level, Azeem Azhar also holds positions on the World Economic Forum's Global Futures Council on Digital Economy & Society. It is on the board of the Ada Lovelace Institute, and as a venture partner of Kindred Capital, an early-stage V.C. firm. 

Additionally, he sits on the board of quantum computing startup Beit and provides corporate advice to top management teams in various global organizations. This invaluable experience makes Azeem an excellent source for those wishing to understand how our world changes due to technology's pervasive influence.

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag

Pinar Seyhan Demirdag is one of the world's most popular future trend speakers. From her creative uses of face-tracking technology to leading the way as one of the first A.I. artists, she has consistently demonstrated an innovative and proactive approach to harnessing emerging technologies for personal, societal and global transformation. 

Her ability to communicate across different fields of thought has enabled her to bridge the gap between science and culture via interactive art installations, documentary films, media art projects and live performances. Pinar provides fascinating insights into how future technologies will shape our lives while making a compelling case for leveraging them with mindfulness and responsibility. As such, she is viewed as a powerful voice in the call to drive meaningful change through technology while ensuring its use benefits humanity.


As we can see, the future of retail is continuously evolving. The concepts of store experience, brand loyalty and shopping experience are being re-defined. Physical stores with brick and mortar are of course still there but personalized experiences are more important than ever.

Petrol and diesel cars on the road are slowly being replaced with battery electric vehicles. As the charging infrastructure is being improved for these electric motors, we see more and more charging points. In a couple of years, many things will be different.

Tapping into a knowledgeable speaker on the upcoming trends is an essential step in staying ahead of the game. Through Speaker Agency Ltd., you have access to some of the most renowned and inspiring speakers who can provide novel insights into what will shape our world shortly. To book, email or click enquire on a specific speaker's page. 

You can also call +44 (0) 20 3393 1061 for more information and connect with us on your favorite social platforms like Instagram and Twitter at @speakeragencyuk. Whether you want to bring an exciting new perspective to your event or stay informed on all things retail, these industry professionals can help you get exactly what you need!

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