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Ramon Vullings 2024 Speech Titles Ramon Vullings 2024 Speech Titles

  • Cross-industry Innovation
  • Be an IdeaDJ: Implement a Remix Strategy
  • Become an ideaDJ: Fashion as Interface for The Future
  • Reducing Risk Aversion
  • Making Ideas Happen

Ramon Vullings's Biography

Ramon Vullings is an engaging international keynote speaker, author of 4 management books on business creativity and cross-sector innovation, Ramon is also a cross-industry expert consultant & ideaDJ wowing audiences around the globe.

Ramon speaks about bringing the outside world in and why remixing of ideas cross-sector is a smart strategy.
Ramon helps business leaders with strategies, tools & skills to look beyond the borders of their domain to transform their business in a smarter way.
Ramon Vullings studied 'industrial engineering & sociology', already a cool combination.


Ramon started his professional career as consultant at Coopers & Lybrand helping companies to improve their business process redesign. After the merger with PriceWaterhouse Ramon soon became the Global CRM Operations Manager for the PwC Consulting Customer Relationship Management practice (3500+ consultants) working from Paris, what an adventure!

In the year leading up to the IBM acquisition of PwC Consulting, Ramon was part of the transition team for PwC Consulting. At IBM Business Consulting ServicesRamon became the EMEA CRM Learning & Knowledge Lead, a beautiful role in which he got skilled in advanced, large group & on-line didactics.


In 2004 Ramon decided to start his own company Twinkeling BV focussing on business creativity. He co-founded the innovation & change company new shoes today and in 2012 the innovation network company 21 Lobsterstreet.

Based on all this experience, Ramon has since grown into his role as keynote speaker, author and ideaDJ: helping business leaders, new business development and HR managers with strategy, tools & skills to look beyond the borders of their domain to transform their business in a smarter way, infusing people with tangible ideas, spot-on inspiration and actionable advice.
Ramon has written 4 management books on business creativity and cross-industry innovation. He is also chairman of the (not for profit) European Association for Creativity & Innovation (EACI).
Besides his work as international speaker and innovation consultant, Ramon is an executive professor at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Eindhoven, at the Antwerp Management School and at the IE Executive Education from IE Business School in Madrid.


What makes Ramon so unique is not only the content he shares, but also the way he presents it. Ramon is a born entertainer, mixing humor with personalanecdotes and insights in the way business & life intertwine.


Ramon is Dutch, living in beautiful Antwerp (Belgium) together with his wife and their two sons. Ramon loves to travel, in the period 2009-2010 together with his wife Linda, he traveled the old silk road for 1.5 year (all over land, not using airplanes!) to learn how people in other cultures deal with similar situations differently. He still cherishes this wonderful journey and uses many anecdotes of this time in his keynotes!


Great Leaders Mix and Match

get ready for the future with the ideaDJ strategy

Based on Ramon's latest book, the keynote 'Great Leaders Mix and Match' is a must experience (virtual) keynote for future-fit leaders. Filled with inspiring thoughts, engaging activities, relevant examples and practical tips. It will challenge you as leader to be more curious, to look outside your bubble and to shape a bright future for yourself, your business and our world.

Cross-industry innovation

Don't copy-paste, yet copy-adapt-paste!

Learn from other companies in totally different sectors! This interactive and engaging keynote is based on the research by Ramon for his latest book: Not Invented Here: cross-industry innovation, filled with great insights & examples to learn from other areas.

Remix sustainability

Remix your business to boost your sustainability efforts

How can executives shape and speed up their organisation's sustainability transition? In his engaging keynote Ramon shows cool cross-industry examples, combined with concrete tools & tips to assist your people and partners to boost your sustainability!

Recovery, Reset or Remix?

what's next for leadership & innovation

Some people say the world needs 'recovery', others say the world needs a 'reset'. Ramon Vullings is convinced the world needs to 'remix'! In short, the world needs 'impactful & beautiful combinations which add value'. In this talk Ramon illustrates how leaders can create these 'beautiful combinations' and use this to navigate the future!

Cross-team / BU collaboration

Work way better together: first effectiveness, then efficiency!

Cross-over cooperation between teams, silos and other organisational entities is crucial. In this interactive and engaging keynote Ramon Vullings takes you -and your team- on a wild ride to show that there is so much more to learn from each other, closer than you might expect!

Eco-systems & partnerships

99% of the smartest people don't work for you...

The future for many businesses is in working together via platforms, in eco-systems. Now how do you take the next steps in advanced partnerships, where trust is enabled via API's (Application Programming Interfaces) and where everybody wants to take the 'director's' role? In this interactive keynote Ramon addresses these questions in his own energetic style!

Reducing Risk Aversion

Not a failure, yet a nearling !

For innovation and change it is just as important to let go as it is to come up with new ideas. For letting go you need guts. Guts is what remains if risk aversion is reduced. This -very- interactive presentation takes you over some boundaries...

Be an ideaDJ: implement a remix strategy

Don't invent, yet discover & combine!

In this keynote Ramon outlines the need for ideaDJs in today's organisations, The world has many complex challenges which cannot be solved anymore from a single dimension, (innovation) leaders need to understand the enourmous value which can be obtained by (re)mixing ideas cross silos, especially in these digitally connected times.

Cross-silo Leadership

Go from an ego to an eco-system

Most executives recognise the importance of breaking down silos to help people collaborate across boundaries, yet they struggle to make it happen. In his keynote Ramon provides concrete tips & tools to enable cross-silo cooperation.


Making ideas happen

1% inspiration, 99% transpiration

At many clients we hear the same remarks: ‘We have enough ideas, we just can’t implement them!‘.

Based on Ramon’s consulting experience, he provides key insights and tangible action steps to start selecting, testing & implementing your ideas today! Get ready for (inter)action!


“Ramon is an electrifying and passionate speaker,

his talk on the topic of cross-industry innovation & creativity was one of the most well received talks at the NASA summit.”

Omar Hatamleh, Chief Innovation Officer – NASA

‘Worked with Ramon on multiple challenges and he always seems to be able to apply enormous amounts of creativity to his sessions/workshops. Whether it’s about behaviour, strategy, team-spirit or out-of-the-box-thinking, it’s always worth wile exchanging thoughts with Ramon! Value for money is very important, especially with the current economic conditions and I’ve never been disappointed in this strong partnership so far.’

Peter Lathouwers, Team Leader Business Intelligence – Nike​

 “Ramon gave a keynote speech at our ANVR “need for speed” conference in Abu Dhabi.

He immediately set the tone for an inspiring conference.

Ramon was the perfect start of a perfect event.”

Frank Oostdam, Director – ANVR​​


“Ramon's moderation was outstanding.

He added a lot of energy to the whole event,

provided positive spins and managed the panellists in an impeccable manner.”
Merle Roemer, Manager Marketing & Comms – EFSE​


“For new business, creative strategy settings or stimulating R&D groups, Ramon is the one to call.​”

Martin de Ruiter, Manager Supply Chain Operations – FloraHolland​​


“Ramon spoke to an international audience of around 1000 professionals.

He was a resounding success - his message was fresh, relevant and actionable.”

Catherine McGavock, Vice President EMEAGBTA


‘I’m very happy with the professional moderation by Ramon during our 3-day Global Sales meeting. Our team consists of people from many different countries and cultures. With his energetic style and various work formats, Ramon manages to keep the people motivated to work on tough business items, while also keeping the lightness with good humor.

Unique about Ramon is that he understands our business, is able to add his knowledge on innovation/business development and is flexible in terms of adjusting the programme to the needs of the group. He also uses great videos and pictures… we had great fun during the ‘PowerPoint Karaoke’ after dinner a true ideaDJ ! ‘

Jan Willem van Drimmelen, CMOIntertrust Group​


“'Ramon was a keynote speaker at our Executive Forum in London this year.

It's always refreshing to find a speaker who can, not only entertain the audience and inspire them with new insights, but who will also take the trouble to think about the specific impacts on your own industry and tailor his presentation appropriately.

A pleasure working with you!”

John Nurthen, Executive Director of Global Research – SIA

Ramon Vullings is ready to inspire your teams!
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