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Scarlett Roberts Exercise Physiologist | Prescriptive Exercise | Movement for Mental Health | Ex Prisoner | Author


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  • Exercise as medicine
  • Movement for mental health

Scarlett Roberts's Biography

Scarlett is an ex ballet dancer and exercise physiologist. After a successful ten year career performing with English National Ballet, La Scala, in London’s West End and in film / TV / commercials, she trained as clinical pilates instructor and found her passion for anatomy and physiology as a integrative tool for good physical and mental healthcare.

The rarest and most remarkable thing to be found in the universe, is packaged inside your human scaffolding. Nowhere, not even in IKEA, will you find anything as exceptionally useful as your own body.

Each day, one in five cells turn cancerous. Each day, your body obliterates them without you even being aware of their rampant retaliation against diseases you didn’t even know had invaded your body.

As you read the last sentence, your body produced over a million red blood cells, which are now racing around your vascular system for around 150,000 laps before they commit aggregate suicide for the greater good of your supremely agreeable existence. 

There are 8000 ways for us to die, according to WHO. Only one will work. Exercising minimally and eating maximally is suicide by lifestyle. 

74% of all deaths globally are due to non-communicable disease. NCDs are preventable. If only we had more than eight synonyms for the preventative potion; mobility. 

25% of you do not liberate the seductive padding of your gluteals profusely enough; or even periodically enough, to meet the WHO weekly exercise prescription guideline of moving at medium intensity for 2.5hrs per week. You are twenty-one synonyms of immobile. 

For the sedentary sarcopenic souls of those who’ve chosen to remain situated gazing out of a window later in life: without active intervention, such as exercise, or defenestration; their muscle mass decreases by up to 8% annually after the ripe old age of 30. 

Exercise, however, is an integral part of healthcare, and with without physical health, there cannot exist good mental health. Changing the landscape in terms of behaviour change is perhaps not insurmountable, but it certainly isn’t without complications.

Exercise also enhances hippocampal function. When muscles contract, they release some tasty stuff called myokines, which enhances neuroplasticity. High performance happens at an optimum level of arousal, this applies to our muscles, and ourselves.

Now I hate to break it to you chief of people people, but standing desks don’t create movement.

Employers must provide engaging mental health programmes and stress management (to include prescriptive exercise) and create healthcare / physiological programmes not packaged by health insurers that are centred around the person as a whole (asking how they’re feeling out of ten ain’t it, Brenda). 

The average employee engagement across health tech platforms was less than 20%, and I suspect digital fatigue is the reason. 

Turning to tech to address your crazy in your already tech - burned out lives is simply ludicrous. Perhaps you could also start driving on the right. 


Corporate exercise workshops and education about self - management of chronic pain and common pathologies including;

Low back pain / neck pain / mobility clinics / diabetes management / cancer prehab / MSK rehab 

Movement for mental health is an integral component of any red rehabilitation session.

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