Mental Health Speakers for Schools

Mental Health Speakers for Schools

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Alexandra Adams New
Alexandra Adams UK’s First Deafblind Person Training to be a Doctor | TEDx Speaker
  • Being the UK’s first deafblind medical student: The Journey
  • Experiences of the Young Female Patient
  • Medicine and Mental Health
Barb Stegemann New
Barb Stegemann CEO and Founder, The 7 Virtues | Social Entrepreneur
  • The Virtues of Leadership and Success: How to Perform Your Best, Make Your Mark, and Grow
  • Doing Well By Doing Good
  • Adapt and You Will Succeed. Guaranteed: Embracing a Pivot to get to Profit
Ben Lindsay OBE New
Ben Lindsay OBE CEO and Founder, Power The Fight | Best Selling Author Charity Times Rising Leader Of The Year 2022 | PhD Candidate at Durham University
  • Community & Social Action
  • Violence Affecting Young People
  • Youth Sector
Catherine Knibbs New
Catherine Knibbs Human Behaviour Technologist
  • Why we do what we do online (needs and e-ttachment), healthy development in a world of technology
  • Cybersecurity and the human who ‘humans’ (why mistakes are really made), addiction is not the answer, tech is not the cure
  • Porn viewing in children and young people: why it’s not use or consumption
Darren Edwards New
Darren Edwards Record-Breaking British Disabled Adventurer, Inspirational Speaker, and Author.
  • Strength Through Adversity
  • The Adaptive Mindset – The Five Pillars to Overcome Adversity
  • World-First Leadership and Teamwork
Dr Alka Patel New
Dr Alka Patel Lifestyle Medicine Physician, Longevity and Biohacking Expert, GP, TEDx Speaker, Podcaster and Author/ Founder of The Longevity Concierge | CEO of Lifestyle First | Named Female Speaker of the Year and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner Of The Year
  • Hack Your Health to Stack Your health: A mind-opening talk for every business owner who wants to be healthier, wealthier and wiser!
  • Your million-hour life. Alka shares practical health hacks to help you live longer and become younger.
  • Success Habits - how to create habits that work for you rather than habits you have to work for.
Dr Claire Ashley New
Dr Claire Ashley GP and Burnout Specialist | NHS Clinical Entrepreneur | Public Speaker | Educator | Entrepreneur | Coach and Consultant
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Burnout First Aid
  • Burnout Recovery
Dr Liz O’Riordan New
Dr Liz O’Riordan Speaker | Author | Storyteller | Conference Host
  • Improving The Quality Of Cancer Care
  • Women’s Health
  • Mental Health
Dr Reena Kotecha New
Dr Reena Kotecha Organisational Wellbeing Consultant, TEDx/International Public Speaker, International Advisory Board Member for Headspace Health, Mindfulness Research Advisor, University of Cambridge
  • Mindfulness Meditation; A Core Resilience Skill for Stress Management
  • Mindfulness Meditation for Personal Wellbeing & Professional Productivity and performance
  • Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace
J Grange New
J Grange Musician, International Public Speaker, Neurodiversity Advocate and Diversity & Inclusion Champion
  • Living as a Neurodivergent person – Understand what it’s like to be neurodivergent and how to support those who are.
  • Neurodiversity in the workplace – Employing and supporting the ND community
  • How Businesses can benefit from a better understanding of neurodiversity – What is it, how can you change and improve and what’s in it for you?
James Child New
James Child Former Professional Rugby League Referee | DE&I Consultant | Keynote Speaker
  • Why I started refereeing
  • My refereeing career, including stories of my highs and lows
  • How I learned to be mentally resilient and coped with a pressured job and a challenging work environment
Jess Meredith New
Jess Meredith CEO of Differing Minds | Keynote Speaker
  • Exploring fairness through a neurodiversity lens
  • Dispelling myths and stereotypes of ADHD through my personal journey
  • Creating expert teams, not expert individuals
Jessamy Bagenal New
Jessamy Bagenal Senior Executive Editor | THE LANCET | Physician | Mentor | Diversity and Equity Thought leader Adjunct Professor in the Department of Maternal and Child Health at The Gillings School of Global Public Health, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lee Chambers New
Lee Chambers Psychologist, Founder Wellbeing and Inclusion Expert
  • The Future of Workplace Wellbeing
  • Male Allyship: From Words to Action
  • Black Mental Health: A Missing Conversation
Louis Weinstock New
Louis Weinstock Award Winning Social Entrepreneur | Author | Psychotherapist
  • Digital Technology and Mental Health
  • Designing Games for Good
  • Redefining Success
Lucy Faulks-Barnard New
Lucy Faulks-Barnard Mental Health and Resilience Expert
  • Boost your Resilience and Protect your Mental Wellbeing
  • Boost Resilience, Embrace Change and Thrive at Work
  • Wellbeing - How to Make it Matter
Manisha Tailor MBE New
Manisha Tailor MBE Author, Speaker, Educator
  • Aspirations (Overcoming Adversity)
  • Resilience
  • Anti-Racism
Martin Laschkolnig New
Martin Laschkolnig Serenity in Leadership - How to Thrive in Uncertain Times - Keynote Speaker, Trainer, Coach
  • Serenity in Leadership in Turbulent Times
  • Serenity in Times of Crisis
  • Moving Mountains Together
Natalie Costa New
Natalie Costa Parent Coach and Confidence Coach for Children
  • Navigating big emotions and building deeper connections with your child
  • Helping your child navigate worry and anxiety
  • Boosting your child’s motivation helping them develop a growth mindset
Owen O’Kane
Owen O’Kane Bestselling Author, Psychotherapist, Former NHS Clinical Lead
  • Managing Uncertainty
  • Coping With Change
  • Bouncing Back

Mental Health Speakers For Schools 

People across the world are becoming increasingly aware about the importance of mental health. In the UK, people across all walks of society find themselves struggling with mental health challenges. They could find themselves feeling depressed, anxious, stressed, and various other agitated states of being. It isn't just adults, but also children that are struggling with mental health issues.

When a child is growing up, it's one of the most confusing times of their lives. They're dealing with physical and hormonal changes in their bodies and how they perceive the world is changing as well. The teenage years are some of the most common times for people to start struggling with mental health challenges. Mental health guest speakers for schools helps build awareness about the importance of addressing mental health struggles among students. Teachers also learn how to better help students who are dealing with mental health issues. 

Why You Should Hire A Mental Health Speaker For Your School 

Gaining awareness on mental health challenges helps improve the wellbeing of students. It also helps students learn how to help other students who might be dealing with mental health challenges. 

This is how mental health speakers for schools UK can help your students lead happier and more productive lives: 

1. They Change Attitudes Surrounding Mental Health 

Mental health speakers for high schools, middle schools and even those addressing younger age groups, can help increase acceptance of mental health issues among students. They talk about the importance of lifestyle and how that contributes to mental health. Students are taught how to balance their studies with their hobbies and personal lives. They learn how to be more productive and why productivity is important for mental health. 

Mental health speakers talk about something students don't often think of - burning out. A specialist mental health speaker will be able to help your students learn why their mental health matters. They will promote healthy attitudes among students and try to make the school a more positive space for students. 

2. They Start The Conversation On Mental Health 

Often, students that are struggling with mental health conditions don't feel comfortable talking about them. They think their peers will treat them differently or that they simply don't want others to know. Some students might want to talk about their mental health struggles but not know where to go. 

Inviting mental health guest speakers for schools to your institution can help get the conversation on mental health started. The mental health speaker will help students learn all about the common mental struggles that students their age face. Students will also feel encouraged to share their experiences, which can in turn help them find solutions to the mental health challenges that they've been facing. 

3. They Help In Ending Stigmas Around Mental Health 

Mental health issues aren't seen in the same light as physical health challenges. There are still a large number of people who are uncomfortable talking about their mental health struggles. When students are exposed to talks on the importance of mental health from a young age, this increases acceptance of mental health issues. Such students are likely to grow up understanding that mental health is important and that mental health issues need to be dealt with, not ignored. 

They'll grow into adults who don't give in to the stigma surrounding mental health. This means that if they are dealing with mental health challenges like depression or anxiety, they are more likely to seek help instead of suffering in silence. Mental health speakers for high school are passionate about their subjects and can help create students that are informed about mental health. 

4. They Inspire Students 

Mental health is often not taken as seriously as it should be. As a result, students who find themselves demotivated and in an unhappy place in life, don't know how to overcome these challenged. A good mental health speaker can help students understand that no matter what kind of adversity they are dealing with in their lives, there are always ways to recover. 

Mental health speakers make serious topics around mental health accessible to students. Students are asked to engage with the speaker, which in turn helps improve their retention of the topic. Mental health speakers come with inspiring stories of people who've overcome their mental health challenges to achieve great things in life. This can in turn motivate your students to attempt the same. 

5. They Help Build A Happier School Environment 

From holding mental fitness workshops to teaching students the importance of taking care of their wellbeing, mental health speakers have an important duty. They are tasked with ensuring that the school they leave behind is a more positive place for all the students. They help students learn the importance of being happy and productive. 

They provide information on lifestyle changes that can help students improve their academic and extracurricular performance. Students learn that their school is a safe place for them, as far as dealing with mental health struggles is concerned. 

6. They Teach Students Important Coping Techniques 

It's important for students to understand how to deal with mental health challenges. Mental health guest speakers for schools provide students with essential tips and tricks on how to care for themselves better. This can be especially helpful for particularly vulnerable students who might be struggling in their lives. 

Students who grow up knowing how to take care of their mental health are more likely to grow into well adjusted adults. They understand that difficult times will come in their lives and they know how to protect their mental health during such times. Mental health speakers know the latest techniques on caring for and improving mental health and can teach that to the students. 

Who Are The Mental Health Speakers That You Should Hire 

Before you go searching for 'mental health speakers for schools near me', why not go through this list of some of the best mental health speakers for schools UK. You can consider: 

Dr. Claire Ashley 

Claire is a practicing GP as well as a clinical entrepreneur. She is well known for promoting wellbeing and helping people deal with burnout. With over thirty years of professional experience, Claire Ashley uses evidence based techniques to help people overcome mental health challenges. She aims to empower people by equipping them with the skills they need to recognize and care for various mental health issues.

She has given talks on burnout prevention and recovery, impostor syndrome, wellbeing and resilience and more. 

J. Grange 

  1. Grange is a musician, a public speaker and an advocate for neurodiversity. Early in his life, he found himself struggling with various mental health challenges. Over time, he established himself as a musician. J Grange using what he learnt from his personal experience, he goes to schools and colleges to talk about neurodiversity. 

In addition to this, he has given talks on diversity and inclusion, the strength in differences, and more. 

Lee Chambers 

Lee is an award winning psychologist and also the founder of Essentialise Workplace Wellbeing. Lee Chambers speaks about his journey from trauma to success and offers fresh perspectives on wellbeing as well as inclusivity. He has given talks on neuroinclusion, black mental health and more. 

Get In Touch With Mental Health Speakers For Schools 

Mental health speakers for schools can help you inspire your students and teach them valuable techniques on mental health management. Get in touch with our mental health speakers for schools to find out more about how they can motivate students to lead happier and more productive lives. From coping techniques to raising awareness on mental health, mental health speakers start important conversations that can uplift the lives of students. 

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