Holistic Health: Integrating Physical, Mental and Emotional Wellness

Good health encompasses more than just the absence of disease—it's about balance across body, mind, and spirit. Holistic health ensures overall well-being.

  • Release Date: 05 June 2024
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What do you think is good health?

Mostly, people consider not having any disease as a sign of good health. However, this thought lacks the comprehensive nature of wellness. Health and wellness are not only associated with the physical condition of your body. Instead, your body, mind and spirit should remain in an equilibrium for complete wellness. Technically, the term used for such a state is holistic health.

What is holistic health?

When you talk about holistic health, you take an individual as a whole system considering his body, mind and spirit. The term “holistic” here mainly refers to taking a natural approach to keeping your body, mind and spirit healthy and happy. Holistic health emphasizes lifestyle choices like exercise, diet, stress management and relaxation to get optimum wellness.

Any imbalance in the emotional, physical and spiritual health can affect your whole body. Thus, a holistic health approach focuses on treating the root cause of the problem rather than only managing the symptoms. Understanding the holistic health meaning is the first step in this journey.

Benefits of holistic health:

Embracing wellness in a physical, social, mental, emotional and spiritual way, while you are on a holistic health journey, gives you many benefits. Here are some to mention:

  • An active and healthy body with minimal physical discomfort
  • Feeling happy and contented in life
  • Falling ill less frequently due to a healthy body
  • Develop a natural healing capacity
  • Reduced stress and worries in life

Key aspects of holistic health and wellness:

Holistic health comprises five main aspects that together contribute to your overall health and wellness. If there is disruption in any of these aspects, it affects the complete person. If you manage to take care of all five aspects, you can be the happiest and healthier person.

These are:

Physical health

Physical health does not only talk about exercising. Of course, this is one part of this aspect but it’s not the complete one. Complete physical wellness is attained when you have a proper diet, adequate sleep and maintain good hygiene.

Emotional health:

Emotional health is measured with the fact that how you navigate your feelings. Are you able to identify and assess your feelings? Do you often share your feelings with others? Every person goes through an emotional rollercoaster but if you are able to identify, process and manage your feelings, your emotional ride is smooth.

Spiritual health:

Maintaining spiritual health is not about following a specific religion or belief system. spiritual health means knowing the purpose, direction and meaning of your life and being mindful of your actions and intentions.

Social health:

Social wellness refers to your ability to connect with people around and form positive relationships. Also, if you come across some negative people around or have weakened relations, you must be strong and capable of dealing with them appropriately. Life is an adventurous journey with many ups and downs. And when stress hits you, turning to your social networks for support and understanding gives you power. Of course, building all such networks takes time but it’s worth the effort.

Mental health

Mental health develops when you keep your mind engaged to get knowledge and learn new skills. Strengthening your mind keeps you inspired and prepares you to face challenges.

Holistic Healthcare

Holistic health practices: some tips

If you want to start your holistic health journey, you must take care of yourself in a holistic way. Look at all aspects mentioned above. Do things that make you feel good and that works for you. Here are some holistic health practices to start with:

Start yoga and meditation:

A good start for your day will be meditation. It’s a great way to clean your mind of all negative thoughts and connect with yourself. Meditation helps reduce stress and depression and enhances attention, memory and self-awareness. Though, initially, many irrelevant thoughts will cross your mind, as you practice you will learn to focus and concentrate.

Along with meditation, practicing deep breathing also keeps your mind calm and composed.

Indulge in a healthy diet:

You become what you eat! And that’s why healthy and nutritious food is an integral part of achieving holistic health. Eating healthy food not only keeps you disease-free and active but also elevates your mood and increases focus. Cut down on processed foods and add more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Be active:

Keeping your body active brings immense benefits for you. Regular exercising does not only make you physically fit but is also beneficial for the mind and spirit. Don’t overdo it. Start with 20-30 minutes a day. Also, being physically active doesn’t mean doing exercise only. You can keep yourself physically active through gardening, tai-chi, walking, swimming, hiking or playing some sports.

Listen to your body signals:

The greatest thing about the human body is that it always sends you signals for everything good and bad it is going through. You only need to listen and identify those signals. Mostly, the signals are in the physical form and responding to these issues proactively is an important part of a holistic health lifestyle.

Start socializing:

Try to build positive and supportive relations with friends and family. Spend time with people, express gratitude and appreciation, and actively support them. You can also indulge in some social activities with them like walking, being a part of a book club or simply a monthly kitty.

It would be further great to be a volunteer in some social cause as it will not only make you feel socially connected but socially responsible too.

Address emotional issues:

To keep yourself emotionally healthy, try to unpack your emotional baggage whenever it starts feeling heavy. Talk to your friends, family or loved ones. Discuss your issues. Maybe they can’t give you any solution but emotional support also works wonders in times of distress.

Further, getting involved in stress reduction methods or practicing mindfulness can also help you manage your daily stress and problems.

Take time for self-care:

Be it men or women, we all are busy with our day-to-day responsibilities and hardly get time for ourselves. Though it’s challenging to extract some time for yourself, doing so definitely works wonders. Be it calling an old friend, watching a movie, preparing your favorite meal or just a simple walk, giving time to yourself always makes you feel better and happy. Look for more self-care methods and see the results.

Holistic Health Meaning

Conclusion: Do take care of your holistic health

You need to be mindful and proactive when attaining holistic health. Taking care of your mind, body and soul holistically adds more happy years to your life.

All holistic healthcare practices are meant to enhance your health; however, seeking a medical professional’s advice is always advisable.

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