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Stuart Sandeman Breathwork Expert & Peak Performance Coach


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Stuart Sandeman 2024 Speech Titles Stuart Sandeman 2024 Speech Titles

  • ‘Breath Means Business’ – Corporate Workshop
  • Finding Peace in Productivity
  • Breathing to Overcome Stress and Anxiety
  • Healthy Habits in the Morning
  • The Art of Switching Off
  • Sleep
  • Gratitude
  • Resilience

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Stuart Sandeman is a breathing expert and peak performance coach. He delivers powerful coaching and breath sessions that break negative habits and beliefs. Stuart infuses neuroscience, psychology, coaching, movement, sound and meditation to harness your breathing system for better health and wellbeing.

Our online interactive workshops explore the science behind breathing and teaches you and your workforce how to use breathwork to navigate through this uncertain time.

Stuart will explain how to influence your immune system and hack your brain activity by changing the rhythm, rate and depth of your breath. You will learn about your personal breathing patterns and how this affects the way you feel, think, act, operate and perform. These sessions are about taking control of your state. You will learn breathwork techniques that help give you an energy boost, calm down in times of stress and increase focus and flow when working from home. Ben’s clients to date include Google, Nike, The Goop, Lululemon, Youtube, J.P. Morgan, Spotify.

Physical: Boost immunity, increased energy and productivity, improved respiratory capacity, better sleep.

Mental: Reduced stress & anxiety, improved focus and clarity, better decision making, elevated mood, improved team morale.

Emotional: Better emotional intelligence, a space for your team to share how they feel, unity, sense of community and connection.


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