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Swan Sit Former Global Head of Digital Marketing for Nike, Revlon, and Estée Lauder | Operating Partner AF Ventures | Leading Voice on Clubhouse


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Swan Sit  2024 Speech Titles Swan Sit 2024 Speech Titles

  • Branding Secrets Every Entrepreneur & Marketer Should Know
  • Community-Driven Innovation: Shaping the Future of Product
  • Unlocking the Power of Communities: Strategy, Engagement, and Growth
  • Master of Narrative: Crafting Authentic Brand Stories for Modern Audiences
  • Lessons from the Past, Insights for the Future: Innovating the Marketing Landscape

Swan Sit's Biography

Swan is a contemporary operator sitting at the intersection of corporate economics, digital transformation, and consumer attention. She equally understands the left- and right-brain skills required for a marketer that drives financial impact in the digital world.

Swan has led teams focused on digital transformation in her roles as Head of Digital Marketing at Nike, Revlon, and Estée Lauder. Swan held two key roles as a VP at Nike — overseeing Global Digital Marketing during the Emmy-winning “Dream Crazy” campaign featuring Colin Kaepernick, and running Digital Operations, Product, Supply Chain and Service for a $2B NA ecommerce business. She led digital at Revlon and Elizabeth Arden, and ran online strategy for the Estée Lauder Companies, increasing its digital footprint to 400+ sites across 50 countries in 5 years. From modernizing hundred-year-old brands and partnering with unexpected influencers like Chelsea Handler, Iris Apfel and Gigi Gorgeous, to launching augmented reality makeovers and driving double-digit growth. She was selected as a Brand Innovators 40 under 40 and Marketing Woman to Watch, and took home both Best Social Campaign and Best in Show at the Glossy Awards.

Currently Swan serves as Independent Board Director at publicly traded companies Edgewell (NYSE: EPC) and Novabay (NYSE: NBY) in addition to her role as Operating Partner at AF Ventures and their recently launched SPAC (NASDAQ: AFAQ). She’s the Vice President of Marketing at Ani Energy, a new energy drink company launched by TikTok stars Josh Richards and Bryce Hall.

Prior to her career as a corporate executive, Swan was a management consultant at Bain, owned an ad agency focused on emotional branding, and was a product manager at Newell. Swan graduated with a BA in Economics from Harvard and an MBA from Columbia.

Swan’s leveraging her breadth of professional experience to advise her +3MM followers on the Clubhouse platform and consulting the companies and leaders of tomorrow.

Swan has done speaking engagements around the world. She’s advised a variety of businesses and has sat on the boards of industry and philanthropic organizations including AdWeek’s Diversity and Inclusion Council, L2 Digital Think Tank, Women in Retail, Consumer Goods Technology Council, Impact Network, Foundation Rwanda and Worldview’s space think tank. Having traveled to 87+ countries and counting, her favorites include Antarctica, North Korea, Mongolia, Rwanda, Bhutan, Myanmar and Tanzania for Kilimanjaro. She can often be found smashing a volleyball and chasing restaurant openings, or flying around on skis and horses – her two newest hobbies.

Keynote Titles in Detail

Branding Secrets Every Entrepreneur & Marketer Should KnowWhile leading digital marketing efforts globally for Fortune 500 companies like Estée Lauder, Revlon, and Nike Swan created memorable campaigns to change the way consumers feel about brands, and interact with them. Evoking emotion to drive attention, Swan championed bold ideas including unexpected spokespeople like Colin Kaepernick for Nike or Gigi Gorgeous for Revlon, innovative technology, and pushing representation boundaries. In this presentation, Swan shares lessons from her work, and how entrepreneurs can take advantage of the same ideas to grow their own brands and businesses. 

Community-Driven Innovation: Shaping the Future of Product

In this engaging presentation, Swan explores the profound shift for companies towards a community-centric approach to product and marketing. Delve into the evolving landscape where customer voices, reviews, content, and collaboration hold unprecedented influence over consumer choices, and discover how the best brands not only listen but actively respond. Gain valuable insights into how vibrant communities are driving product design, and learn to harness the collective power of your audience to shape the products of tomorrow. Explore the delicate balance between consumer influence and brand vision, and acquire the skills needed to navigate this dynamic terrain and maintain a positioat the forefront of innovation.Unlocking the Power of Communities: Strategy, Engagement, and GrowthSwan examines the essence of communities by addressing essential questions: What is a community, do I need one, and how do you build one? She unveils the critical foundation of thriving communities, defined by the convergence of common purpose and consistent interaction. Gain actionable strategies and insights into the expert design and utilization of these pillars, transforming your brand or organization’s community into a passionate and engaged ecosystem, transcending the traditional customer cohort. Master the art of fostering authentic connections, nurturing meaningful interactions, and harnessing the potential for exponential growth through the transformative power of community.

Master of Narrative: Crafting Authentic Brand Stories for Modern Audiences A seasoned expert with decades of experience in the competitive world of CPG brands, Swan unravels the art of storytelling and how brands can excel in it. With a legacy of creating “compelling emotional responses,” Swan will take you on a journey through the evolution of brand storytelling, where it has transitioned from a unique advantage to table stakes in today’s marketing landscape. Discover the essential elements that constitute a captivating brand story, drawing insights from Swan’s involvement in iconic campaigns such as Nike’s “Dream Crazy” and the enchanting “Desk of Liz Arden.” Swan will dissect the strategies behind these successes and provide valuable lessons on creating stories that resonate with modern audiences. Whether you’re an established brand or a rising star, Swan’s expertise will empower you to craft authentic narratives that leave a lasting impact on your customers and set your brand apart in today’s crowded marketplace.

Lessons from the Past, Insights for the Future: Innovating the Marketing LandscapeDive deep into the ever-evolving world of marketing, innovation, and the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence. As innovative platforms, mediums, and technologies continue to reshape the way brands engage with their audiences, it’s crucial to explore the lessons learned from successful campaigns of the past and adapt them to the contemporary marketing landscape. In this presentation, Swan offers practical insights on how brands, regardless of their size, can craft agile and relevant strategies, aimed at an audience of one through these new AI tools. Explore the intersection of AI and marketing, uncovering the strategies that drive success in today’s dynamic environment. Swan’s expertise will empower you to harness the full potential of innovation, allowing your brand to thrive in an era of constant change and technological advancement.  

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