10 Tips To Hold A Successful Online Event

Success knows no bounds—events thrive both online and offline. Harness technology for global reach in professional speaking events.

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  • Release Date: 27 December 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
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Successful events can take place online or offline. Technological advances have now made it possible for people to hold professional speaking events online. These events can be accessed by people from all across the world. The best online event platforms allow for hundreds of audience members to be present for a single talk.

But for your online event to be successful, there's a certain degree of strategy and preparation that goes into making it happen. There are things that you can do to give your audience members a memorable experience. So how can you host the perfect online event? Here are ten tips on how to make your next online event a super successful one:

1) List Out Your Objectives 

The first question to think on is what you hope to gain from the event. Do you want your audience members to go out with a thorough understanding of your topic? Identify what your objectives are. Then, build the event to meet those goals. You could be building a community that understands your topic of expertise. You could also be trying to build awareness. When you know what your objectives are, you can then work on creating key performance indicators that help you understand if your objectives were met.

2) Talk To The Team 

You may have already gone through examples of online events. For an online event to be successful, all the stakeholders of the event should be happy at the end of the talk. Identify who all will be a part of your event. Also consider what their responsibilities will be. You'll need to coordinate with your team regularly, to ensure that the event proceeds smoothly for the guests.

3) Check The Tech 

There are several tools that you can use to host your event. From Google Meet to Zoom, even YouTube can be used to host your event. Remember that user experiences are the most important here, so choose tech that would be easy for your audience to use.

Think also whether you want your talk to be a live broadcast or a virtual show. Pick tools that help you meet your needs.

4) Selecting The Right Date 

Successful virtual events  don't just happen randomly. They are planned out, right down to the date of the event. Think about when your audience will likely be free. Take for example, a case where you're giving a tech talk. Don't schedule your talk around a conflicting event, as you'll get fewer audience members. Avoid times when people are likely on vacation as well.

5) Prepare Your Talk 

Examples Of Online Events

Speaker Agency can provide access to various speakers who excel at giving online talks. Look through the virtual keynote speakers at Speaker Agency to find the best speaker for your next event.

For speakers, preparing your speech ahead of time can help ensure that you know exactly what to say, and when to say it.

6) Creating Your Program 

If you're wondering how to run a successful online event, then you're in the right place. When you create a great program, this can make a huge difference. You'll need to create a structure for your program, which includes keynotes, talks and even breaks. Breaks are important to plan for, since it gives people the time to take a break from sitting in front of a screen.

7) Sponsor Partnerships 

Through your event, leave room for sponsor partnerships. These opportunities allow your sponsors to display their ads on virtual screen or your website. Only add messages from the sponsors occasionally, and don't try to add them every chance you get. Think about the audience as well, and don't inundate them with ads.

8) Your Marketing Plan 

Even before you host your event, you'll need to market it. You could create emails that detail what's important about your event, as well as why people would want to attend your talk. Create social media content and share them on platforms like Facebook, Instagram and X.

9) PR and Publicity 

Successful Events

When you're planning a successful event, you'll have to think about publicity as well. Look at examples of online events, as well as how they publicized their events. Ask team members and speakers to be ready to build buzz about the event, before it happens. After your event, consider sending clips of the event to the news and press. They might in turn share your clips or write a press article about your event.

10) Selling Tickets 

You'll need to ensure that the event page is live on the website, and that it's easy for people to buy your tickets to your event through the event page. Add multiple CTAs around your event page so that people are reminded to buy tickets. Ensure that you add links to buying tickets to your social media marketing as well as email marketing efforts.


Promote the Event on Social Media: Be active on social media before and during the event. Encourage participants to post about the event.

Collect Feedback: Collect feedback from participants after the event. Use this feedback to improve future events.

Accessibility and Inclusion: Ensure that the event has a variety of language options and accessibility features. Facilitate the participation of people from different geographies and abilities.

Post-event Content Sharing: Share recordings or summaries of conversations with participants after the event. This ensures that the event content has a longer lasting value.

Provide Networking Opportunities: Create virtual networking opportunities where attendees can interact with each other and the speakers.

Emphasize Visual and Technical Quality: Ensure that the visual and technical quality of the event is high. A professional look and a smooth technical experience will help attendees remember the event positively.


Hosting a successful virtual event is easier than you think. By following the tips in this guide, you'll be able to do everything from setting up your event landing page to ensuring that tickets get sold. Get in touch with Speaker Agency to learn more about hosting online events, as well as to get in touch with some of the best speakers in the UK.

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