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Bianca Lopes 2024 Speech Titles Bianca Lopes 2024 Speech Titles

  • Identity
  • Beyond Labs: Growing Innovation Culture
  • Innovation ROI: Maximizing Learning, Experimentation, Growth & Failure
  • Humanizing Tech: Data, Identity, and Security

Bianca Lopes's Biography

Bianca Lopes  is a serial entrepreneur, investor, and identity expert devoted to driving meaningful impact through technology and regulation.  Globally recognized as a daring strategist, sustainability and tech-focused entrepreneur, finance corporate innovator and natural professional communicator, Bianca has led Bianca has worked on some of the most significant global identity projects transforming how data unlocks financial and social value. 


A native Brazilian, proud Canadian and current Danish citizen, Bianca is truly interested in how we rebuild finance on the equitable foundations of digital identity, ethics and blockchain.

As an inherently curious human, Bianca has worked in a breadth of industries, from her humble beginnings as an immigrant to Canada, running a painting business to pay for her economics degree to selling her first SaaS business before graduation. 

Bianca is committed to self-discovery and evolution. She believes every day is truly a chance to show up differently. 

Keynote Title in Detail


Metaverses to wallets, in a reputation economy how will our many identities converge? Whose credentials will build the trust network? What currencies will hold value in a world with so many versions of the truth? 

We have come together as the finance industry faces an identity crisis.  A time when its social license to operate is being questioned. 

In this talk, we will be setting forth on a journey to understand how the current identity and regulatory landscape is a chance to leverage data assets to build an equitable open future. 

We will dig into how identity can be leveraged as a key value creation strategy by sharing key concrete use cases in Web3 and beyond.  And to understand the long term impact of this mindset shift, we will explore how sustainability processes should start with identity to foster a new data order.  From carbon credits to CBDC, we will discover how to see identity beyond KYC or disconnected attributes for the true powerful foundation it is. 

 Beyond Labs: Growing Innovation Culture

Innovation is a journey, not a destination. The ways we work inside and outside the organization are changing, 56% of global banking executives surveyed say that fintech-bank collaboration in sandboxes will become mainstream by 2025. Is your organization set up to harness real value from this process? Innovation cannot be a silo, left for a CIO or Head of Innovation to “figure out”. This talk is for executives across the organization to break down what innovation looks like across industries, and how to move from silos to an integrated innovation culture. We will discuss these value shifts and provide examples of structures and processes that have proven to bring teams together to learn, experiment, and design innovative solutions for the business and ultimately customers. 


Innovation ROI: Maximizing learning, experimentation, growth & failure

Across industries today we see huge investment in new technology widgets as executives prepare for expensive POCs to redesign legacy IT systems. But who is looking at the human systems across the organization? How can we design a people-first transformation strategy? People are just as complex as the latest tech gadget, if not more. And we know complex problems don’t have clean blanket solutions, they take experimenting, learning, and failure along the way. A strong culture of learning is vital as teams start this journey. This talk helps you understand the lessons learned from organizations that have walked this path and are building strong cultures by prototyping processes and structures that challenge conventional corporate structures. We believe organizations have the resiliency to evolve for the next decade and are excited to support you to test new ways of communicating, learning, and experimenting. 


Humanizing Tech: Data, Identity, and Security

Identity has changed, attributes are dynamic, data is contextual and long gone are the days that identification is as simple as a name or credit bureau check. New data processes and legislation are shaping the way people, companies, and governments are interacting and exchanging information. Technological solutions are empowering customers and are redefining responsibilities and ownership. The way people manage their data and understand privacy is evolving. The debate around this keynote is on how we can build a safe environment considering all these influencing factors. We will discuss the ability regulators have to standardize processes and guarantee data traceability. We will dig into ethical questions, from the right to privacy to the impact over the market as our data is now a commodity. We want to explore this at the local and global levels so that we can understand where we are heading and question if this is really where we want to go.

Bianca Lopes is ready to inspire your teams!
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