Green Waves: Tune Into These 8 Climate Action Podcasts

Podcasts offer a personal touch, fostering connections and delivering valuable information effectively. They're particularly impactful in areas like climate action, resonating with audiences concerned about global weather shifts.

  • Release Date: 27 March 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
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Podcasts are a way for speakers and their organizations to connect with listeners and provide them with valuable and engaging information in a detailed way. There's an element of human touch in podcasts, as listeners can empathize and relate with the podcasters' voice modulations, humor, and message. Due to this personal connection, podcasts are influential in helping listeners make informed decisions about a service, issue, or cause.

One area where podcasts have proven to be highly effective is climate action. Given the drastic changes in weather patterns worldwide, the logic and reasoning behind these changes resonate well with audiences.

However, as with any content, not all podcasts are created the same. Below are eight climate change podcasts that can provide accurate information for you. Moreover, these podcasts break down complex arguments and reasoning into easily understandable bits of information that can help you better understand climate change, its potential impact, and what you can do to mitigate its effects.

1 - The Climate Question

The Climate Question from BBC World Service is one of the best climate change podcasts about how everyone can save the planet. Each episode is about 30 minutes long and focuses on a single topic related to climate change.

Hosted by top-class journalists the world over, this climate change podcast questions why the world cannot stop climate change and the best ways to approach this issue. These episodes have hard-hitting, analytical, and intelligent questions that make the listeners ponder this issue and take meaningful action.

Though these episodes are rooted in facts and numbers, they are anything but boring. The Climate Question podcast brings forth stories from around the world - from Kenya to Greenland. It also dwells on everything in this space, from lawsuits to live music.

Overall, there's something in these podcasts for everyone interested in climate change.

2 - Outrage + Optimism

The title sums up most people's emotions when they think of climate change. While there's a sense of outrage at bringing the planet down to its knees, there's also a sense of optimism as this could be the last generation to do something about it. These mixed and even opposing emotions are captured succinctly in these podcasts.

This climate change podcast is hosted by Christiana Figueres, the former head of the United Nations's climate agency, Tom Rivett-Carnac, a former political strategist for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and Paul Dickinson, the founder of a non-profit organization called the Carbon Disclosure Project.

The trio discusses a wide range of climate change issues and hosts many prominent guests to make sense of what the future holds.

Climate Change Podcasts

3 - Drilled

Drilled is an exciting climate change podcast series that discusses climate change as a crime story and how the stakeholders involved are critical players in this plot. Hosted by Amy Westervelt, a prominent investigative journalist, this podcast is a bold attempt to establish accountability. Though the topics primarily focus on North America, they also cover topics from countries like Australia and India.

Taking a criminal approach to podcasts creates an exciting and insightful listening experience.

4 - For What It's Earth

For What It's Earth is an exciting climate change podcast that aims to make climate change less overwhelming for listeners. It creates bite-sized information about the environment, climate change, and sustainability to help listeners understand what's going on and how they can respond.

It is hosted by Emma Brisdion, a climate activist, and Lloyd Hopkins, a Ph.D. student, who come together to offer different perspectives on this issue.

5 - Outside/In

Outside/In is a free radio show and podcast that talks about nature and satiates the curiosity of listeners who need an in-depth understanding of nature and its mysteries. The award-winning environmental reporter Nate Hegyi hosts a popular series of Outside/In on climate change.

What makes this one of the best climate change podcasts is that it dwells on the complex relationship between nature and humans, naturally propelling listeners to protect their world.

6 - Cleaning Up

Cleaning Up is one of the motivating podcasts about climate change, as it combines expertise and facts to present the exact state of affairs. In each of these weekly episodes, the host, Michael Liebreich, interacts with a leader in mobility, climate change, and clean energy. These conversations are inspiring, as they bring out the challenges that go into transforming the smallest of things while retaining the necessity of fighting these challenges.

Supported by the Capricorn Investment Group, Cleaning Up is rich in information without sounding boring.

7 - The Climate Pod

The Climate Pod is a weekly conversation on environmental and climate change. It brings together different facets of climate change, including politics, economics, culture, science, and social justice. The tone is witty and informative, making for a thought-provoking listening experience without feeling overwhelmed by the facts.

It is hosted by Brock Benefiel and Ty Benefiel, the passionate brothers about climate change and sustainability.

8 - How to Save a Planet

Produced by Gimlet Media, this podcast takes a different approach to tackling climate change. Instead of feeling doomed and hopeless after listening to every event and action accelerating climate change, the information presented in these episodes makes you feel energized and positive.

Hosted by Alex Blumberg of NPR's "Planet Money," these podcasts about climate change showcase inspiring stories and actionable information on what each listener can do to bring down their impact on the climate.

Despite being popular, these episodes ended in 2022, but you can still listen to them, especially when you feel down and upset about climate change.

These interesting climate change podcasts can provide information, actionable insights, and an accurate picture of what's happening in the background.

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