Ambarish Mitra

Ambarish Mitra Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of Blippar and co-Founder of Greyparrot


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Ambarish Mitra 2024 Speech Titles Ambarish Mitra 2024 Speech Titles

  • An Augmented Future - What's Next for Augmented Reality?
  • How Are AR & AI Technologies Impacting Our Lives Today?
  • Is The Augmented Reality Hype Already Over? What Is Next For AR?
  • The 90 Billion Dollar Industry: How Will AR Impact Brands & Agencies?
  • How Augmented Reality Will Change The Landscape For Retail, Marketing, Education, Entreprise & Healthcare
  • Achieving UN Sustainable Goals Can Be Expedited With AI
  • How AI is Needed to Support The Human to Make The World a Better Place by 2050
  • The Augmented Human: Food, Genetics, AI And Mind
  • Entrepreneurship - Building a Company In a Nascent/Emerging Industry
  • His Entrepreneurship Journey

Ambarish Mitra's Biography 

Ambarish Mitra is an acclaimed serial entrepreneur and investor, renowned for his achievements in Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, and Augmented Reality. In 2016, he was honored as UK's Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young and appointed as an Ambassador for the GREAT Britain Campaign. He has also been recognized as a Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum and a WEF Technology Pioneer in 2021, highlighting his innovative thinking and global impact.

With his latest venture, Greyparrot, Ambarish envisions a future where every single piece of waste is recognized as a valuable resource. This mission underpins his unwavering dedication to sustainability and environmental stewardship. Thanks to Ambarish’s previous expertise and deep understanding of the Artificial Intelligence domain, Greyparrot has been able to accelerate to the forefront of waste analytics innovation and intelligence.

Ambarish is also one of the early pioneers of Augmented Reality. In 2010 he envisioned it’s potential and co-founded Blippar, a groundbreaking company in the field of Augmented Reality and AI. CNBC has acknowledged Blippar as one of the most disruptive companies in the world for three consecutive years, underscoring Ambarish's nous to revolutionise industries and push boundaries.

Ambarish Mitra's impressive track record and commitment to innovation has left a lasting impact on the business landscape. His thought-provoking keynote speeches at prestigious events like TEDTalks, Harvard Business School, the World Economic Forum, Web Summit, Mobile World Congress and CODE inspire entrepreneurs worldwide.

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