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Dr. DION Terrelonge CPsychol Fashion Psychologist, Researcher, Consultant


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Dr. DION Terrelonge CPsychol 2024 Speech Titles Dr. DION Terrelonge CPsychol 2024 Speech Titles

  • Dressing for success: Is there any science in it?
  • Personal style and wellbeing
  • Towards a circular economy: Psychological barriers and ways forward
  • I buy therefore I am: Human's need to consume
  • The power of clothing
  • Wellbeing today

Dr. Dion Terrelonge CPsychol's Biography

Dion is a Doctor of Psychology who practices in the dual fields of educational psychology and fashion psychology, having lectured in the latter at UAL London College of Fashion. She is an advocate of sustainability and circular fashion and seeks to share psychological insight regarding our relationships with clothing and consumerism so that consumers may better understand their behaviours and make educated and enlightened changes and choices.

Dion has given numerous fashion psychology related talks including at the Sustainable Fashion Forum conference, Freud museum, for companies including Next Plc. and Unilever, as well as providing comment for media outlets including BBC Radio, RTÉ, Vogue, Elle, Stylist magazine, and The Independent to name but a few. 

Dion has worked as a chartered psychologist for over 7 seven years and worked in the field of child and adolescent mental health previously, focussing on outcomes research. While completing her professional doctorate in psychology, Dion identified a gap in the field of psychology, noting that while psychologists attended to inside worlds, little consideration or support was given in managing and negotiating external presentations and the impact these can have on our wellbeing.

She subsequently completed an advanced diploma in personal styling with the London College of Style and went on to work part time as a Stylist for one of the largest personal styling teams in London before setting up her own psychologically informed consultancy. 

Dion is currently conducting research on the link between personal dressing practices and mood, which will be published in a peer reviewed journal, having previously been published in leading psychological journals. 

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