How to Choose the Right Speaker for Your Event

Imagine yourself standing in a room, filled with eager faces and expectant eyes, waiting to be enlightened, inspired, or entertained. The success of your event hinges on a single crucial decision: the right speaker selection.

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  • Release Date: 17 July 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
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Imagine yourself standing in a room, filled with eager faces and expectant eyes, waiting to be enlightened, inspired, or entertained. The success of your event hinges on a single crucial decision: the right speaker selection. 

Like a conductor leading an orchestra, a speaker has the power to captivate, educate, and leave a lasting impact on your audience. But amidst a sea of options, how do you navigate the vast landscape of speakers to find the perfect speaker that will make your event planning an unforgettable experience? 

In this guide, we will unravel the secrets to choosing the ideal speaker, ensuring that your event resonates with brilliance and leaves a profound impression on everyone in attendance.

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5 Tips to Choose the Right Speaker for Your Event

Here are the 5 tips to choose the right speaker for your event and make it a success:

Identifying the needs of your audience

Let’s say you're planning an event, maybe it's a conference or a seminar. You know you want it to be a hit, something that really resonates with the people attending. 

But here's the thing: every person in that audience has different needs and interests. Some might be looking for practical tips they can implement in their work, like how to boost their productivity or improve their marketing strategies. 

Others might be seeking inspiration, hungry for stories of triumph and perseverance that will ignite their own passions. And then there are those who are eager to stay ahead of the game, craving insights into the latest trends and technologies that are shaping their industry. 

Hence, when you take the time to identify the specific needs of audience engagement, you can find a speaker who will hit the right chords. This is someone who will not only educate and entertain but leave a lasting impact on each individual. 

Understanding the purpose of the event

Whether it's a corporate gathering, a charity fundraiser, or a community celebration, one thing is clear: every event has a purpose. It's like the North Star that guides your planning and decision-making. 

Are you aiming to educate and inform your attendees about a specific topic? Or maybe you want to motivate and inspire them to take action? Understanding the purpose of your event is like unlocking a treasure trove of possibilities. 

It helps you navigate the vast sea of speakers out there and find the one who can align with your event's goals and deliver a memorable experience. 

Also, it would be great to initiative marketing initiatives that can help build momentum and generate excitement. Consider conducting pre-event interviews with the speaker, publishing insightful blogs, sharing engaging tweets, and releasing captivating video teasers.

After all, you want your audience to leave feeling empowered, enlightened, or perhaps even entertained. So, dive deep into the heart of your event's purpose and let it guide you to the perfect speaker who can bring your vision to life.

Researching potential speakers and their expertise

The one who can leave a lasting impact on your audience and make your event shine is a perfect speaker. The first step? Research. It's like going on a quest to uncover hidden gems. Start by diving into the vast ocean of potential speakers out there. 

Look for individuals who have expertise and experience relevant to your event's theme or topic. Maybe you're hosting a technology conference and need someone who's on the cutting edge of innovation. 

Or perhaps you're organizing a healthcare summit and require a speaker who's well-versed in the latest advancements and challenges in the industry. Dig deep, scour websites, read articles, watch videos—gather as much information as you can about these potential speakers. 

It's like peering into a treasure chest and examining each sparkling jewel to see which one will truly resonate with your audience. Remember, research is your trusty compass, guiding you towards the speaker who will captivate, educate, and inspire your attendees.

Evaluating the speaker's communication skills and engagement style

This is something you can't afford to overlook: their communication skills and engagement style. Think about it. You want someone who can truly connect with your audience, right? Someone who can capture their attention, keep them on the edge of their seats, and make them feel like an active part of the experience. 

So, how do you evaluate this? Look for speakers who can tell captivating stories, who can take complex ideas and explain them in a way that everyone can understand. Consider their ability to engage the audience through humor, personal anecdotes, or interactive elements. 

Are they dynamic and energetic, or more laid-back and conversational? You want to find that perfect balance that matches your event's vibe and the preferences of your audience. It's like finding a skilled storyteller who can weave a spellbinding tale and make your event an unforgettable journey for everyone involved. Trust your instincts, observe past performances, and imagine how the speaker's style will resonate with your audience. 

Ensuring the speaker's credibility and reputation

Credibility and reputation are like the foundation of a sturdy building. You want someone who not only has the knowledge and expertise but also carries a trustworthy reputation. So, how do you ensure this? Start by doing your homework. 

Take a peek into their professional background and accomplishments. Have they spoken at reputable events or worked with well-known organizations? Look for any testimonials or feedback from past attendees of event organizers. 

These little nuggets of information can be like breadcrumbs that lead you to the truth about a speaker's credibility. You can also check out their online presence. 

  • Do they have a strong following?
  • Are they respected in their field? 

This can be a good indicator of their reputation. Remember, credibility is like the glue that holds everything together, giving your audience the confidence that they're listening to someone truly knowledgeable and respected.

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Some questions to ask yourself before conducting a speaker search

Before conducting a speaker search for your event, here are some important questions to ask yourself:

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  • What is the purpose of the event? 
  • Who is the target audience? 
  • What is the budget for the speaker? 
  • What is the event's theme or topic? 
  • What are your expectations for the speaker? 
  • Are there any specific requirements or preferences?

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right speaker for your event can feel like embarking on a thrilling adventure. 

Remember, the right speaker has the power to captivate, educate, and inspire, leaving a lasting impact on your attendees. 

So trust your instincts, do your due diligence, and let your event shine with a speaker who will make it an unforgettable experience. Whether it's a captivating storyteller or a knowledgeable expert, the right speaker will bring your event to life.


Why is choosing the right speaker important for an event?

Choosing the right speaker for an event is crucial because a speaker can make or break the overall success of an event. They have the power to captivate the audience, inspire them, and deliver a memorable experience. A well-chosen speaker can elevate the event, leaving a lasting impact on attendees and creating a positive impression of the organizer or host.

Who would be a good guest speaker?

Caspar Craven, Felicity Aston, and Alexandra Adams are all notable individuals who could make excellent guest speakers, each bringing their own unique expertise and experiences to the table.

What are some criteria for evaluating a speaker's credibility?

When evaluating a speaker's credibility, there are several criteria to consider:

  • Expertise and Knowledge: Assess the speaker's level of expertise and knowledge in their field. Look into their background, education, professional experience, and any relevant certifications or achievements. 
  • Relevance and Experience: Consider the speaker's relevance to your event's theme or topic. Have they spoken at similar events or to similar audiences in the past?
  • Testimonials and Reviews: Seek out testimonials or reviews from previous clients or event organizers who have worked with the speaker. 
  • Industry Recognition: Look for any industry recognition or accolades the speaker has received. This can include awards, nominations, or being featured in reputable publications. 
  • Online Presence: Evaluate the speaker's online presence, including their website, social media profiles, and online content. A strong and professional online presence can suggest a speaker's credibility and engagement with their audience.
  • Professional Associations: Check if the speaker is affiliated with any professional associations or organizations related to their field. 

How can I negotiate with a speaker on their fees?

When it comes to negotiating speaker fees, open and honest communication is key. Start by expressing your enthusiasm for having the speaker at your event and explaining the value they would bring to the audience. Share your budget constraints and kindly inquire if there is any flexibility in their fees.

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