How to Run a Successful Christmas Campaign?

Boost brand awareness, target customers with holiday editions, and stay ahead in the competitive market.

  • Release Date: 28 December 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency

When all the stores are decked up in Christmas decorations and year-end sales abound, you know it's time for you to plan your Christmas campaign. Running an effective Christmas campaign is important for many reasons. It's a good way to increase your brand awareness during the holiday season and target customers with a Christmas edition of your products and services. As competition grows higher in the market, it is pertinent that we know how to stand out. 'Tis the season for us to analyze and prepare to launch the best Christmas campaigns. 

Do's and Don'ts of running the Best Christmas campaigns

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When it comes to attracting customers during the holiday season, make sure you run a multichannel campaign that consistently communicates your message. You can decide which channels you want to focus on including television, social media, website, e-mail, text messaging, in-store and offline channels like hoardings. A common mistake is thinking Christmas campaigns are launched during early December. Christmas campaigns typically run for a 12-day period from Christmas to the first week of January. 

You would ideally spend the weeks before Christmas planning all your campaign elements. This includes finalizing seasonal offers and discounts you will offer to beat your competitors. The Holiday-themed range of products or services you'll offer should be ready for launch. The social media calendar for rolling out the campaign should also be prepared. Preparing a digital advent calendar is also in your best interests.

Best Christmas ad campaigns of 2023

Let's look at the best Christmas campaigns of the year to review what's trending. 


This year, Coca-Cola is championing their "The World Needs More Santas" campaign with the sweetest commercial that shows kindness costs nothing. They hope to inspire the joy of compassion during the season of giving. 


Disney is known for its rich animated ads every year that focus on spending Christmas with our loved ones. This year, they released the animated short "A Wish For The Holidays" in the theme of their movie Wish (2023). In it, we see people around the globe from different ethnicities united by the Christmas spirit. 

John Lewis 

To signify changing times and notions, John Lewis released a strange but meaningful commercial where a child grows attached to a carnivorous Christmas tree. In the end, the adults replace the regular tree in their house with this one to show them embracing new traditions.

Lidl GB 

Supermarket chain Lidl GB launched their "Magical Christmas with Lidl" campaign to rekindle everyone's inner children by focusing on our love for toys and furry friends. They are accepting toys as donations to bring Santa closer to kids this December. 

Christmas campaign ideas 

We've prepared a list of areas you should focus on to ensure your Christmas campaign brings you the best results. 

Christmas Campaign

- Double down on SEO and PPC

The SEO landscape will differ during the Holiday season and you need to ensure you're targeting the right consumers. So spend some extra effort going over your SEO strategies to increase PPC revenue. 

- Social media takeovers

Your social media pages should undergo a Holiday makeover and publish Christmas-themed contents. Make sure you're promoting your products along with gifting ideas, DIY inspiration or holiday recipes.

- Trials and samples 

Offering trial versions and free samples of your products are good ways to increase buzz for your business in holiday season. You can also offer free shipping, returns and one-day deliveries. 

- User-generated contents 

The most inexpensive promotion method is to invite reviews and testimonials from your customers during Christmas. They can share videos and accounts of them using your product or service. 

- Personalized recs 

Keep in mind that even your niche audience will have various tastes, so you should offer personalized recommendations for shopping. Etsy and Macy's gift finders are a good example. Create holiday listicles that offer last-minute gifting ideas for a wide range of audiences. 

- Giveaways & games 

Conducting Christmas giveaways on your page is a surefire way to increase visibility for your campaign. You can also host games like quizzes for customers who are part of your loyalty programs. 

- Livestreaming 

Inviting an influencer or celebrity for Christmas celebrations and livestreaming it on YouTube will increase real-time engagement with your users. You can also promote exclusive 24-hour deals on your livestream.

- Collaborations 

Collaborating with other brands and paid partnerships are great ways to reach a wider audience during Christmas. For instance, you could be a fashion brand partnering up with a charity for helping underprivileged kids during holiday season. 

Most memorable Social Media Christmas campaigns

Christmas Ad Campaigns

We picked some of the most iconic Christmas campaigns from recent times to inspire you to create something that is uniquely yours. 


To build the most playful Christmas campaign ever, Lego invited kids to come up with ideas for their campaign. Fun and togetherness were at the heart of this campaign as young minds took over social media to revamp the spirit of Christmas to target the new generation. 


Santa Tracker is a microsite set up by Google that is redesigned every year to target users from Google services and engage them in Christmas-themed games. Finding Santa, Penguin Dash, Snowball Storm and Santa Selfie are some of the featured games. 


To promote Christmas in an eco-friendly way, IKEA launched a campaign in 2020 to reduce the food waste generated by the holiday season. They used digital marketing to raise awareness on the sustainable consumption and celebration of Christmas. 


Every year, Burberry puts out creative campaigns that combine the festive spirit with winter fashion. Their social media handles will be alive with cozy fashion ideas and Gifts for Her or Him. One of their older campaigns is still remembered for its peppy dance moves and upbeat tunes that show dancers sporting the latest collections. 

Re-engage UK 

The non-profit organization Re-engage released a powerful campaign in 2020 to highlight the increasing loneliness among elder people during Christmas. They aimed to show the joy of friendship can change the lives of those who spend Christmas alone. 


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