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Boost Team Unity: Fun and Creative Team Building Activities for Work Success

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  • Release Date: 30 October 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
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People work in teams or groups in organizations. A team can have people from diverse backgrounds working together to achieve the organization’s goals. It is important that team members understand each other, bond well, and can work harmoniously. To promote team bonding, organizations conduct creative team building activities.

Team building involves fun team bonding events conducted by in-house personnel or external persons. The idea behind team building is to bring people together, so they get to know each other better. Team building activities need to have a fun element to make people participate enthusiastically. This is why organizations frequently have team building fun games for their employees.

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Team Building Fun Activities

Different team building activities for work are available. Depending on your goal, you can choose the activity to conduct. For example, some activities focus on communication while others concentrate on coordination. Depending on your team’s need you can choose the team building fun games you want to organize.

A few things to keep in mind while considering team building activities ideas:

  • In small organizations, the entire workforce can be involved in the work games for team building. For larger organizations, the activities can be done separately for different teams.
  • The activity chosen must have a goal or objective. There can be a brief discussion after the activity is completed on what the team members learned.
  • It is essential that fun team building activities be conducted. Team building is not a serious academic exercise. It is a fun-filled event that people should enjoy. Entertainment is a key factor that should be considered while organizing such events.
  • An in-house team can be formed to plan and conduct team building activities. If you want unique team-building experiences you can work with a professional agency. They would have experts with experience in conducting such events.

If you are thinking of organizing work games for team building, we have some ideas for you. Go through the list of team building games for adults listed below 

1) Introduce each other

Make random groups of two people. Give a couple of minutes for each person to talk to their partners and find out more about them. Then, each person in the two-member group must introduce the other and share interesting facts about them. This activity is a great icebreaker and suitable when you want people to get to know each other.

2) Human knot

Players must form a circle, and each person must reach out and joins hands with the person opposite them. They must not reach out to the people to their left and right. They should join hands with two people using both hands. Once this is done, they must be asked to twist and turn without releasing their hands so that they are in a circle. The game helps in learning problem-solving and is great fun.

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3) A Lie and Two truths

Form a circle, and one by one, each person should make three statements. The statements must be facts about themselves. Of the three facts, 2 must be truths and one a lie. The other needs to find out which statement is the lie. This activity helps in improving communication. It also helps people to know about each other and strengthen bonds.

4) Scavenger Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be done inside the office or outdoors. You can place items in different places and give clues in the form of riddles. Form small groups. Ask the group members to unravel the clues and find the items. This is a team building through entertainment activity that helps improve teamwork and communication among members.

5) Egg Drop

This activity is simple, fun, and a bit messy. Make teams and give each team an egg. Along with the egg, give them other items like a cardboard piece, duct tape, and straws. The objective is that each team must drop an egg from a height. The winning team is the one whose egg does not break. It is a fun game involving problem-solving and using creativity.

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6) Fun debates

If you want to help your team members improve their communication and public speaking skills, then try this activity. Make topics that are fun and even silly. Eg: ‘A hot dog is a sandwich’ or ‘Summer is better than winter’. One person should speak in favor of the topic while another speaks against it. All participants can vote to choose the winner.

7) Pairing up

Make sticky notes with pairs. For eg: on one note, write ‘king’ and on the other ‘queen’. On one, write ‘Fries’ and the other ‘ketchup’. Stick a note to each person’s back. Each person can be given a time limit or a certain number of questions. They can ask questions to others and try to find out what is written on their back. They should then find their pair. It is one of the innovative group activities that improve communication and problem-solving.

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