What is Self-Improvement?

Out of non-fiction books, self improvement/soft skill category is one of the most liked subjects. Self improvement books are about the experiences and lessons learned which are cultivated through life experiences of other people. The writers of self improvement books are usually people who went through hardship and came out with dignity.

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They share their valuable treasure of experiences through their books and offer the readers guidance so that they also take lessons from the writer’s life.

Purpose of reading self improvement books is to get to know about certain life experiences by others, take lessons from them and get inspired and motivated by others’ success stories.

There are also self improvement books written by psychologists. Some of these books offer guidance for people experiencing emotional problems as they tell the reader about the emotional states of the consulting individuals. The readers can either be informed about these issues or they can even be motivated for tackling their own similar problems.

Besides motivation, self improvement books give us a chance to question ourselves, discover our abilities and our capacity and guide us to know about ourselves better. There are often suggestions and remedies which are applicable in our daily lives. For instance, the proposition ‘If you cannot catch up with your daily chores, try and wake up at an earlier hour in the morning’ can give you an idea about what to do and maybe make you try the proposition out yourself to tackle your hardship.

Self improvement books with psychological content sometimes include personality tests or questionnaires about your emotional state. While reading about self improvement, you can gain knowledge about your emotional state or yourself as a person

Not a replacement for psycho-therapy, self improvement books are a source of motivation if only you are willing to push yourself. No book will change anything in our lives like a magic wand unless we go through the effort of changing things. If we don’t allow ourselves to go forward, the motivational reading activity will be short lived.

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