Anton Musgrave

Anton MusgraveFuturist and Business Strategist

Keynote Speaker

  • The Future, Innovation, Strategy and Scenario Planning
  • Quantum Relationships
  • Lessons In Radical Innovation From 30 Years of Experience
  • The A to I of AI
  • Rehuman: The “How to” of Future of Human Relevance
  • Strategic Thinking For Leaders
  • Leadership In The New World
  • Strategy For The Future

Speaker Profile

‘’We shatter the ‘business as usual’ mindtrap!’’

His passion is to engage senior executives in challenging debates about the many forces, technologies and market dynamics driving future business success. Few leave Anton’s sessions thinking about anything in the same way; instead they are fuelled with new, exciting, action-shifting insights.
His own varied and successful career underscores the lessons he shares.

He previously served as MD of Citadel Private Client Wealth Management, Managing Partner of a large legal practice, MD of a major property business and President of a national property owners association, representing property interests worth $60 billion. Anton currently advises several businesses and families, and has served on the Board of Governors of a leading educational institution.

Anton drives the FutureWorld process of strategic thinking from the future back to the present, turning traditional strategy on its head. He shares an insightful understanding of the drivers of long-term business success, shifting business models, and what it takes to stay ahead of the market.

He is an inspiring, spirited communicator and a globally acclaimed speaker and facilitator at corporate events and strategic initiatives. Further, he teaches regular executive programmes at major business schools, including the London Business School, Duke CE, Oxford University’s Said Business School, the Tata Management Training Centre for global leadership and the Indian School of Business.

Personal interests include scuba diving and underwater photography, wildlife, yachting, golf and travelling to new places on our planet.

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