Future of Humanity Speakers

Future of Humanity Speakers

The Speakers Agency, The Future of Humanity Speakers present a new vision with speeches covering every aspect of humanity, future and more.

Allison Duettmann New
Allison Duettmann CEO, Foresight Institute
  • Meta Tools for Accelerating Scientific Innovation Introduction
  • Bio, Nano, Neuro, AI: Opportunities and Risks in Frontier TechIntroduction
  • Charting Optimism: Steering Sci-Fi Futures from Existential Angst to Hope
Andy Stalman New
Andy Stalman Co Founder & CEO TOTEM Branding. "Mr. Branding". Best-selling author: "BrandOffOn" "HumanOffOn" "TOTEM". Professor. Speaker. LinkedIn Top Voice 2023
  • For brands we are not in an era of change, but in a change of era.
  • A new generation of brands: TOTEMs. And how to transform customers into believers.
  • TOTEM. The new face of Branding. A humane, innovative, sustainable and shared future.
Anton Musgrave
Anton Musgrave Futurist and Business Strategist
  • The Future, Innovation, Strategy and Scenario Planning
  • Quantum Relationships
  • Lessons In Radical Innovation From 30 Years of Experience
Bas Lansdorp
Bas Lansdorp CEO and Founder NEDPAC
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Thinking Big
  • Sustainability
Chris Hirst New
Chris Hirst Global CEO (ex Havas and WPP) | Best-Selling & Award-Winning Author: No Bullsh*t Leadership
  • No Bullsh*t Leadership: The five golden rules for inspiring and effective leadership
  • Superpower: What culture is, why it matters and how to be brilliant at it.
  • Revolution: Leading transformational change in a world that has never moved so fast
David Constantine MBE New
David Constantine MBE Founder Director @ Freedom Through Design | Founder of Motivation Charitable Trust
  • Embracing Disability
  • Importance & Value of Design
  • The Role of Charity in Changing People’s Lives
David Lammy MP New
David Lammy MP Labour MP for Tottenham | Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs | Author | Keynote Speaker
  • Managing diversity in business
  • Post-Brexit Britain
  • Social justice in a fragmented and multi-cultural society
Dr. Ayesha Khanna
Dr. Ayesha Khanna Futurist, AI Expert, Philanthropist Co-Founder & CEO ADDO AI, Chairman 21st Century Girls
  • Winning with AI: How Innovative Leaders Drive Growth?
  • The Future of Work: How to Amplify Human Potential in the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Smart Cities 2.0: The Future of How We Will Work, Play and Live
Dr. Chris van Tulleken New
Dr. Chris van Tulleken Infectious Diseases Doctor @ UCLH | BBC Presenter | One half of Operation Ouch!
  • Stem
  • Future of Health
  • Public Health
Dr. James O'Donovan New
Dr. James O'Donovan Medical Doctor, Public Health Researcher and Entrepreneur, Thought Leader in Health Communications | Digital Health | Public Health Equity
  • How to leverage your organisations social media platforms to achieve impact and equity
  • The Role of Health Communications in Healthcare Companies
  • Health Equity and Access in Underserved Communities
Dr. Parag Khanna
Dr. Parag Khanna Strategic Futurist, Globally Bestselling Author, Founder of FutureMap
  • Global Scenarios for the Post-Pandemic World
  • The Global War for Young Talent
  • Climate Adaptation: This Century’s Highest Priority
Gerd Leonhard
Gerd Leonhard Top-rated European Futurist
  • 10 things you need to know about the future
  • The future of work, jobs and education
  • How To Get Future-Ready
Ghislaine Boddington New
Ghislaine Boddington Creative Director / Presenter / Expert - Future Human - Future Selves, Virtual Physical Presence, Hybrid Identity | body>data>space | University of Greenwich | BBC | Stemettes
  • Future Human: The Body is the Interface
  • Women in Tech: Diversity & Inclusivity Enables Innovation
  • Experience Economy: How Technology Will Define Collaborations
Gianni Giacomelli New
Gianni Giacomelli Head of Design, MIT Collective Intelligence Lab. Founder,
Innovation Advisor, Genpact
  • AI Augmented Collective Intelligence
  • Tomorrow's solutions come from tomorrow's intelligence
  • Building Superminds
Giles Hutchins New
Giles Hutchins Chair at Future Fit Leadership Academy, author of Leading by Nature, Founder of Leadership Immersions
  • Regenerative Business
  • Beyond Sustainability/Next-stage Sustainability
Gonzalo Delacámara New
Gonzalo Delacámara Natural Resources Economist | Environmental Economics and Policy | Keynote Speaker
  • Sustainability and Economic Development
  • The Value of Sustainability: Towards a Responsible Future
  • Climate Change and Water Security: Global Challenges Biodiversity Economics: The Next Frontier
Henry Ajder New
Henry Ajder Expert Advisor and Broadcaster Specialising in Generative AI, Deepfakes and Immersive Technologies
  • Will 2030 Be Real? The Future of Generative AI
  • Synthetic Futures: Navigating the age of Generative AI
  • Demystifying Deepfakes: Navigating the synthetic age
Jim Carroll
Jim Carroll World’s Leading Global Futurist
  • AI Megatrends: Beyond ChatGPT How AI is Redefining Your Industry, Profession, Company and Career - And What You Need To Do About It!
  • ChatGPT, The Acceleration of Artificial Intelligence and the Arrival of the Personalized Knowledge Butler Promise and Peril in The Next Technological Transformation
  • The Jetsons Have Arrived 50 Years Early: What Are YOU Going to Do About It?
Joe Toscano New
Joe Toscano CEO, DataGrade // Author& Int'l Keynote Speaker, Automating Humanity // Featured Expert, The Social Dilemma
  • Privacy 2.0: A Post-Compliance Era of Profitable Privacy Practices
  • Empathetic Privacy: Situational Awareness Training for Data Professionals
Kevin Warwick
Kevin Warwick Emeritus Professor at Reading and Coventry Universities
  • Cyborg Experimentation (Personal Experience)
  • Artificial Intelligence; The Turing Test and The Threat of AI taking Over
  • Our Biotech Future

Why Your Next Event Needs a Future of Humanity Speaker? 

Are you looking to inspire and educate your audience on the latest trends and challenges shaping the future of humanity?

Today we live in the information age, future of humanity speakers can bring a wealth of expertise and personal experiences to your next event. These speakers  provide valuable insights and perspectives on how to shape a better tomorrow.

Let us proceed with an in-depth exploration.

What is the future for humanity?

The future for humanity is shaped by a range of factors, including technological developments, environmental challenges, and social trends.

While there are many unknowns, we will need to work together as a global community to address the challenges we face and create a sustainable future for all. Here are some key points to consider:

The Future of Crypto Currency

The future of crypto currency is likely to be shaped by increased adoption and regulation. As more people begin to use crypto currencies for transactions, governments and regulatory bodies will likely develop policies to manage their use.

Additionally, the development of new technologies like blockchain could lead to further innovation in the field.

The Future of the Earth

The future of the Earth is a concern for many people, with issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss posing significant challenges.

However, there are also reasons for optimism, such as the development of renewable energy sources and increased awareness of environmental issues.

The Future of Work

The future of work is likely to be impacted by advances in automation and artificial intelligence. While these technologies may lead to job displacement in some industries, they also have the potential to create new opportunities and increase productivity.

Additionally, there is a growing emphasis on the importance of skills such as creativity, problem-solving, and emotional intelligence in the workplace.

As Yuval Noah Harari quoted, "Humanity is facing unprecedented, epoch-defining challenges, from climate change to the rise of artificial intelligence. The future of humanity depends on our ability to navigate these challenges and create a better tomorrow for ourselves and future generations."

How do future of humanity speakers add value to your event?

Future of humanity speakers add value to events by offering unique insights and perspectives on pressing issues facing society, such as the future of money and the impact of artificial intelligence on humanity.

For example, when discussing the future of money, a speaker could provide valuable insights into how blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are changing the way we think about financial transactions. They could also discuss how these changes might transform the global economy in the years ahead.

Similarly, when discussing the role of artificial intelligence and the future of humanity, a speaker could provide valuable insights into the potential risks and benefits of AI.

For instance, they could explain how AI has the potential to revolutionize industries such as healthcare and transportation. Further, they can explain how AI could pose a threat to jobs and privacy.

One pressing question in the field of AI: Is AI a threat to humanity? Is well resolved by the future of humanity speaker. They could help to shed light on this issue by providing nuanced insights and research-based evidence on AI.

There are risks associated with the development of artificial intelligence AI, such as the potential for it to become uncontrollable or be used for malicious purposes. Speakers can explain how implementing appropriate safeguards and ethical frameworks can help mitigate these risks.

For example, this is a video by a futurist, Gerd Leonhard. He explores the importance of digital ethics in keeping humanity alive in a world increasingly run by technology.

List of popular future of humanity speaker topics

A future of humanity speaker can address a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Artificial Intelligence; The Turing Test and The Threat of AI taking Over by Kevin Warwick
  • Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Bitcoin and the End of Money: Understanding The Ultimate Disruption by Jim Carroll
  • Generative AI & The Openness dilemma by Henry Ajder
  • Ecological Urbanism and Urban Resilience by Melissa Sterry
  • Happiness in the Digital Age by Gerd Leonhard

Future of humanity speakers inspire and educate attendees on valuable insights and perspectives. They encourage critical thinking and positive action towards shaping a better future for all.

Expertise and background of future of humanity speakers

1 - Gerd Leonhard

Gerd is a renowned futurist and keynote speaker based in Switzerland. He specializes in the impact of technology and digital transformation on the future of business, society, and humanity.

With over 1500 engagements in 50+ countries, Gerd has become a sought-after speaker. He shares his insights and thought-provoking ideas on the challenges and opportunities of the digital age.

2 - Thomas Frey

Thomas is a renowned futurist and keynote speaker based in the United States. Thomas is the founder and executive director of the DaVinci Institute. DaVinci Institute is  a think tank dedicated to exploring the impact of technology on society.

With over 850 keynote speeches and numerous publications, Thomas is a highly sought-after speaker. He shares his insights on emerging technologies, innovation, and the future of work.

3 - Paul Behrens

Paul is an experienced speaker and sustainability expert based in the United Kingdom. 

He is a professor of Energy and Environmental Change at the University of Leiden. He has advised various governmental and non-governmental organizations on sustainability policies.

Paul is a sought-after keynote speaker, sharing his insights on climate change, energy transition, and sustainable development.

4 - Moran Cerf

Moran is a renowned neuroscientist, business professor, and keynote speaker based in the United States.

He is a faculty member at the Kellogg School of Management. He has made significant contributions to the study of decision-making, sleep, and consciousness.

Moran is a sought-after speaker, sharing his insights on brain science, technology, and the future of human cognition.

5 - Henry Ajder

Henry is a leading expert in the field of AI ethics and policy, based in the United Kingdom.

He is a co-founder and Head of Communications at AI research firm, Scape Technologies. He is  an Associate Fellow at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence at the University of Cambridge.

Henry is a sought-after keynote speaker. He share his insights on the societal implications of AI, data privacy, and algorithmic decision-making.

How to book a future of humanity speaker?

To book a future of humanity speakers speaker through Speaker Agency, follow these four easy steps:

1 - Visit the future of humanity speakers section of the Speaker Agency website.

2 - Check out the list of featured speakers and click on the “Discover” button for those you like.

3 - Please review their biography and professional background to ascertain whether they align with your specific requirements.

4 - Contact Speaker Agency online or at +44 (0) 20 3393 1061 to check if they're available and get a quote.

Our agency will handle the booking process and provide you with dedicated support leading up to the event.

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