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Clodagh Griffin “TikTok Professor”, Social Media Expert, Presenter, Keynote Speaker, News Movement Journalist, Former Yahoo TikTok Presenter


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Clodagh Griffin's Biography

“TikTok Professor” Clodagh Griffin is a Presenter, Keynote Speaker, Documentary Maker and Multimedia Journalist, who is passionate about using social media as a medium for communicating. Currently a journalist at The News Movement, Clodagh undertakes investigations, producing and writing stories covering the major issues of our times.

Clodgah is a popular keynote speaker on social media, particularly TikTok. She was the face of YahooUK’s TikTok account, creating videos for the app about news, entertainment and culture. The account was a huge success, delivering 70,000 followers, over two million likes, tens of millions of views and multiple viral videos.

Clodagh has a keen audience on her own TikTok account too and uses her energetic and fast-paced videos to produce high engagement rates. Clodagh is as comfortable sitting in front of the camera as she is working behind the scenes, or talking about anything from fashion to politics!

This was demonstrated when Clodagh completed an investigation with Hardcash Productions for the BBC Panorama: Is TikTok Safe?. After 4 weeks of undercover research, Clodagh broke a story about child predators using TikTok for grooming purposes. She presented the findings of the investigation during the programme in an interview with Tina Daheley.

During the pandemic, Clodagh co-hosted a half-hour entertainment radio chat show on QuarantineFM called ‘Sunday Tea’.

In her spare time Clodagh will usually be doing something creative and fun like knitting, making a piece of clothing or painting.


"Working with Clodagh is an absolute delight. Her ingenuity, dedication and adaptability never fail to impress when producing, recording and editing video content. Her creative thinking when it comes to generating story ideas and inventive treatments for videos is superb, and it’s been a true pleasure seeing her go from strength to strength as we have grown our TikTok account from scratch into the varied, entertaining and informative channel we work on today."

Josh Withey, Senior Social Editor at Yahoo UK

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