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Jonathan Bowman-Perks Global Leadership Advisor to: Chairmen, CEOs & Executive Boards. Master Coach, Mentor & Team Coach


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Jonathan Bowman-Perks 2024 Speech Titles Jonathan Bowman-Perks 2024 Speech Titles

  • Becoming an Inspiring Leader and High Performer
  • Improving Your Mental Health & Physical Well-Being; To Be at The Top of Your Game.
  • Leadership Lessons and Top Tips From CEOs, Executive Teams & Main Boards
  • Leading Yourself in The Age of Overload
  • Top Tips For Inspiring Leaders

Jonathan Bowman-Perks's Biography

Jonathan focuses on your personal behaviour and future business results. You will have a cathartic experience from working with him and a high return on investing in your own and your team’s on-going development. His vocation has been shaped by his Father’s heroic leadership role modelling and his untimely death, as a British Royal Navy fast jet Pilot. Jonathan’s life calling is to inspire you and your team to: find and live your “True North”, unlock your potential and make a real difference in the world.

Leaders say they experience 3 specific benefits from working with Jonathan: they find greater meaning and purpose for themselves and those they lead, they save time through greater discipline and they work smarter which enhances their quality of life. Jonathan is a Master Certified Coach (MCC), executive team facilitator, motivational speaker, philanthropist and author. As a Key Person of Influence (KPI) he focuses on current and aspiring CEOs, senior executives and their teams in the Corporate, Financial, University, Entrepreneurial and Retail sectors.

These are the range of problems Jonathan helps senior leaders to solve:

  • Helping executives think clearly about the 3 most crucial value-adding business issues
  • Sharing top tips to gain more vitality and thrive in the age of overload
  • Achieving more success by working smarter, being grounded and have a laser-like focus
  • Helping boards becoming more effective by taking decisions, actions and next steps
  • Transforming meetings and creating more “whitespace” and time to think
  • Supporting leaders to transform their firms

Jonathan recently graduated from one of Harvard University's top leadership programmes. He is Visiting Professor in Leadership and Executive MBA lecturer at Cass Business School in London. He still holds the unbroken world record for the Cyprus double Mountain Marathon.

He is a leadership authority and author of both Top Tips for Inspiring Leaders; The Little Book of Wisdom (2017), plus Inspiring Leadership: Leadership Lessons from My Life (2010). He also contributed to the book published by his wife Leigh: Inspiring Women Leaders (2014). All profits from their books go to their charity the Inspiring Leadership Trust helping vulnerable women and children in London, Kenya, South Africa and around the world.

He was Assistant to the Head of the British Army, Chief of Staff of the Army’s largest Brigade and commanded his Company on 3 operational tours. He was a leader in PwC, IBM and as Penna PLC’s MD of Board and Executive Coaching. HM the Queen awarded him the MBE (Member of the British Empire) for his services to leadership in training UN leaders who helped prevent the East Timor massacre. Jonathan and his wife Leigh provide a powerful partnership as speakers, facilitators and executive team coaches. They are very proud of their 4 adult children - in the Police, Teaching, Law and Psychology.

Jonathan Bowman-Perks is ready to inspire your teams!
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