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Talia Franco 2024 Speech Titles Talia Franco 2024 Speech Titles

  • AI in Healthcare
  • Medical Devices & Personalised Medicine
  • Climate technology- Tech Farming |Carbon capture | Green energy | Satellite Technology and Monitoring of weather Systems and Habitats
  • Automation & Future of Work: Risks and Opportunities
  • Smart Driving Technologies, How Does it Work
  • Future of Transport: Smart Driving Technologies
  • Blockchain

Talia Franco's Biography

Talia Franco is the deputy editor of the BBC’s flagship tech show Click. She has been a tech journalist for over 15 years. She's spent her career explaining highly complex tech issues to a wide audience so whether you are a tech pro or a tech novice, she can make any subject accessible and fun but also insightful and educational. She can knowledgeably speak about most tech subjects but she is passionate about AI in the medical field, environmental tech solutions and societal impact of automation.

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