6 Best Audiobooks of All Time

Discover the top audiobooks across various genres from different platforms in this comprehensive guide to enhance your listening experience.

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The Best Audio Books

There are many sites online offering audiobooks filled with dramas and engaging stories. These audiobooks blend skillful voiceovers that give compelling narratives from experienced characters. Even though there is accessibility to many audiobooks, you can still choose the best. This post will examine the best audiobooks from different platforms. The audiobooks will also vary in genre to increase your preference.

Audiobook Definition

For new individuals who love to explore audiobooks, an audiobook represents a book recorded or read aloud by one or a group of voice actors. These books can either be fiction or true stories as well. Regarding streaming platforms, some of the top platforms that offer them include Spotify, Scribd, and Audible, among others. Many individuals prefer having an audiobook over a physical book because one can listen to the content while on the go compared to the latter.

6 All-Time Best Audiobooks

Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier, audiobooks have revolutionized how individuals get content today. In the current world, people love to listen to content rather than reading a physical book. Nonetheless, below are some of the best audiobooks all time:

1_ “Becoming” - Michelle Obama

If you love women empowerment audiobooks, you can consider listening to Becoming by Michelle Obama. In this content, Michelle Obama invites you to experience her journey in life. She encourages readers by explaining how she had to adapt to the various events in her life. She narrates how she managed to take care of the kids and work. Michelle Obama lived according to her principles, describing her setbacks and success. Overall, this is one of the non-fiction best audiobooks that encourage you to have intelligence and follow Michelle's footsteps in this life.

2_ “To Sleep in a Sea of Stars” - Christopher Paolini

This audiobook is ideal if you love science fiction. The content covers various units, including aliens and space adventure, among other related things. Therefore, this book is valuable if you are interested in space and the solar system. The story revolves around Kira Navares, journeying to the space world. In his journey, he is involved in many events involving alien communication. Overall, the book suggests that there are other beings than human beings.

Best Audiobooks On Spotify

3_ “I Have Some Questions for You” - Rebecca Makkai

This audiobook has garnered a lot of attention from the US and other nations as well. The book's main narrative discusses crucial things affecting Americans and other individuals in the state. Some of the themes include sexual assault, the principle of collective memory, and racism. Bodie Kane is the main character in the content, and she is very annoying when it comes to her character. The character comes to find out what led to the death of her roommate. After struggling to accept that her roommate is dead, she heals and comes to terms with what happened. The audiobook's main objective is to encourage you that optimism is crucial in the future.

4_ “Awakening” - Kate Chopin

The Awakening is an audiobook that started as a play meant to be set in Louisiana in the late 1800s. This is one of the best audiobooks on Spotify in fiction form. Kate Chopin is the podcast narrator skilled in quickly imitating different personalities. In the narrative, he is Edan Potellier, who is against the patriarchal culture that opposes female freedom. Edna's husband becomes very harsh on her, and she decides to have an affair with another man. Listeners find this content amusing since there is denial and want in Basinger's tense voice.

Audiobook Definition

5_ “Poor Things” - Alasdair Gray

This audiobook is inspired by a film called Poor Thing. In the narrative, a scientist notices Bellas's body drowned in a lake. The character uses the Frankenstein technique to bring her back to life. From there, the protégé falls in love with Bella, but Bella seems interested elsewhere. The audiobooks provide a listener with imageries of a Scottish church, late Victoria theaters, and aristocratic casinos. Overall, the audio book's central theme is focused on finding love and science.

6_“A Deadly Education” - Naomi Novik

This award-winning audiobook invites you to a world of modern fantasy. This content is mainly fiction, with monsters and the use of magic present. In the narrative, some magic users protect themselves from these monsters—however, the only place they are required to learn magic is scholomance. The place requires magic users to learn the skill fast to avoid being killed by the monsters. The main character, Anisha, Dadia, is easily frustrated when narrating the story. The character has ensured she represents the audiobook according to the Novik writing style.

Wrapping Up

All Time Best Audio Books

Audiobooks provide a great experience, especially when you don't have time to read books. You can wake up in the morning, select a motivational audiobook when going to work, or listen to a funny audiobook to enlighten your moods. There are various genres of audiobooks to choose from on the internet. Some platforms provide free best audiobooks, while others require a subscription.

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