Pioneers of Digital Transformation: Role of Fintech Speakers in the Financial Sector

A global wave of digital transformation has swept throughout the globe. We now live in a digital economy where everyone's life is easier because to technology.

  • Release Date: 20 December 2023
  • Update Date: 15 March 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
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A global wave of digital transformation has swept throughout the globe. We now live in a digital economy where everyone's life is easier because to technology. The financial industry has profited from this digital revolution, as has every other industry. A brand-new term, "fintech," has been created to describe the union of technology and banking.

The fintech industry is expanding quickly and has completely changed how the finance sector operates. Everyone has to know about fintech, whether they are business executives or regular citizens, and effective fintech speakers may help with this. Fintech speakers assist companies in realizing the advantages of the digital revolution.

Digital transformation and fintech

Utilizing digital technologies to introduce innovations and cause disruptions inside a sector is known as digital transformation. For many years, the finance industry operated with traditional techniques. Fintech emerged from finance thanks to digital change, and all parties have profited from the technologies employed.

The productivity of those employed in the industry has increased recently. All procedures, from operations to marketing, are now more effective. Customers have benefited greatly from fintech. It's a customer-focused industry that aims to give consumers the greatest goods and services while also making things simple for them. 

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Who are fintech speakers?

An someone with extensive understanding of the fintech industry is a fintech speaker. They are finance professionals with extensive technological skills. Fintech speakers are experts in the field and sometimes even leaders of the industry. They have carried out digital transformation while employed in the industry. Their first-hand knowledge makes them the perfect speakers to discuss fintech, its advantages, and its operation.

People can learn more about the fintech industry from a speaker. They are able to define fintech and discuss its various uses. They can also speak to those employed in the fintech industry, explaining to them how embracing digital transformation can enable them to experience the rewards of success. A proficient fintech speaker possesses knowledge and proficiency in a range of fintech topics. 

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What subjects do fintech speakers talk about?

Fintech keynote speakers can talk about a wide range of topics related to the sector. It can include basics of fintech as well as latest trends in the industry. If you are planning a fintech talk or event, then you can consider the following topics:

  1. Digital payments and banking

You had to deposit a check or use cash to pay someone. Everything can be done online these days. You can use your smartphone instead of a computer. Payments can be made via a mobile application. You can conduct everything of your banking online, including moving money and monitoring your balance. This is a crucial aspect of fintech. A fintech speaker can discuss the advantages and how this operates. The speaker can provide information on how to develop digital banking and payment systems for those in the sector. 

  1. Big Data

Big Data is a popular buzzword in the technology industry. It entails processing intricate data to provide you with the business-related information you require. Big Data is significant in the financial industry. You may leverage Big Data to enhance your operations with the help of fintech applications. You may monitor user activity and learn more about their financial spending habits. Using this information will enable you to provide them with customised items. Fintech organizations might enhance their operations with the aid of this significant trend. You can better comprehend how to use Big Data with the assistance of a skilled speaker.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

Although AI has been around for a while, ChatGPT has helped it gain popularity recently. Artificial Intelligence has boundless potential and is a valuable tool for financial companies. AI can be used to guarantee increased consumer involvement, enabling them to provide higher-quality services. By using AI to assist you understand the demands of your customers, you can provide individualized services. AI can lower risks by assisting in the detection of fraud. AI can also help your company improve its cybersecurity. You can better grasp how to leverage AI for your company by speaking with a fintech expert.

  1. RPA

Robots or digital bots are used in robotic process automation, or RPA, to automate operations. Bots can perform any repeated or routine task. For instance, answering simple questions from clients (using a chatbot). One advantage is that you may avoid assigning these kinds of jobs to people, freeing them up for other worthwhile endeavors. Bots can help you cut expenses by doing jobs accurately. Fintech presenters might discuss how RPA is being used in various financial domains.

  1. Open banking

The newest development in fintech is open banking, also referred to as Banking as a Service (BaaS). It makes data sharing between financial institutions and their clients and other stakeholders safe. Third-party service providers can so access user banking information. Customers gain from a variety of innovative goods that give them greater options and superior support. Fintech experts are able to discuss the implementation of open banking. 

Book a fintech speaker

When you are planning a program for the fintech industry, it goes without saying that you need the best fintech speakers to be part of the event. The speakers need to be people with comprehensive knowledge of the industry. They must be experts in both finance and technology. 

When you book fintech speakers who are industry leaders, their talk would be highly value-adding. The participants would benefit since they can get to know latest trends in the industry and understand implementation-related issues. Top fintech speakers would ensure all participant queries are effectively handled.

Such a program would be valuable for people working in the fintech sector. For leaders, it would help them understand the direction in which they should move and the strategies to employ. For all others, such a talk would help them know what is happening in the industry and how they should gear up to succeed in it. 

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