Silvia Garcia

Silvia Garcia Former International Marketing Director and President of the Happiness Institute of Coca-Cola


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Silvia Garcia 2023 Speech Titles Silvia Garcia 2023 Speech Titles

  • Future of Work, Science-Proven Ingredients to Succeed at The Workplace
  • How to Program Your Mind for Success (And Happiness)
  • Boost Your Productivity Without Burning Out
  • We Can Change Our Happiness (Even at Work)

Silvia Garcia's Biography

As former International Marketing Director and President of the Happiness Institute of Coca-Cola, Silvia studied how positive and negative emotions influence decisions.

She has spent 20 years at C-suite positions in marketing, communication and management, leading 198 countries. She has lived and worked in the US, France, Ireland, Sweden and Spain.

Her clients range from multinationals such as AXA, Bayer, Lilly, Morning Star or Google to local organizations. All of them see an increase in sales, attract and keep more customers, build longer-lasting, healthier relationships, strengthen their leadership skills and become more profitable, happier and successful.

Using the first scientific index of emotional wellbeing/happiness at work, Silvia proves the impact of increasing employees' happiness at work on business results. Highly demanded by companies all around the world, her speeches have been said to change “lives and companies”.

Silvia is one of the top worldwide leaders on happiness at work and, as such, she is annually invited by the United Nations to discuss the level of happiness in the world. She is a foresighted and humorous storyteller who enjoys simplifying big, complex ideas to make them actionable for a wide range of audiences. She is described by clients from sectors like banking, food, sharing economy, media, and various universities and business schools as a “standout favorite for audiences”, with a “rare and visionary intellect.”

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