Brexit Speakers

Brexit Speakers

Find keynote speaker and experts on the topics the future of the European Union after the Brexit to speak at your corporate event with Speakers Agency.

David Lammy MP New
David Lammy MP Labour MP for Tottenham | Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs | Author | Keynote Speaker
  • Managing diversity in business
  • Post-Brexit Britain
  • Social justice in a fragmented and multi-cultural society
Dino Sofos New
Dino Sofos Podcast Pioneer, CEO at Persephonica, Producer of The News Agents, pioneered Brexitcast podcast, Keynote Speaker on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Podcasts
  • Media
  • Entrepreneurship
Harry G. Broadman
Harry G. Broadman Former White House Trade Negotiator; Private Equity Executive; Founder, PwC Global Business Strategy Management Consulting Practice; Senior Fellow; John Hopkins University
  • Will China's One-Belt-One-Road Become A Bridge to Nowhere?
  • Brexit Could Be The UK's Gift To A Revitalized EU
  • Naivete About CFIUS' National Security Policy Towards Foreign Investment In The U.S.
Professor Ahmet Kasim Han
Professor Ahmet Kasim Han Global Strategist
  • Turkey Economic and Political Risks and Propects: A Strategic Scenario Analysis of teh Near Past and Immediate Future
  • Turkey and Its Regions: A Politico-economic Analyisis
  • Turkey and the Middle East: Turmoil and Strategic Interaction
Sahin Ozcan
Sahin Ozcan Foreign Trade Expert and Keynote Speaker
  • Brexit: A brief history of UK-EU relationships. How Brexit came about? What it means for the UK and Global economy?
  • Foreign Trade: Practicalities and Challenges of International Business. Common Misconceptions in Foreign Trade Practices.
  • Economics: The New World Order, Transpacific Alliances. The Risk of EU and NAFTA becoming obsolete.

Comprehensive Brexit Speakers for Your Event 

Brexit is the most crucial decision made by the UK in its modern era. The British public was firmly behind leaving the European Union. Almost 51.8% of UK citizens were for Brexit against 48.1% who still wanted to be a part of the European Union. It has been more than 7 years since the breakup, and both the European Union  and the United Kingdom, post-Brexit, have embarked on their own paths. 

The impact of Brexit had led to forming of new alliance partners with other countries and forging partnerships in the fields of trade, energy, technology, etc. Though it has been quite a few years since Brexit, today, the Brexit transition period  is still the talking point in think-tank circles, corporate events, and private events. 

If you’re a corporate company or an event planner who is planning to arrange an event on Brexit, the below Brexit speakers can provide a comprehensive review of Brexit to your audience. The Speaker Agency offers several Brexit speakers who can comment on how the Brexit withdrawal agreement  has impacted both parties, the benefits of Brexit, the effects of Brexit, Brexit meaning for the world economy and more.

Let’s first understand how a speaker can add value to an event.

How A Keynote Speaker Can Add Value To An Event?

A keynote speaker at an event offers expertise on a topic that broadens the knowledge of the audience on that subject. In addition to this, they inspire attendees to make meaningful changes in their fields. Through their speeches, the audience can understand the need for meaningful change. They can get a sense of why leaving the EU was necessary, dynamics of the UK economy,  investing in the UK, Brexit deal and how the change was valuable and important. 

In short, keynote speakers through their great stories educate and inspire attendees to do something meaningful in their respective fields.

Top Brexit Speakers

Below are some of the top Brexit speakers.

Harry G. Broadman
Top Speeches By The Speaker

He has given a Brexit speech on “The Brexit Could Be The UK’s Gift To A Revitalized EU” and his other speeches include.

  • Africa Is Becoming Silicon Valley 2
  • Just Where Is The Growth In The Global Economy
  • Do Corporate Social Responsibility Programs Actually Pay Off?
  • Millennials' Push For Corporate Instant Messaging Will Enhance Cybersecurity
Harry G. Broadman Brief Background

Harry G. Broadman is multifaceted. He is a former White House trade negotiator, private equity executive, entrepreneur, and keynote speaker. He has extensive experience in both the private and public sectors. In the private sector, he focuses on global corporate finance, private equity investment, international banking & enterprise restructuring, and served as an independent director on several corporate boards. 

He has been an adviser to many global companies including GE, IBM, Coke, Canon, and many others.

Harry also has an impressive public sector profile. He served as a senior White House economic official at the President’s Council Of Economic Advisers and was also a part of other committees.

He is an eloquent speaker who has presented his area of expertise at several renowned global institutions and companies. Harry presents insightful views and operational lessons in an entertaining mode that can captivate the audience.

John Bruton
Top Speeches By The Speaker
  • Brexit
  • EU-US Relations
  • Future Of The Euro
  • Leadership In Government
  • Europe's Global Role
John Bruton Brief Background

John Bruton served as Irish Prime Minister from 1994 to 1997. During his tenure as Prime Minister, he made the Irish economy one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. When he was in office, the economy grew 8.7%, and in 1997 the growth rate reached 11% which was never achieved before. 

Under his leadership, Ireland hosted the EU presidency in 1996 where key pacts were formalized like the Stability And Growth Pact. Before becoming Prime Minister, he also donned many hats including the Ministry of Finance, Minister for Trade, and others.  

After his stint as Prime Minister, he was appointed as EU Ambassador to the US. As ambassador, he met several key influential people to explain why the expanding EU union is good for the American economy and jobs.

He is also a keynote speaker and addressed many global events across the world. During his events, he has spoken on the world, EU, and Irish economic developments. He is also a writer and has written articles on Brexit.

Sahin Ozcan
Top Speeches By The Speaker

Sahin Ozcan has spoken on “Brexit: A Brief History Of UK & EU Relationships”. His other speeches include.

  • EU And The Future
  • UK Foreign Trade
  • International Trade Wars
  • The New UK Global Tariff
Sahin Ozcan Brief Background

He is a strategic thinking professional, foreign trade expert, and keynote speaker. His areas of expertise include Sales Management, Foreign Trade Management, Business Development, International Business, Business Strategy, and Strategic Planning. He has an MSC and Ph.D. in International Economics from the London School Of Economics.

He has held executive roles in many MNCs and is currently working as a General Manager at an International Trade And Development company in London. Sahin is also an active member of many international businesses and think tanks. Sahin Ozcan writes and speaks on Global Foreign Trade regularly.

Professor Ahmet Kasim Han
Top Speeches By The Speaker
  • Turkey And Its Regions: A Political Economic Analysis
  • Turkey And Middle East: Turmoil And Strategic Interaction
Ahmet Kasim Han Brief Background

Professor Ahmet Kasim Han is a global strategist and keynote speaker. He has served as a member of the board for several companies and is serving as a consultant to MNCs and domestic businesses. Apart from this, he works at Istanbul’s Altinbas University as a member of the faculty at the Department Of International Relations. He is also a founding member of Istanbul Economic Research, a company that focuses on polling, data analysis, conventional and digital research, and political & market strategy. 

Mr. Ahmet has been featured in global and local news outlets including CNN, CNBC, and The Associated Press. He has a very diverse and impressive work history.

Have you enjoyed reading? If you have, you can book them for your next event on Brexit from the Speaker Agency website. To book them, all you need to do is go to the Speaker’s Page and click on the “Book Now” button and fill in the required details. 

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