Political Strategy Speakers

Political Strategy Speakers

Speaker Agency’s global portfolio of Political Strategy Speakers share their sharp and informative insights on the latest and nascent tech & business trends, economics, politics, entrepreneurship and strategy.

Adrienne A. Harris New
Adrienne A. Harris Superintendent NYS Department of Financial Services | Former Special Assistant to President Obama for Economic Policy
Allison Duettmann New
Allison Duettmann CEO, Foresight Institute
  • Meta Tools for Accelerating Scientific Innovation Introduction
  • Bio, Nano, Neuro, AI: Opportunities and Risks in Frontier TechIntroduction
  • Charting Optimism: Steering Sci-Fi Futures from Existential Angst to Hope
Carme Artigas New
Carme Artigas Co-Chair AI Advisory Body United Nations
  • The Impact of Big Data on Business Transformation
  • Artificial Intelligence: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Female Leadership in the Technological Era
Daniel Lacalle New
Daniel Lacalle Professor of Global Economics and Finance, and Chief Economist at Tressis
  • Monetary Policy and Implications on Markets
  • Energy Transition, Security of Supply and Competitiveness
  • Global Macro and the Failure of Stimulus
David Birch New
David Birch International Keynote Speaker, Published Author, Global Advisor and Investor in Digital Financial Services. Fintech | CBDC | Digital currency | Digital Identity | Tokens | NFTs
  • Open Banking and its Discontents: Competitive Strategies and Asymmetry
  • Biometrics, Blockchains & Bolts: What will Tech really do to Finance?
  • Star Trek - The Sci-Fi Future of Money
David Constantine MBE New
David Constantine MBE Founder Director @ Freedom Through Design | Founder of Motivation Charitable Trust
  • Embracing Disability
  • Importance & Value of Design
  • The Role of Charity in Changing People’s Lives
David Lammy MP New
David Lammy MP Labour MP for Tottenham | Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs | Author | Keynote Speaker
  • Managing diversity in business
  • Post-Brexit Britain
  • Social justice in a fragmented and multi-cultural society
Dino Sofos New
Dino Sofos Podcast Pioneer, CEO at Persephonica, Producer of The News Agents, pioneered Brexitcast podcast, Keynote Speaker on Entrepreneurship and Innovation
  • Podcasts
  • Media
  • Entrepreneurship
Dr. Michal Kosinski
Dr. Michal Kosinski Associate Professor in Organizational Behavior at Stanford University Graduate School of Business | Computational Psychologist
  • Big Data
  • Privacy
  • Future of Politics
Dr. Parag Khanna
Dr. Parag Khanna Strategic Futurist, Globally Bestselling Author, Founder of FutureMap
  • Global Scenarios for the Post-Pandemic World
  • The Global War for Young Talent
  • Climate Adaptation: This Century’s Highest Priority
Emma Vardy New
Emma Vardy Award-winning BBC Correspondent and Presenter, Event MC, Moderator, Keynote and Motivational Speaker
  • Politics
  • Northern Ireland
  • Brexit/Trade and Business
Gonzalo Delacámara New
Gonzalo Delacámara Natural Resources Economist | Environmental Economics and Policy | Keynote Speaker
  • Sustainability and Economic Development
  • The Value of Sustainability: Towards a Responsible Future
  • Climate Change and Water Security: Global Challenges Biodiversity Economics: The Next Frontier
Harry G. Broadman
Harry G. Broadman Former White House Trade Negotiator; Private Equity Executive; Founder, PwC Global Business Strategy Management Consulting Practice; Senior Fellow; John Hopkins University
  • Will China's One-Belt-One-Road Become A Bridge to Nowhere?
  • Brexit Could Be The UK's Gift To A Revitalized EU
  • Naivete About CFIUS' National Security Policy Towards Foreign Investment In The U.S.
Helen YU New
Helen YU Founder & CEO of Tigon Advisory; Host of CXO Spice; Vice Chair, Global Cybersecurity Association; Board Director of KeenFolks
  • Cyber Resilience in 21st Century
  • The Future of Work
  • The Art of Digital Transformation
Jacques Attali
Jacques Attali Professor, Writer, Honorary Member of the Council of State
  • Brief History of Future
  • Micro-Finance and Infrastructure
  • Economics and Banking
Jim Marous New
Jim Marous Top 5 Retail Banking Influencer, Global Speaker, Podcast Host and Co-Publisher at The Financial Brand
  • Trends and Predictions for the Future of Banking
  • What Banking Can Learn From Top Innovators
  • Banking, Fintech and Open Banking
Joel Comm New
Joel Comm Web3 & Blockchain Keynote Speaker, Advisor and Content Creator
  • How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World of Business
  • Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money
  • A Web3 World - NFTs, Metaverse and Play-and-Earn Games
Lex Sokolin New
Lex Sokolin Chief Economist at ConsenSys | Fintech & DeFi Builder
  • Frontier technology transforming Financial Services
  • Mixed Reality and IOT
  • Fintech Consumer Bundle
Mark HYMAN, MD New
Mark HYMAN, MD #1 New York Times Bestselling Author, Podcast Host, Doctor’s Farmacy, Senior Advisor, Cleveland Clinic Center for Functional Medicine
  • Don’t Treat Disease, Create Health:
  • Functional Medicine:
  • The UltraMind Solution, Healthy Body, Happy Mind:
Mark Millar
Mark Millar Speaker, Moderator, MC, Advisor, Lecturer, Author
  • The Asian Century
  • Online Shopping Frenzy
  • Digital Disruption

Political Strategy Speakers To Help Your Team

Are you looking for a motivational expert to inspire your team and share strategies for success? Political strategy speakers provide team members with the expertise and skills to think strategically in business decisions. 

From former political consultants to strategists, these experienced professionals offer your team valuable insights that will benefit individual employees and organisational goals. Even if you have a remote working team, an online session with a speakers bureau strategist would add value to your work. Political strategy speakers are ideal candidates for motivating teams of all sizes.

Who are Political Strategy Speakers?

Political strategists are experienced individuals who understand the complexities of government and politics. They provide analysis and advice to those in power. They can help them craft a strategic agenda to achieve any desired political goals. 

Political Strategy speakers present a unique voice when discussing the economy, politics and the latest business trends. Their insights offer fresh ideas that can be used to foster innovation and guide decisions. 

Some of these speakers are business leaders who help prime ministers of certain countries. Some are motivational speakers who help small businesses with the latest tech trends such as artificial intelligence and augmented reality. These keynote speakers not only provide valuable information to improve your products and services, but also give you insight on technology trend businesses. 

Popular political strategist UK

Michal Kosinski

Dr Michal Kosinski is an excellent choice when searching for a popular political strategy speaker to hire. His credentials as a Professor in Organisational Behaviour at Stanford University Graduate School of Business make him highly qualified for the job. Dr Kosinski has been called upon to speak about Digital Environment, AI, Digital Twins, Big Data, and Political Strategy. 

His papers have been published in the most esteemed journals, such as Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Machine Learning, and Psychological Science. They have been cited over 11,000 times - an impressive feat! He was even behind the first press article warning against Cambridge Analytica.

This was covered in Steven Levy's book “Facebook: The Inside Story”, providing ample proof that he is an authority on Political Strategy. 

Nafisa Latic

Nafisa Latic is an outstanding and high-profile presenter with a wealth of experience in political strategy. She has anchored the news for more than 15 years with world-renowned networks such as Al Jazeera English and TRT World. These cover topics ranging from the war in Syria to Brexit and regional political crises. 

Well-versed in Southeastern Europe, Nafisa Latic also an analyst and has moderated many of its most important debates and forums. Besides interviews with multiple heads of state, she also hosts Across the Balkans on TRT. Booking Nafisa is an excellent choice for any business strategy talks or organisation to enhance its understanding of regional politics.

Mark Millar

Mark Millar is one of the most sought-after speakers in the field regarding thought-provoking political strategies. With over 35 years of global business experience and a hefty bag of data science under his belt, he delivers more than 500 inspiring presentations across five continents and 30 countries annually. 

Mark Millar has a unique style of explaining audiences on tomorrow’s greatest supply chain challenges and opportunities. Attendees feel empowered and informed. His ability to offer independent perspectives ensures that clients have access to exceptional insight, allowing them to make better decisions in the future.

John Bruton

John Bruton is an ideal speaker for elite political strategy from a successful leader. As the longest-serving Taoiseach of Ireland (1993-1997), Ambassador Bruton made major economic strides that shaped the landscape of the Irish economy, also referred to as the “Celtic Tiger.” 

From his successful Irish EU Presidency in 1996 to a joint session address to the US Congress and speeches on the world. John Bruton provides thoughtful insights backed by his impressive track record of success. 

Noreena Hertz

Noreena Hertz is one of the most renowned speakers for political strategy. Her expertise in many industries makes her an ideal candidate for any organisation looking to engage their audience with international economic systems. 

Recognised by The Observer and Vogue as a thought leader and inspiring woman, Noreena has written bestsellers published in more than 20 countries. This makes her a well-known name in academic and consumer business circles. As a popular speaker, event organisers look to book regularly; she continues to provide councils and keynote speeches at the World Economic Forum and TED events across the globe.

Parag Khanna

Dr Parag Khanna is among the most respected and sought-after political strategist speakers to hit the airwaves today. He has a wealth of knowledge and deep expertise in the intersection of globalisation, technology trends, and geopolitics. Drawing on his firsthand experiences in over 150 countries alongside cutting-edge data analysis, he delivers truly insightful presentations. He offers foresight for making decisions confidently.

He is the founder and managing partner of FutureMap - a boutique advisory firm heavily focused on solving problems through scenarios, mapping and big data. Dr Parag Khanna has developed a passionate following among some of the biggest corporations, institutions and governments.

The Bottom Line

With the experienced political strategists provided by the Speaker Agency, you can be sure that your event will be carefully planned and managed to ensure success. Our political  strategy speakers have abundant knowledge on the subject and, once booked, can provide you with all the insight and guidance needed even on your mobile devices.

If you wish to contact us today via email at, click enquire on a speaker page, call: +44 (0) 20 3393 1061. Or you can follow @speakeragencyuk on social media to inquire about booking political strategic topics and politics speakers. Let us worry about finding the ideal figure while you take care of all other aspects of event planning. Enquire now!

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