Harry G. Broadman

Harry G. Broadman Former White House Trade Negotiator; Private Equity Executive; Founder, PwC Global Business Strategy Management Consulting Practice; Senior Fellow; John Hopkins University


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Harry G. Broadman 2024 Speech Titles Harry G. Broadman 2024 Speech Titles

  • Will China's One-Belt-One-Road Become A Bridge to Nowhere?
  • Brexit Could Be The UK's Gift To A Revitalized EU
  • Naivete About CFIUS' National Security Policy Towards Foreign Investment In The U.S.
  • Do Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programs Actually Pay Off?
  • Just Where Is The Growth in The Global Economy?
  • Africa Is Becoming Silicon Valley 2.0
  • Millennials' Push For Corporate Instant Messaging Will Enhance Cybersecurity
  • Time To Try An Economic Carrot Approach With North Korea
  • India Is The Tortoise To China's Hare

Harry Broadman's Biography

At the vanguard of his generation, 36 years ago Harry Broadman began a career focused on business opportunities and risks in emerging markets. Today, he’s globally known as a venerable practitioner of the design and execution of novel investment strategies in such markets to achieve rapid business growth and rigorous risk-mitigation—strategies that focus on building durable cross-border trade and investment transactions, potent strategic alliances and partnership, agile supply chains, robust corporate governance protocols, tough compliance and anti-corruption controls, and incentives for sustained innovation.

Re-inventing himself multiple times over the years in an interdisciplinary fashion across greatly differentiated senior roles in the private sector—interspersed with stints as a high-level White House economic official, trade negotiator and Senate committee professional staff member—Harry emerged as an authority on the fundamental drivers and contours of the transformation world markets have undergone—and continue to do so—long before the term “globalization” was ever uttered.

He’s worked on the ground in more than 75 emerging markets across 5 continents, including China, India and the rest of Asia; much of Latin America; in Russia and almost every other Former Soviet Union state; across Eastern & Central Europe; the Balkans; Turkey; most of Africa; and much of the Middle East.

Harry has been an advisor to entities as diverse as GE, IBM, Coke, Canon, Exxon-Mobil, Valmet, Abraaj, KIA, Corning, Heineken, Merck, Pepsi, Walmart, Deere, Mars, Canadian Pension Plan Investment Board, Intel, Temasek, Berkshire Hathaway, McCormick. ICANN, SunEdison, ITW, Westinghouse, Siemens, Standard Chartered, Microsoft, Manitowoc, PPG, Tyco, Caterpillar, ADIA, Dow, Future Fund, and Avon.

As a speaker, he brings to audiences a unique combination of fundamentally insightful views and operational lessons about the ways is which market and policy dynamics will impact C-suites, boards, managers and workers as well as suppliers and customers, and how they’ll alter business fortunes.

Harry has the rare ability to frame such effects from a genuinely prospective vantage point rather than conventional rear-view mirror extrapolations, and through a prism incorporating intrinsic non-linearities of market changes. And, all done in a highly entertaining mode, infused with his infectious sense of humor.


Harry was terrific and the Healthcare Institute members were very complimentary about his presentation.  His style was perfect for the setting and content was exactly what we wanted.  We could not be more pleased with his remarks to our members.      

Steven Summer, President and CEO, Healthcare Institute

Harry was the keynoter for our 2023 Economic Outlook Forecast provided to 300 business sector leaders. His presentation came at a time of great uncertainty regarding interest rate hikes,  inflationary pressures, global recession prospects, and challenging labor availability and attainable housing markets. He ably wove together regional, national, and international realities that were drivers for what we were experiencing. I highly recommend him if your leader audience “wants to ride the economy’s waves versus getting crushed by them on the beach.”

Bryan Derreberry, Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce President & CEO

Harry spoke at one of our FEW—Family-Enterprise-Wealth—conferences for family offices/family businesses and he was a “rock star.”  

John Messervey, Founder and CEO of the National Family Business Council

Harry was our closing keynote speaker and did an exceptional job of tailoring his presentation to fit the changing needs and dynamics of our industry today.  He took complex subject matter and communicated what was most important to our members, as well as the most salient opportunities on the horizon.     Thomas J. Bisacquino, President and CEO, NAIOP, The Commercial Real Estate Development Association

Harry G. Broadman is ready to inspire your teams!
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