Vision & Strategy Speakers

Vision & Strategy Speakers

Speaker Agency’s Vision & Strategy Speakers, share their sharp and informative insights on the latest and nascent tech & business trends, vision and strategy.

Adam Cheyer
Adam Cheyer Top Technology and AI speaker, Co-Founder and VP Engineering of Siri and Viv Labs
  • The Future Of Ai And Businesses
  • “Hey Siri”: A Founding Story
  • How To Build A Successful Startup: Lessons From The Founder Of Siri, Inc.
Adelina Chalmers New
Adelina Chalmers The Geek Whisperer Founder, CTO Advisor
  • "I'm not a jerk" ... And Other Reasons Why Engineering Leaders Worry About Doing Performance Management
  • The Thinking Chasm Between CTOs and CEOs
  • The Top 5 Mistakes CTOs Make
Adrienne A. Harris New
Adrienne A. Harris Superintendent NYS Department of Financial Services | Former Special Assistant to President Obama for Economic Policy
Aldo Kane New
Aldo Kane World Record Adventurer, Explorer and TV Presenter
  • Resilience and Mental Strength
  • Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making
  • Expedition – A Life of Adventure
Alexis Conran New
Alexis Conran TV Presenter, Times Radio Presenter and Actor
  • The psychology of deception - How the brain can be fooled by assumption.
  • The anatomy of a scam - How a handful of scams that have existed for thousands of years still catch people out.
  • Social Engineering - How it works and why it is so successful.
Allison Duettmann New
Allison Duettmann CEO, Foresight Institute
  • Meta Tools for Accelerating Scientific Innovation Introduction
  • Bio, Nano, Neuro, AI: Opportunities and Risks in Frontier TechIntroduction
  • Charting Optimism: Steering Sci-Fi Futures from Existential Angst to Hope
ALLISTER FROST The Future Ready Mindset Expert & Keynote Speaker
  • 5 Steps to Success in a World of Change
  • Smart ways to follow change and stay on top
  • How to react so change becomes your BFF
Amanda Hamilton New
Amanda Hamilton Nutritionist Auhtor Broadcaster
  • Biohacking: Understanding the rules of the nutrition game
  • Longevity: Live better, live longer
  • Gut Health: Health problems rooted in an unexpected place
André Borschberg
André Borschberg Co-Founder, CEO and Pilot Solar Impulse
  • Making The Impossible, Possible
  • The Pivot Point From Explorer to Leader
  • From Vision to Reality
Andy Torbet New
Andy Torbet Presenter | Stuntman | Soldier | Diver | Climber | Skydiver | Academic
  • Risk
  • Fear-An analysis of fear stress & anxiety. The forms it takes,as well as ways to deal with and manage
  • Overcoming Obstacles
Aric Dromi New
Aric Dromi Futurologist | Strategy & Innovation Advisor | Speaker
  • Automation & fast tracking Technology, process and human behaviours, how will automation and fast tracking impact business and society?
  • The smarter data dilemma The evolution of data driven Intelligent logistics, mobility, energy, communication.
  • Privacy, Surveillance & legislation How will technology and human behaviour impact our privacy? Can legislation actually protect our privacy, or is it there to legalize surveillance?
Assad Dar New
Assad Dar Co-founder & Chief Visionary Officer of Medieval Empires | Keynote Speaker
  • Overcoming Challenges to bring blockchain technology to mainstream gaming
  • From Hype to Reality: Unleashing the Potential of the Metaverse
  • Driving Change in the Digital Arena: My Journey and Lessons Learned
Azeem Azhar
Azeem Azhar Entrepreneur, Investor and Curator Exponential View
  • The Exponential Age is Leading to a Burst of Abundance
  • Generative AI & The Future of Work
  • The Exponential Age: How Accelerating Technology is Transforming Business, Politics and Society
Azran Osman Rani
Azran Osman Rani Former CEO of Air Asia, CEO and Co - Founder of Naluri Hidup Sdn Bhd
  • Disruptive Innovation and Challenging The Status Quo
  • Building Brands in Emerging Markets
  • Shaping an Innovative Organizational Culture and Attacker’s Mindset
Bas Lansdorp
Bas Lansdorp CEO and Founder NEDPAC
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Thinking Big
  • Sustainability
Ben Lindsay OBE New
Ben Lindsay OBE CEO and Founder, Power The Fight | Best Selling Author Charity Times Rising Leader Of The Year 2022 | PhD Candidate at Durham University
  • Community & Social Action
  • Violence Affecting Young People
  • Youth Sector
Ben Owen New
Ben Owen Co-Director EMEA Region at Fortalice Solutions #OSINT #Cybersecurity #Cyberspy | Keynote Speaker | Hunted U.K. Channel 4 & Hunted U.S. CBS | Ex -British Intelligence and Military Sniper
  • ‘Hunted’ a global TV show
  • How safe are you online?
  • Digital data in the modern world.
Bianca Lopes New
Bianca Lopes Identity Expert & Speaker | ReFi | Access Tech Investor | UNESCO Business Impact Council Member | AI for SDGs | Privacy & Ethics
  • Identity
  • Beyond Labs: Growing Innovation Culture
  • Innovation ROI: Maximizing Learning, Experimentation, Growth & Failure
Bruce Daisley New
Bruce Daisley Workplace Culture Consultant, 2x Sunday Times Bestseller, Ex-Twitter VP
  • Better workplace culture in the hybrid era
  • Building resilience, beating burnout
  • Fostering creativity & curiosity
Caspar Craven
Caspar Craven Inspirational Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Adventurer, Former CFO, Author
  • Think Big. Think Bold. How to Achieve the Impossible
  • Be more Human: Re-thinking the Rules of High-Performance Teamwork
  • Time to Change Tack - Developing Agility and Resilience

Vision and Strategy Speaker for your Corporate Event

Are you looking to organize a corporate event that inspires and motivates attendees to develop bold and ambitious strategies for success? It’s time you invite strategic planning speakers for events.

In this blog, we'll explore the value of vision & strategy speakers for corporate events. We will also explore how their insights can help attendees develop effective strategies that drive growth and success. 

How do Vision and Strategy Speakers add value to your event?

Vision and strategy speakers inspire attendees with their future-focused vision. They help businesses improve their bottom line by implementing best practices in corporate vision and strategy.

Inspiring Vision and Strategy

Vision and strategy speakers often have a deep understanding of the key trends and challenges facing businesses today.

They can offer insights into new and emerging technologies, innovative business models. They can also offer insights on disruptive market forces that are changing the way companies operate.

They inspire attendees to think outside the box and adopt more forward-thinking approaches to business.

Steve Jobs, the former CEO of Apple, was known for his innovative product launches and marketing strategies. His influence and contributions transformed the technology industry.

Satya Nadella, the CEO of Microsoft, has led the company's transformation towards cloud-based services. His focus on empowering customers and employees has been instrumental in helping them achieve their full potential.

Diversity in Vision and Strategy

One of the key benefits of inviting vision and strategy speakers to your event is their diversity of perspectives and approaches. Speakers from a range of industries, backgrounds, and cultures can provide unique insights. They can offer guidance on how businesses can navigate diverse markets and customer bases.

For example, Indra Nooyi, former CEO of PepsiCo, is known for her focus on diversity and inclusion in the workplace. She has implemented initiatives to promote gender and ethnic diversity at PepsiCo. She  has emphasized the importance of catering to diverse consumer tastes in the company's product portfolio.

Future-Focused Vision

Vision and strategy speakers can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and reach their short term and long term goals.. They can share their insights into the future of their industries.

By providing a glimpse into emerging trends and technologies, they can help businesses identify new opportunities and prepare for upcoming challenges. They give insights to create effective good vision statements and tips on working mission and vision statements. 

Jeff Immelt, former CEO of General Electric, has spoken extensively about the need for companies to embrace digital transformation. He emphasizes the need to leverage data analytics to drive growth.

List of popular Vision and strategy speaker topics

A Vision and Strategy speaker can address a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Lessons from the Edge by Aldo Kane
  • Shaping an Innovative Organizational Culture and Attacker’s Mindset by Azran Osman Rani
  • International Business Development and Management by Zafer Parlar
  • HR Transformation by Rami Cassis
  • The Loneliness Economy: How Recent Events Will Shape Consumer Behaviour Over The Next Three Years by Noreena Hertz

Expertise and background of Vision and strategy speakers

Speaker Agency has a list of top vision and strategy keynote speakers that you may want to consider. Here are several compelling options from which to choose.

1 - Noreena Hertz

Noreena is an economist, strategist, and speaker with a focus on globalization, economic trends, and political issues. She has authored several bestselling books and is a regular media commentator. As a speaker, she offers insights and analysis on topics such as the future of work, technology, and sustainable business practices.

2 - Joey Evans

Joey is a motivational speaker, author, and adventurer. He has climbed some of the world's highest peaks and undertaken various endurance challenges.

His talks focus on topics such as resilience, goal-setting, teamwork, and leadership.

He draws on his experiences in extreme environments to inspire and motivate audiences. He encourages them to overcome challenges and achieve leadership and strategy for long-term success.

3 - Rachel Murphy

Rachel is an expert in innovative vision and strategy.  She is a visionary leader and a speaker who helps businesses to drive growth and success through digital transformation.

As the CEO of a leading digital consultancy, she has a wealth of experience. She helps businesses to harness the power of technology to improve operations, customer engagement, and competitiveness.

Her talks provide valuable insights into the latest digital trends. Rachel also provides practical advice on how businesses can develop and implement effective digital strategies.

4 - Deborah Rosado Shaw

Deborah is a speaker and expert in visionary business strategy. She offers audiences valuable insights and advice on developing innovative approaches to leadership, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace.

With over 30 years of experience in corporate leadership roles, Deborah has a wealth of knowledge to share with audiences. She empowers them to develop and execute strategic plans that drive growth and success.

5 - Mimi Nicklin

Mimi is a speaker, author, and podcast host who specializes in leadership and human behaviour.

Her talks provide audiences with valuable insights into the importance of empathy, emotional intelligence, and mindfulness in business leadership.

Mimi's talks focus on creating positive and inclusive work environments, helping businesses to drive engagement and productivity. Mimi Nicklin also helps foster a culture of compassion and collaboration.

How to book a Vision and strategy speaker?

To book a vision and strategy speaker through Speaker Agency, follow these four easy steps:

1 - Visit the vision and strategy section of the Speaker Agency website.

2 - Browse the list of speakers and select the 'Discover' button located on the profiles of those that pique your interest

3 - Review the speaker's bio, experience, and topics they cover to ensure they are a good fit for your event.

4 - Please complete the inquiry form provided on the speaker's profile page. You can contact Speaker Agency directly to check availability and receive a quote.

Once you have selected your speaker, the Speaker Agency will handle the booking process. The Speaker Agency will provide any necessary support leading up to the event.

Some final words

To conclude, "Vision without strategy remains an illusion. Strategy without vision remains a fantasy." - Anonymous.

This quote emphasizes the importance of aligning vision and strategy in order to achieve success. Without a clear vision, a strategy may lack direction, while a vision without a strategic plan may be difficult to attain.

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