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Amanda Hamilton 2024 Speech Titles Amanda Hamilton 2024 Speech Titles

  • Biohacking: Understanding the rules of the nutrition game
  • Longevity: Live better, live longer
  • Gut Health: Health problems rooted in an unexpected place
  • Women’s health: Nutrition and lifestyle edits for women in midlife

Amanda Hamilton's Biography

Amanda Hamilton is a leading nutritional expert and has been named one of the UK’s top five super-nutritionists. Amanda is the author of several leading books on nutrition including number one Amazon bestseller, The G Plan Diet, and has also been at the forefront of some of the most exciting wellness and nutrition trends, having pioneered fasting-based programmes and gut-health retreats.

A well-known BBC TV presenter, Amanda has presented and produced a range of programmes focusing on nutrition and well-being, including How to Live Longer and The Spa of Embarrassing Illnesses. She also spent six years co-presenting one of the BBC’s flagship weekend programmes, Something for the Weekend, alongside Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer.

As an advocate for democratising how we engage with nutrition, Amanda focuses on the ‘how-to’ of nutrition and lifestyle change, rather than just the ‘why’, and provides practical, tangible, and accessible action-points for individuals to embrace and enhance their well-being. This sits at the heart of Amanda’s belief that the fundamental discipline in nutritional science is staying open-minded instead of being hamstrung by a singular academic stance or being dogmatic about one ideology over another.

An associate member of the Royal Society of Medicine, Amanda recently set up the app-based programme, The Women’s Reset. The app focuses on women’s health aged 40+ with nutrition, exercise, mindset, and healthcare support. The app also hosts breakout corporate groups, helping organisations with menopause and health education for their female staff.

Understanding the rules of the nutrition game

Biohacking is the conscious practice of human augmentation, allowing individuals to optimise their performance through science and self-experimentations. While this may seem to be a bit too ultra-modern, Amanda introduces an approach to biohacking suitable for those living outside of Silicon Valley. Her approach is practical and emphasizes the need to build your own internal ‘basecamp’ to avoid burnout.

Live better, live longer

Aging is inevitable, and running our bodies for longer and longer periods of time is a process that will naturally impact our body’s internal processes, including our metabolism. In this keynote Amanda shares teachings from her role as presenter of the BBC series How to Live Longer, rethinking the ways we eat and behave, and ways to build a lifestyle of healthy, sustainable habits that will benefit us throughout our lives.

Gut Health:
Health problems rooted in an unexpected place

Drawing on her number one best-selling book on gut health, Amanda explains why common health problems such as lethargy and poor skin, may have their root in an unexpected place – the gut.  Amanda explains why going overboard on gut health trends can lead to aggravation and even more frustration, and breaks down how understanding your gut health timeline, from your birth story to the present day, and honing habits around eating, exercise, sleep, and stress is the breakthrough approach.

Women’s health:
Nutrition and lifestyle edits for women in midlife

An unfortunate reality is that the health knowledge we often rely on to keep us going, is rarely researched, written, or discovered with women in mind. Women are not small men, and the usual positive steps we read about are unlikely to deliver the same results for women, especially as they leave their thirties and travel into mid-life. Amanda shares proven lifestyle ‘edits’ that have helped thousands of women feel like their best selves again, through realistic changes that will deliver tangible results.

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