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Assad Dar Co-founder & Chief Visionary Officer of Medieval Empires | Keynote Speaker


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Assad Dar 2024 Speech Titles Assad Dar 2024 Speech Titles

  • Overcoming Challenges to bring blockchain technology to mainstream gaming
  • From Hype to Reality: Unleashing the Potential of the Metaverse
  • Driving Change in the Digital Arena: My Journey and Lessons Learned
  • Digital Transformation: From Vision to Reality
  • Leading Through Transitions: The Art of Change Management in Tech
  • Revolutionizing ROI: A New Approach to Customer Attraction and Revenue Growth
  • Team Management in Tech: Leading High-performing Teams in the Gaming Industry

Assad Dar's Biography

Assad Dar is  Co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Medieval Empires – helming a cutting-edge mid-core strategy game that's set to revolutionize the gaming world. With over 15 years of experience in the digital arena, he has been leading organizations into the future with one goal in mind: to drive positive change, profitability, and process improvement.

Blending  academic background in technology and business, with corporate leadership experience across departments at Bayer and Bionorica, as well as active involvement in the start-up ecosystem, Assad offers a unique perspective on how digital transformation processes work for  different organizations.

From implementing global strategies to digital transformation, marketing, and go-to-market strategies, Assad  is results driven with a focused approach to drive ROI, reach more customers, and grow revenue.

Assad has a successful track record of delivering results in  Blockchain technology, game development, information technology, program and project management, leadership and team management, digital transformation and marketing, business and strategy planning, market analysis and research, and change management.

As a leader in the crypto gaming industry, Assad is uniquely placed to I possess an in-depth understanding of the convergence between gaming and blockchain technology and share his valuable insights with global audiences.

Assad Dar is ready to inspire your teams!
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