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Dr. James O'Donovan Medical Doctor, Public Health Researcher and Entrepreneur, Thought Leader in Health Communications | Digital Health | Public Health Equity


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Dr. James O'Donovan 2024 Speech Titles Dr. James O'Donovan 2024 Speech Titles

  • How to leverage your organisations social media platforms to achieve impact and equity
  • The Role of Health Communications in Healthcare Companies
  • Health Equity and Access in Underserved Communities
  • A decade of growth on YouTube: 10 lessons to accelerate your success

Dr. James O'Donovan's Biography

Dr. James O'Donovan, DPhil, MBBS, MRes, is a leader in the realm of health communications, health equity, and the innovative use of social media in healthcare. With over a decade of experience in clinical, academic, and policy settings, Dr. O'Donovan's work centres on strengthening healthcare systems, particularly in underserved communities, with a steadfast commitment to health equity. Currently, he serves as the Director of Research at the Community Health Impact Coalition, where he oversees a team of 50 researchers across multiple WHO regions. His past roles include the Director of Research at an International NGO in Uganda, where he supported over 2000 Community Health Workers (CHWs) and led dozens of research publications in leading academic journals – including The Lancet Global Health and BMJ Global Health. A vocal advocate for digital and mobile technologies in healthcare, Dr. O'Donovan co-edited a pivotal book on digitally supported CHW training published by Oxford University Press. His clinical expertise is also evident in his work with NHS community-based mental health services in the North East of England, an area with significant health disparities. Dr. O'Donovan's influence extends to social media, where he has established a substantial online community with over 250,000 followers and 50 million video views on YouTube. Through his platform, he enhances health literacy and combats health misinformation, which has earned him international recognition and awards from YouTube and Google Health. 

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Sample talks: The Role of Health Communications in Healthcare Companies: Dr. O'Donovan can discuss the integration of health communications strategies within healthcare organisations to enhance patient engagement, improve health outcomes, and ensure effective dissemination of health information.

How to leverage your organisations social media platforms to achieve impact and equity: With his successful use of social media to foster a community dedicated to accurate health information, Dr. O'Donovan can explore how platforms can be strategically utilized to improve public health literacy and engage with diverse populations.

Health Equity and Access in Underserved Communities: Leveraging his extensive experience in global health equity, Dr. O'Donovan can provide insights into overcoming barriers to healthcare in underserved areas, emphasizing the role of community-based strategies and CHW programs.

A decade of growth on YouTube: 10 lessons to accelerate your success. With over 10 years of experience on YouTube and having attracted an audience of over 50 million viewers, Doctor O’Donovan can impart 10 important lessons for your organizations YouTube strategy to maximise impact. Dr. O'Donovan's speaking engagements are informed by his rigorous academic background, including a DPhil in Digital Education from the University of Oxford, fellowships at Harvard and Stanford Universities, and his ongoing eMBA at the Global Business School for Health, University College London. His commitment to public service and health equity makes him a compelling speaker for any conference or organisation focusing on the future of healthcare, digital health innovations, or the role of social media as part of health care communications strategies for biomedical companies or organisations.

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