Global Economy Speakers

Global Economy Speakers

Speaker Agency's expert Global Economy & Finance Speakers are ready for corporate events, conferences and keynote bookings worldwide.

Adrienne A. Harris New
Adrienne A. Harris Superintendent NYS Department of Financial Services | Former Special Assistant to President Obama for Economic Policy
Bianca Lopes New
Bianca Lopes Identity Expert & Speaker | ReFi | Access Tech Investor | UNESCO Business Impact Council Member | AI for SDGs | Privacy & Ethics
  • Identity
  • Beyond Labs: Growing Innovation Culture
  • Innovation ROI: Maximizing Learning, Experimentation, Growth & Failure
Daniel Bobroff
Daniel Bobroff Founder of Coded Futures | Retail Tech Evangelist | Advisor
  • Time To Play – Gamifying Retail
  • Game Changer
  • Is Shopping Fun Anymore
Daniel Lacalle New
Daniel Lacalle Professor of Global Economics and Finance, and Chief Economist at Tressis
  • Monetary Policy and Implications on Markets
  • Energy Transition, Security of Supply and Competitiveness
  • Global Macro and the Failure of Stimulus
David Birch New
David Birch International Keynote Speaker, Published Author, Global Advisor and Investor in Digital Financial Services. Fintech | CBDC | Digital currency | Digital Identity | Tokens | NFTs
  • Open Banking and its Discontents: Competitive Strategies and Asymmetry
  • Biometrics, Blockchains & Bolts: What will Tech really do to Finance?
  • Star Trek - The Sci-Fi Future of Money
David Constantine MBE New
David Constantine MBE Founder Director @ Freedom Through Design | Founder of Motivation Charitable Trust
  • Embracing Disability
  • Importance & Value of Design
  • The Role of Charity in Changing People’s Lives
Dr Claire Ashley New
Dr Claire Ashley GP and Burnout Specialist | NHS Clinical Entrepreneur | Public Speaker | Educator | Entrepreneur | Coach and Consultant
  • Burnout Prevention
  • Burnout First Aid
  • Burnout Recovery
Dr Jessica Barker New
Dr Jessica Barker Cyber Security Expert| Best Selling Author of “Confident Cyber Security” | Keynote Speaker |Media Commentator
  • How a Hack Works
  • Demonstrating a Phishing Attack
  • Why Culture is Key to Cyber Security
Dr. Parag Khanna
Dr. Parag Khanna Strategic Futurist, Globally Bestselling Author, Founder of FutureMap
  • Global Scenarios for the Post-Pandemic World
  • The Global War for Young Talent
  • Climate Adaptation: This Century’s Highest Priority
Dr. Tomáš Sedláček
Dr. Tomáš Sedláček Author of Economics of Good and Evil, Philosopher of Economics
  • Behavioural Economics -The Theory And Practice Of Social And Economic Change
  • The Greatest And Most Prevalent Trends In The History Of The Economy: From Most Distant Past To Most Distant Future.
  • The Great Movement Of Nations: Into The Digital. Our New Habitat, Our New Country.
Emilie Bellet New
Emilie Bellet Founder Vestpod | Financial education | Board Member | Speaker | Author & Podcast Host
  • Power of Fianncial Indepence
  • Financial wellbeing
FC aka Freaky Clown New
FC aka Freaky Clown Hacker | Author | Speaker
  • How I rob banks·
  • The (nation) state of cyber security·
  • How a hack works: Spearphishing with demo·
Gianni Giacomelli New
Gianni Giacomelli Head of Design, MIT Collective Intelligence Lab. Founder,
Innovation Advisor, Genpact
  • AI Augmented Collective Intelligence
  • Tomorrow's solutions come from tomorrow's intelligence
  • Building Superminds
Giles Hutchins New
Giles Hutchins Chair at Future Fit Leadership Academy, author of Leading by Nature, Founder of Leadership Immersions
  • Regenerative Business
  • Beyond Sustainability/Next-stage Sustainability
Gonzalo Delacámara New
Gonzalo Delacámara Natural Resources Economist | Environmental Economics and Policy | Keynote Speaker
  • Sustainability and Economic Development
  • The Value of Sustainability: Towards a Responsible Future
  • Climate Change and Water Security: Global Challenges Biodiversity Economics: The Next Frontier
Harry G. Broadman
Harry G. Broadman Former White House Trade Negotiator; Private Equity Executive; Founder, PwC Global Business Strategy Management Consulting Practice; Senior Fellow; John Hopkins University
  • Will China's One-Belt-One-Road Become A Bridge to Nowhere?
  • Brexit Could Be The UK's Gift To A Revitalized EU
  • Naivete About CFIUS' National Security Policy Towards Foreign Investment In The U.S.
Helen YU New
Helen YU Founder & CEO of Tigon Advisory; Host of CXO Spice; Vice Chair, Global Cybersecurity Association; Board Director of KeenFolks
  • Cyber Resilience in 21st Century
  • The Future of Work
  • The Art of Digital Transformation
Jacques Attali
Jacques Attali Professor, Writer, Honorary Member of the Council of State
  • Brief History of Future
  • Micro-Finance and Infrastructure
  • Economics and Banking
Jim Marous New
Jim Marous Top 5 Retail Banking Influencer, Global Speaker, Podcast Host and Co-Publisher at The Financial Brand
  • Trends and Predictions for the Future of Banking
  • What Banking Can Learn From Top Innovators
  • Banking, Fintech and Open Banking
Jo Ann Barefoot New
Jo Ann Barefoot CEO & Cofounder at Alliance for Innovative Regulation | Cofounder of Hummingbird Regtech, Senior Advisor to the Omidyar Network, and host of the podcast show Barefoot Innovation.
  • Regtech Revolution: A New Era of Digitally-Native Regulation
  • Can We Trust the Machines? Using Data and AI to Build A New Financial Industry
  • Tees and Ties: The Secrets of How Tech Firms Innovative

Global Economy Speakers Clarifying Economic Issues

Expertise That Inspires: Book Global Economy Speakers for Your Next Event

What will the markets look like in 2023 and beyond? How will the global economy crisis impact your business? And, more importantly, what steps can you take to navigate and thrive in these uncertain times?

These are just some of the areas that global economy speakers can throw light on.

If you are looking to hire global economy speakers for your event or company, Speaker Agency is here to help.

We can connect you with the leading global economy speakers who possess a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

They can provide valuable insights and analysis on current economic trends. For example, how the global economy sizes these trends. What the impact is.

The benefits of hiring global economy speakers

The combination of intellectual depth, persuasive communication skills, and motivational energy make keynote speakers thought leaders in their realm. 

Here are the benefits of hiring our renowned global economy speakers for your next event:

Develop strategies to thrive in a changing market

It's no secret that businesses continue to face multiple challenges due to the global recession, tighter monetary conditions, rising inflation, and supply chain volatility.

In fact, China Post reports, IMF estimates that the global economy will experience a slowdown in 2023 and beyond.

This means businesses and individuals need to gain a better understanding of the macroeconomic forces shaping their industry. A better understanding of The World Bank or GDP per capita might be useful. That way businesses make more informed decisions about their investments, operations, and growth strategies.

Say that you are in delivery services. You need a better understanding of the global economy, shipping tracking and tracking services. Parcel delivery business is not only about a tracking system made of tracking numbers. You have to know the fine details of global package tracking and the other elements required for your business.  

Global economy speakers can provide valuable context and analysis on geopolitical developments and regulatory changes. They can give extensive information on interest rates, growth rates, Gross Domestic Product GDP growth (GDP growth) and global growth. Finance speakers can also explain technological advancements that may affect economic growth and the global economy.

They can help businesses understand the potential risks and opportunities presented by these trends. That way they provide strategies for adapting and thriving in a rapidly changing global market.

In this talk, Dr. Parag Khanna, one of the top global economy speakers we work with, explains the impact of growing regionalism and smart investment strategies to adopt in the next decade.

Inspire the audience

Global economy speakers can inspire and motivate your audience by sharing their own success stories, strategies, insights, and lessons learned from their experiences in the corporate world.

Talented speakers who are thought leaders in their respective fields can offer unique and thought-provoking perspectives on a wide range of issues.

For instance, in this video, Noreena Hertz, a renowned economist and one of Speaker Agency's global economy speakers discusses the growing issue of loneliness and its potential impact on the global economy.

Hertz argues that the rise of individualism and the decline of community and social connections are contributing to a pervasive sense of isolation and disconnection.

Provide networking opportunities

Corporate events featuring global economy speakers can provide excellent networking opportunities for attendees, allowing them to connect with other professionals in their industry and exchange ideas and insights.

Enhance your brand image

Hosting a corporate event with renowned global economy speakers can enhance the reputation and brand image of your company, demonstrating your commitment to staying informed about current economic trends and developments.

Retain top talent

Retaining talent is the top priority for 90 percent of organisations. And, one of the best ways to do so is to offer learning opportunities.

As this 2022 survey shows, employees are more likely to stay on if the company makes efforts to upskill and reskill them.

Expert speakers who are thought leaders in their respective fields can offer valuable expertise, knowledge, and experience. This can help employees develop new skills and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.

Moreover, expert speakers can provide a fresh perspective on the company's goals and strategies, helping employees to better understand their role in achieving these objectives. By offering a broader view of the industry and market trends, expert speakers can also help employees to think more strategically and identify new opportunities for innovation.

Make your events memorable

Global economy speakers can engage and captivate your audience with their stories, insights, and expertise, making your event more engaging, informative, and memorable for attendees.

The background and expertise of our global economy speakers

Speaker Agency represents a diverse range of global economy speakers with a wealth of expertise and experience in various areas related to the global economy.

The speakers we work with are respected economists, business leaders, or finance experts who have served in top-level positions in major corporations or government organisations. Here are the profiles of two such speakers that we can connect you with:

Harry Broadman 

Infusing humour and a refreshing forward-looking perspective on market dynamics into his presentations, Harry Broadman is recognised as one of the world's top experts in the global economy.

With a career spanning over three decades, Harry is adept at implementing smart investment plans that help businesses navigate the global economy crisis marked by high inflation, recession, and labour challenges.

He has first-hand knowledge of over 75 emerging markets including Asia, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and America.

His strategies emphasise optimising cross-border trade, forging strategic alliances, building flexible supply chains, and fostering a culture of consistent innovation.

Rosanna Lockwood

Rosanna Lockwood is a well-known international news presenter and finance expert. Currently an anchor at CNBC International, Rosanna has a decade of experience as a correspondent and presenter for major broadcasters across The United States, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

She has extensive experience in the field of finance and has provided analysis and insights on a wide range of financial topics.

In addition to her finance expertise, Rosanna has reported on major global events and conducted interviews with high-profile individuals such as CEOs, politicians, and central bank governors. Her experience and insights have made her a respected figure in both the finance and news industries.

How to book global economy speakers at Speaker Agency

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