Henry Ajder

Henry Ajder Expert Advisor and Broadcaster Specialising in Generative AI, Deepfakes and Immersive Technologies


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Henry Ajder 2023 Speech Titles Henry Ajder 2023 Speech Titles

  • Will 2030 Be Real? The Future of Generative AI
  • Synthetic Futures: Navigating the age of Generative AI
  • Demystifying Deepfakes: Navigating the synthetic age
  • Synthetics and Ethics: How will generative AI change society?
  • The Synthetic paradigm shift: How generative media is shaping our future
  • Mapping the Deepfake Landscape
  • The Ethics of Deepfakes: Are they always bad?
  • Opportunities and Risks in the age of Generative AI
  • Generative AI & The Openness dilemma
  • Synthetic Media Masterclass: What businesses need to know about generative AI

Henry Ajder's Biography

Henry Ajder is a globally recognised advisor, speaker, and broadcaster working at the frontier of the generative AI and immerse technology revolution. 

Henry’s work has transformed society's understanding of deepfakes and generative AI. He has led pioneering research at organisations including MIT, WITNESS, and Sensity AI, influencing international legislation and corporate AI strategy. 

Henry advises organisations on the opportunities and challenges these game changing technologies present, including Meta, The European Commission, BBC, The Partnership on AI, and The House of Lords. He has been named one of the top 20 European Power Players in Generative AI by The Financial Times’ Sifted publication.

Henry presented the BBC documentary series, The Future will be Synthesised, and is a regular media contributor to global outlets including CNN, BBC, The New York Times, MIT Tech Review, and The Financial Times. He has been published by outlets including WIRED, The Financial Times’ Next Web, and The World AI Summit. 

An internationally recognised keynote speaker and guest expert, Henry has spoken at venues including CogX, SXSW, Adweek, The London Law Tech Expo, and Stanford University.

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