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Jude Guaitamacchi Founder & CEO Trans+ Solidarity Alliance, TEDx Speaker, Trans Awareness Trainer, Campaigner & Model.


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Jude Guaitamacchi 2024 Speech Titles Jude Guaitamacchi 2024 Speech Titles

  • How do we break through our own fear of getting things wrong?
  • How do we move through a journey of change together as a team or a whole organisation?
  • Expanding our understanding of sex, gender and sexuality beyond the binary
  • Telling stories of generational change - from S28 to Gen Z - breaking through all the boundaries and binaries.
  • Understanding Gender Diversity
  • LGBT+? A Run Through of the Current Acronym
  • A guide to social and medical transition
  • Trans & Non-binary Identities
  • Understanding Gender-Neutral Pronouns
  • The Equalities as It Relates to LGBTQ+ People
  • Evolving Attitudes and Using Affirming Language
  • A Guide to Social and Medical Transition
  • Living as LGBTQIA+ Today - Key Findings
  • Tackling Direct and Indirect Discrimination
  • Moving Beyond the Fear of Getting It Wrong
  • Support Pathways for Professionals, Parents & Families

Jude Guaitamacchi's Biography

Named as one of PinkNews’ top 21 activists globally in 2023, Jude Guaitamacchi is a leader in trans rights campaigning making history chairing the first all-trans panel briefing in UK Parliament with their organisation Trans+ Solidarity Alliance (TSA). The event was hosted by Kate Osborne MP and Caroline Nokes MP and attended by MPs and lords in the Houses of Parliament.

As a highly sought after as a public speaker, they have formerly spoken for clients such as Deloitte, Sony, Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS), Expedia Group, HSBC Innovation, Disney, River Island, Micheal Kors. Jude is a consultant for Allianz Commercial and The Soho House Group and is delivering ongoing LGBTQIA+ and gender diversity awareness training to Soho House venues worldwide. 

Jude is the founder of Trans+ Solidarity Alliance, the national advocacy network advancing the rights and conditions of trans people in the UK. TSA is an umbrella organisation convening LGBT+ organisations and trans activists working in partnership with cis allies to create positive change for trans people in the UK. Their projects include a series of expert briefings in Parliament and media engagement strategies.

TSA has given officials statements to national media including ITV News. TSA’s historic briefing was officially recognised by LGBT History month. 

As an internationally signed model, Jude has represented global brands. Trailblazing non-binary representation, in 2020 Vogue Italia quoted them as “paving the way for non-binary representation in the world of fashion is one of Jude’s many noble goals” after their biggest achievement saw them as the first non-binary face of Harrods for their H Beauty campaign where Jude’s tagline was 'My Beauty is Being Myself'.

Jude is renowned for their passions as a public speaker working in schools and businesses around Europe to promote trans inclusion for almost ten years. They are an organiser of a range of highly impactful global campaigns including #TransPeopleAreLoved and #LWithTheT.

Jude writes for UK national media including Metro, Pink News, Cosmopolitan and has been featured in Vogue Italia, Forbes, TMZ, The Independent, VICE, BBC News, Dazed, BBCThree.

Jude was highly commended at the European Diversity Awards 2023 and Rainbow Honours 2023. They were featured in the Guardian’s Pride Power List 2023. 

Through their work as a speaker, trainer and consultant they work alongside organisations and teams coaching and nurturing them as they grow. Their talks and training programmes are tailored to individual needs, and range from 1-3 hours. 

Deepening understanding and empathy for trans and non binary people's experiences in the workplace and in the world Jude is passionate about telling stories - using case studies and their own personal experience to bring inclusion to life, working through interactive scenarios to give you the confidence you will need in your own world.

Inclusive organisations are more successful, more profitable and have stronger brands.  But taking a first step towards LGBTQIA+ inclusion can be scary. Jude believes education builds confidence and leads to empowerment.

Jude can support you on your journey to becoming an organisation where LGBTQIA+ colleagues thrive and LGBTQIA customers and communities feel seen.

LGBTQIA+ & Trans+ Awareness Educational workshops/ Intensive Training  - What it’s like to be trans and non-binary in the UK today.- Broadening an understanding of LGBTQIA+ terminology - Making distinctions between sex, sexuality and gender identity.- Understanding gender diversity, trans & non-binary identities - Fostering a more inclusive workplace by learning practical skills to use the correct pronouns and not assume gender. - Understanding gender affirming care and the process of social/medical transition pathways in the UK- Tackling discrimination and creating a culture that understands and supports LGBTQIA+ & trans colleagues.- The Gender Recognition Act & protections for trans people within the Equality Act 2010- Case studies and workshop style exercises for groups- Support pathways for professionals & families  


Finding the Beauty in Being Myself From homeless to Harrods. Jude’s journey of triumph, from tackling addiction and homelessness in childhood to finding recovery, discovering their trans non-binary identity, healing and thriving.  In childhood Jude struggled with their mental health. Unsupported they were the trans child that slipped through the net and tried to change themselves for acceptance of others. Jude lived a childhood of misery, they were homeless and almost lost their life, resulting in lifelong nerve damage at just 18 years old. Jude fought to survive through extreme hardship to tell a story of recovery that eventually became journey of self-discovery. Over the years they found the power in their voice and began to inspire audiences around Europe as highly sought out public speaker.  Jude started transitioning at 30 and showed the world that it is never too late to start living authentically. During the first summer after their top surgery they were cast in a Harrods Beauty Campaign with the tagline ‘My Beauty is Being Myself’ which described their journey in overcoming adversity to finding acceptance and beauty within.  Jude has re-written the narrative to a story that was written for them by reclaiming their autonomy and finding strength in their vulnerability. Jude tell as story that is relatable everyone. They are passionate about humanising trans people to help bridge the gap between in people’s understanding of the trans experience and to see themselves in their story. Jude’s story isn’t a trans story, it's a human story. 

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Jude Guaitamacchi testimonials

Christina Murdock

DEI Manager UK & Europe Soho House Group

We couldn’t recommend working with Jude more! We trailblazed adapting Jude’s Gender Diversity training to all our hospitality teams and had resounding success. We continue to hear it’s our team’s favourite training and they especially loved hearing Jude’s powerful lived experiences alongside practical tips for how to navigate gender diversity in the workplace

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