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Kevin Gaskell 2024 Speech Titles Kevin Gaskell 2024 Speech Titles

  • Building a World Class Company
  • Leading Teams to Extraordinary Performance
  • Practical Leadership in a Challenging Market
  • Creativity in The Face of Digital Chaos
  • Building a World Class Brand
  • Extreme Leadership For High Performance Teams
  • Inspiring and Re-Energising Your Organisation

Kevin Gaskell's Biography

Recognised as one of the outstanding leaders of his generation, Kevin Gaskell is a corporate trailblazer, serial entrepreneur and world class team builder. He is renowned for guiding iconic brands Porsche and Lamborghini from difficulty to market leadership and driving BMW to an unprecedented level of success. As an entrepreneur he has created global businesses from start-up to exit and has mentored leadership teams as they have steered businesses from adversity to success. One of the UK’s most successful leaders and turnaround experts he firmly believes that the answers to the challenge lie within the team. He demonstrates how, given a shared purpose, teams can achieve results that they didn’t previously believe were possible. In 2020, having only taken up rowing 2 years previously, he was in the crew which set the world record for the fastest row across the Atlantic Ocean.

As a CEO, chairman and founder Kevin has demonstrated success in sectors including automotive, data, technology, manufacturing, brand marketing and professional services. He has repeatedly led teams to achieve extraordinary performance in companies ranging from 7 to 7,000 employees. His teams have created over £3 billion in shareholder value.

As executive chairman and investor to a portfolio of companies he is passionate about the development of leadership skills. He is frequently engaged to coach and support CEO’s as they reinvigorate teams and companies. A sought after global speaker his presentations and masterclasses are structured to meet the specific needs of the client. He delivers his experience and knowledge in a practical style, providing audiences with the tools and techniques to develop their own skills.
An ex-international cricketer he plays in a rock band for relaxation. In addition to rowing across the Atlantic Ocean he has walked to both the north and south poles and climbed the world’s highest mountains to raise funds for cancer research.

He believes that ordinary people can achieve extraordinary results - even in the most difficult of situations - and has formed the teams which have delivered the results to prove it.

Kevin Gaskell is ready to inspire your teams!
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