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Mónica Muriel CEO and Founder of Zurita Madrid and NEST Solutions


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Mónica Muriel 2024 Speech Titles Mónica Muriel 2024 Speech Titles

  • Sustainability as an Act of Faith
  • Stilettos, Veils, Corsets, and Women's Liberation
  • Driving Your Company in Circles
  • Is Your Company a Force for Good
  • Sustainable Marketing
  • The Future of Fashion
  • The Fashion Industry

Mónica Muriel's Biography

15 years working in fashion and impact businesses from Shanghai to the world. Executive MBA by HULT Business School and Dual Degree in Laws and Business Administration by Madrid’s Autonoma University.

Monica is the CEO and Founder of Zurita Madrid and NEST Solutions. As a Bcorp certified company the brand aspiration is to impact the planet for the best. Zurita’s mission is to embrace sustainability from a 360 degrees perspective while NEST reapplies all of the best practices, connections and methods of the brands to third parties in order to create a multiplying effect in textile sustainability.
That dual B2B and B2C perspective combined with a lifelong career in China, gives Monica a deep understanding of how Asian clothing supply chains work, particularly in terms of traceability and sustainability, including experience in blockchain use as well as most relevant certifications.

Over the years she has defined and led multiple sustainability strategies and innovative business models based in agile thinking, and actually deployed in the challenging Chinese market. She coordinates teams, suppliers and customers to create optimal solutions to complex problems, as a firm believer that cooperation and entrepreneurship are key for a sustainable future.


Sustainability as an Act of Faith

Sustainability is portrayed as an act of belief. It questions whether we believe in our ability to save the planet and if it's worth attempting to prevent what seems inevitable. It emphasizes the power of faith to move mountains and the importance of visualizing a sustainable future.

Stilettos, Veils, Corsets, and Women's Liberation

This topic delves into the history of fashion as a cultural transformation and its correlation with women's rights. Clothing throughout history symbolizes the societal role of women, their perception, and self-perception. Understanding this history is crucial in the pursuit of equality and advocating for women's rights.

Driving Your Company in Circles

Mónica discusses improving business models through better practices of circular and regenerative economies while staying ahead of new regulations. Embracing circularity as the new norm is essential for maintaining competitiveness.

Is Your Company a Force for Good?

As we move towards a world where companies contributing to societal and environmental improvement are rewarded, understanding the sustainable landscape and identifying areas for improvement become crucial.

Sustainable Marketing

Mónica emphasizes aligning marketing strategies with sustainability, recognizing the current market's primary need—producing and consuming within the planet's limits. 

The Future of Fashion

This explores how future fashion will be influenced by global economic contexts, planetary challenges, and an increasingly virtual and global world.

The Fashion Industry

Analyzing the primary drivers influencing fashion throughout history, considering art, science, society, and innovations in silhouettes and forms. The aim is to anticipate the industry's direction for professionals in the field.

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