Thomas Eckschmidt

Thomas Eckschmidt President of the Board of CBJourney | Co-Author of Conscious Capitalism Field Guide (Harvard), Thought Leader & Business Strategist


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Thomas Eckschmidt  2024 Speech Titles Thomas Eckschmidt 2024 Speech Titles

  • People, Purpose and Performance: new business models to meet the new economy
  • How organizations prepare for the Millennial economy
  • Conscious Capitalism: The successful alternative to help your organization face the next challenges
  • Purpose Business: how to look beyond profit and generate even more financial results
  • Social entrepreneurship: why does profit need to be seen as a sin?
  • Engagement in the new economy: conscious capitalism as a path to results.
  • The heroic spirit of entrepreneurs

Thomas Eckschmidt's Biography

Thomas Eckschmidt is an engineer who holds an Executive MBA in finance from Business School São Paulo, Brazil. His corporate journey included work in twenty different countries before he launched a successful entrepreneurial career that includes twelve business awards, four patents filed, and eleven books published.

A strong believer that business leaders and organizations can do well by doing good, Thomas has been promoting Conscious Capitalism since 2010. He launched a Conscious Capitalism chapter in Brazil and supported the launch of chapters in other countries. Thomas teaches Conscious Capitalism classes in major business schools and in Corporate Governance programs. He also runs workshops that teach the fundamentals of Conscious Capitalism.

Thomas is the cofounder and CEO of CBJ Conscious Business Journey a global network of certified consultants with the purpose to accelerate the change to a more conscious business ecosystem. CBJ Certifies Conscious Business Change Agents and Conscious Capitalist Consultants based on the Conscious Capitalism Field Guide and Fundamentals of Conscious Capitalism to create an infrastructure of independent consultants to support organizations interested becoming more conscious business. Thomas also works as a trusted adviser to help organizations implement conscious practices. He cofounded a few conscious businesses along the way, is a B-Corp certified entrepreneur and he also serves on the boards of several different companies.

Thomas has worked to upgrade business strategy towards the XXI century economic expectations. He has created 5 conscious companies, earned  12 awards, 4 patents filed to his name and authored 23 books. Thomas is one of the co-founders of the Conscious Capitalism movement in Brazil and Peru, he is highlighted in the generation of knowledge with the publication of two books: Fundamentals of Conscious Capitalism (Brazil 2016) and Conscious Capitalisms Field Guide (Harvard Business Press 2018)  ·     

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