What is Lifestyle Medicine? Dive into Lifestyle Medicine with Insights from Our Speakers

Lifestyle medicine offers holistic wellness, preventing illness and enhancing quality of life, reducing healthcare costs.

  • Release Date: 21 June 2024
  • Author: Speaker Agency
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Recently, research has shown that illness cannot only be treated or prevented with conventional approaches but can also be done via the implementation of lifestyle medicine. Take for instance, many families and individuals have benefited from this wellness program as it provides fitness, improves life quality, and also reduces the cost of treatment. In fact, these holistic therapies possess the power to build a strong foundation for long-term recovery, without the need to constantly visit the hospital. No doubt, it's a normal day-to-day activity that can be used to treat and prevent both mild and chronic health problems.

Additionally, apart from being a practical approach to diseases, lifestyle medicine is also known as a multidisciplinary field that improves human overall health. Starting from its hygienic impact to emotional improvement, its application to health has grown beyond imagination. Therefore, diving into this holistic healing program can be said to be an ideal option for healthy living.

Continue reading to learn more about lifestyle medicine, its benefits, and the reasons for pursuing this program, with insights from our speaker.

What is Lifestyle Medicine?

Lifestyle medicine (LM) as the name implies, is a unique field of medicine that focuses on treating chronic illnesses and disorders with medical self-care and preventive treatments. It is also known as a clinical strategy that uses evidence-based behavioral therapies to treat and prevent severe conditions that may arise from our routine practice. Sometimes, this therapy also called holistic medicine is often regarded by healthcare providers as a practical intervention whose goal is to keep the body in good shape and function.

Also, information from Lifestyle Medicine UK has proven LM to be one of the best approaches to reducing addiction and obtaining sound health in several spheres of life. For instance, an individual can develop chronic health issues if being addicted to some activities such as malnutrition, toxic relationships, poor fitness programs, and a lot more. However, most of these addictive problems can be solved through lifestyle medicine's six fundamental pillars, which are:

  1. Healthy nutrition and dietary choices
  2. Regular exercise
  3. Restorative sleep
  4. Stress reduction
  5. Positive social relationships
  6. Refraining from harmful substances
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5 Basic Reasons Why You Need to Practice Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle medicine is a subdiscipline in the healthcare sector that has a lot to offer. As a matter of fact, many individuals have been relieved and safe from several conditions or potential risks caused by addictions or some other personally unaware harmful practice. Therefore, you can live healthily without taking conventional approaches; all you need is a program like LM which possesses the following characteristics:

1_Ability to Improve Healthy Nutrition 

As we all know, food to humans is a very important component that we need to be careful about, to retain good health. Apart from checking the seasoning quantity of your food, you need to check if it's a balanced and nutritious meal. Therefore, being extremely cautious may require you to improve your eating habits, as contaminated meals can cause illness.

However, improving one's diet and preventing complications as a result of malnutrition can be strictly achieved by practicing a lifestyle medicine program. This is because it is one of the best approaches for planning a wholesome diet. In addition, this program can also help you determine some foods you eat that are gradually deteriorating your health.

2_Promote Body Fitness and Quick Recovery 

On most occasions, holistic medicine also plays a great role for individuals who are physically inactive and often fall victim to severe conditions that affect their general well-being. For example, excess fat due to inadequate physical fitness has been proven to be one of the causes of diabetes mellitus, and to prevent this a lifestyle fitness program can be carried out.

Furthermore, this dynamic branch of clinical science is one you should take a step with as it can also improve your recovery rate especially when you are injured or ill. You can even improve your immune system with this medical practice as it makes your body produce helpful substances like endorphins and other growth hormones.

3_Manages Thoughts and Emotions  

Oftentimes, people (especially youth) have been said to be fond of taking harmful substances like alcohol to control their emotions and reduce excessive thoughts. But, in the long run, they often develop substance abuse disorder – a condition that usually comes with concurrent mental health issues. Therefore, if you are a type that often gets troubled with emotional problems, diving into lifestyle medicine is absolutely one of the best options for you. Because it not only engages you with some useful practices but also provides you with some thoughtful goals.

4_Reduces Medical Expenses

Another reason you need to dive into lifestyle medicine is that this program helps you retain good health and saves you the cost of conventional treatment. All you need is just a change in some of your routine activities and behaviors. In fact, the ability of this holistic practice to provide preventive measures distinguishes it, as it reduces excessive medical expenses while maintaining your overall health.

Also, a practical lifestyle medicine example that plays a key role in reducing healthcare costs is the healthy nutritional program. With LM implementation, you get to know more about eating cost-free food that will nourish your body and even prevent malnutrition and chronic problems like anemia, kwashiorkor, etc. In addition to reducing expenses for healthcare issues, LM also provides you the opportunity to make plans and invest in your future.

5_Improves the Quality of Life

If you are the type of person who has a somewhat dull or unpleasant private life that is affecting your self-esteem or confidence, the LM program may be for you. So, taking a step into this program not only deals with your finances, fitness, and nutritional life but also your quality of life. You will greatly benefit from it as some of its programs such as equine psychotherapy, and adventure therapy bring joy and excitement.

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Why Should Lifestyle Medicine Be a Top Focus for Health?

According to the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine UK, implementing holistic medicine is very important for everyone. One of the reasons for this is that it has the potential to change lives by reducing the burden of developing long-term problems. Besides, this branch of science is known as a treatment program that can prevent the spread of chronic diseases.  

Therefore, it's advisable to prioritize and incorporate this discipline into your daily routine. It improves personalized healthcare services and overall well-being. In addition, it can also help you reduce the rate of medical and mental health disorders caused by substance use and a lot more.


Finally, lifestyle medicine is a preventive strategy against chronic illness and mental disorders. It possesses various specialists, and for the above reasons, it can be deduced that this program is one that everyone must put into practice as soon as possible and even prioritize.

However, before you commence a lifestyle medicine program, it is very important to discuss in-depth medical, social, and physical well-being with your physician. After that, ensure that you always follow the daily activities your provider instructed. By doing this, you are taking a step toward better health!

Therefore, dive into lifestyle medicine today and experience a healthy life with no stress!

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