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Global Supply Chain

The products we consume & interact with- from the most essential to luxury- travel thousands of miles to be noticed by us, admired and eventually purchased by us. We rely on farmers, tech wizards, raw material companies, transport experts, planners and engineers from all corners of the world to unite us with our food, fashion, cars, medicine, gadgets et al.

When we think of Supply chain, most of us imagine the journey of toilet paper (no trivial thing) or giant caterpillars of lorries and shipping containers. The reality in our age of hyper connectedness is much more intricate.

Global supply chains connect people where borders divide. Requiring big picture vision and detailed planning in equal measure. This chain connects people with products, news, technologies and opportunities. GSC involves resources, new and emerging tech, Blockchain, Maps, Social media, localism, globalism and much more.
It is a truly inspiring journey, one that is eternally evolving and remains an integral part of trade.

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